T-Mobile Acknowledges Nexus One 3G Problem


If there was a problem yo I’ll solve it…While the internet was quick to jump on a problem existing between the Nexus One and 3G, neither Google nor T-Mobile acknowledged the problem. Granted we’re only five days in from the initial sale date, however one might think that Google would be ahead of the game. For a company that lives by the beta moniker, for this to have completely skipped their battery of tests is confusing.  T-Mobile has come out and stated through their own forums, that they are “investigating” the issue and will “report back soon”. T-Mobile customers who are voicing their complaints loudly and frequently are quick to say that any issue seems to be handset related as those individuals coming from other T-Mobile 3G handsets had none of the same issues previously.

As the complaints mount, Google too needs to come right out and acknowledge the issue through their various methods of communication. How about an email to customers, all of whom can be found via their Gmail addresses and let them know at the very least, they are aware of the issue. Sitting idly by as the complaints mount isn’t doing Google any favors.

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  • Danny

    But the problem might be that several users in metro areas may have signed up for new service adding to capacity problems overnight.

    Even through previous T-Mo users had no problems with their older T-Mo Android phones, with all the added congestion, they do now with their N1

    I love T-Mo but I do admit that in my area they did the bare bones 3G launch. Many sites were left out leaving gaping holes of EDGE only service.

    I can’t imagine that their engineers would find this type of rollout the slightest bit acceptable.

    The problem is only exhasberated further when users go indoors. With low capacity and a 3G site that’s far away, the chances of the device bouncing between EDGE and 3G will happen even more.

    The only thing that HTC can do is provide a FW update that allows the handset radio to allow for more gain without adversely affecting the battery or changing the SAR status which is difficult to do in some situations.

    • Bryan

      If it was congestion caused by adding new users then the 3G problems would affect both new and existing handsets. As some in the forums have pointed out the Nexus One does not maintain 3g where devices such as the G1, MyTouch, or Cliq do.

      It seems to me that the best explanation I have seen is that the N1 is falling back from HSDPA directly to edge, rather than HSDPA to UMTS and then to EDGE. luckily this should be an easy software fix if that theory is correct.

  • Sfenton

    I work at T-mobile and I have had a couple of Nexus one customers activate new plans. I had asked one customer if we could compare the G1 with the Nexus one and the G1 had 4 bars where as the Nexus One had 2. It seems to me it is a software issue and I’m sure google will release a quick ota update.

    BTW has any T-mobile employees found anyway to get the Nexus one on our employee discount. I love my free Cliq but I need this :)

    • Bryan

      Nope, streamline specificaly states all employees pay retail for the Nexus One

    • Bryan

      No employee discount, Streamline states employees pay full price for the Nexus One

    • timmyjoe42

      You got a free Cliq? Dang, I need to work for T-Mobile. I wonder if I could get a part time job.

      • max

        not everyone ets it free, you gotta have worked for 5 years to be eligible otherwise we pay more than a regular customer

  • Oblio

    Im waiting for this stupid problem to be fixed before i buy the N1. Hopefully its sooner rather than later.

  • whodatfever

    Why is there no uproar about the woeful 9700 3G speeds? Try running a few speed tests on that. Hideous.

    • how

      I was just going to post the same thing. The BlackBerry 9700 has the same problem – it will drop from “3G” to EDGE or even GPRS in many places that my other 3G devices will hold steady!

    • beastly

      Huh. Mine’s only done that once, and since I was in a doctor’s office, I figured it was just building interference. Do other devices around you get steady 3G, or is it a coverage problem?

      • whodatfever

        I went from the MyTouch which pulled a respectable 800-1000kbps to a 9700 which struggles to hit 350kbps. RIM’s first AT&T 3G device had the same problem. No fix in sight for it cause RIM sucks.

  • i know for a fact is not t-mobile service in LA because i have a mytouch 3G and i have A strong 3G reception in all of LA i always have 5 bars of 3G . and my sister with the nexus one always has edge on the same places i have 5 bars of 3

  • fort

    Great report. The hammer and the nail. Way to drive it home. Only one problem is My mytouch does the same thing. I think it’s HTC.

  • i know for a fact is not t-mobile service in LA because i have a mytouch 3G and i have A strong 3G reception in all of LA i always have 5 bars of 3G . and my sister with the nexus one always has edge on the same places i have 5 bars of 3G. i have been to many tmobile forums online that people blame the t-mobile network but its not… something is wrong with the nexus one.

  • Noah

    How about acknowledging that they have an irate existing customer who want a discounted N1 problem :-)

  • well certanitly its not the t-mobile network over here in LOS angeles i have the samsung memoir and i always have 3G in alot of places in LA . were my coworker with the nexus 1 phone always has edge in the exact same places i have 3G .

  • SRD

    I spoke to HTC support they said there is a fix already and should be out next week, something to do with APN settings and the fix is coming from korea and will be an OTA update.

  • Usman

    Google email us on their own? Have you tried contacting them for problems with an order?! Good luck!

  • jeff

    spotty! heck yeah, tmo is always spotty. I am still waiting for 3G near my house. Also, when in a 3G area I still have ~500kbps. When is 7.2 HSPA coming. I feel like its classic tmo bs and it will never come.

    If it does come, I mean 7.2, will the indicator change on my Cliq?

  • jeff

    btw my cliq always switches back and forth from to 3G and Edge in 3G areas. When I called tmo about it their solution was take it off 3G. no joke, that it what they said.

    • Orison

      Ironically, that actually seems to work. I’ve been having 3G probs in my apt for the past couple of days where 3G used to be fine. Setting it to the 2G setting seems to fix it. The weird thing is that the 3G indicator would be on with a few bars, but no data could transfer.

    • how

      I’m not surprised. They told me to just switch to WiFi at home/work and shops (like Panera Bread). I asked what is the point of paying you for service then if I’m going to always be on WiFi, might as well just cancel service and carry my laptop.

      • Jeff

        yep that’s my point. i don’t want Edge and i don’t always have wifi/ sending a text would work too, but i expect 3G for my android phone!

  • benjitek

    There’s been talk that the N1 is somehow an attempt by Google to compete with the iPhone. I don’t see how… if something goes wrong with your phone, or it doesn’t work quite right as mentioned here, who do you call? Does Google provide a customer service number, or some other way to contact them and receive prompt costumer service or device support?

    If they really want to compete, they need to create a complete customer experience and a whole lot of retail outlets… I don’t see that happening anytime soon…?

    • timmyjoe42

      Is the Nexus One locked to T-Mobile, or are they unlocked with an optional contract discount if you get T-Mobile?

      (Would the 3G work on AT+T’s network also?)

      • Kickstar13

        It is not locked to T-Mobile. You can get it for $529 unlocked and use it on any GSM carrier. If you want the $179 subsidized contract price you will need to activate a new line or upgrade your current line with the Individual $79.99 500Mins+Unlimited Text+unlimited Web

        It will work on AT&T but you won’t be able to use 3G. AT&T uses different 3G bands than T-Mobile. So if you want to use it with AT&T your stuck with EDGE.

  • Danny

    Yeah all my T-Mobile 3G phones do this. My G1, my myTouch and the Moto CLIQ. Oh yeah and the Bold 9700 does this too and not just indoors. It does it on the freeway or while walking in a parking lot. Total open sky.

    So did all my AT&T 3G phones.

    I call BS on those who say they always have perfect 3G without any drops to EDGE.

    I’m a big T-Mo fan too, but T-Mobile needs to know when they have to step it up and give us more capacity and live 3G sites. We can’t let them off the hook that easy.

    • aggie99

      Yeah Danny you’re right and thousands are wrong. Pat yourself on the back. Every phone will bounce around if you are in an area with weak reception. If youd get over yourself and take the time to look at the complaints you would see the nexus one has issues. I have just about every high end smartphone released the last two years and none have had issues like this. I’m sitting in the middle of an area with solid 3g (Dallas) and my n900 right beside it has full 3g while my N1 shows GPRS. If HTC and T-Mobile are working on things they know something is up. The iPhone 3g had the same issue last year on a more massive scale. Although the great Danny doesn’t think its possible for a phone to have a bad radio or the software not implemented properly to work with certain frequencies it is. When I’ve got. 3 T-Mobile 3g phones and only one has issues it’s pretty easy to spot the problem.

    • Trampled

      aggie, if you took the time to get over YOUR self, you’d see that a bunch of retards who don’t have an N1 are complaining about their signal flipping back and forth between EDGE and 3G and trying to say its the SAME problem the N1 is having. Thanks for posting about your three 3G phones so we can finally shut those idiots up.

      Having been a G1 owner from day one, I have ALWAYS had the 2G-3G back and forth issue. I always figured it was a sensitive signal or my coverage. It never affected my performance and I never thought twice about it. Now, suddenly because the N1 is showing issues, I should come to a comment board and shit all over T-mobile because my G1 does the same? That’s stupid. What a bunch of fucking sheep. Everyone’s on fire but no one panics until someone actually yells ‘fire’… and then half the people that run out the door aren’t even on fire.

      • aggie99

        if you are in a fringe area then yeah it will bounce back and forth, but when in solid 3g territory it shouldn’t do so. If it is then there is something wrong with the device. If all the other devices were doing this, I wouldn’t have an issue, but the Nexus One is the only one. And it is obviously not just me experiencing this or there wouldn’t be such a high number of complaints. I’m not complaining about T-Mobile in any way. i switched from AT&T not to long ago and couldn’t be happier. But this is a device related issue and forums are places to voice those concerns. People complaining about people complaining is counteractive. If I hadn’t already been through this once with the iPhone 3G I might be led to believe it is a network issue, however, I had the exact same thing with it happen when it first released. I could have my Nokia N95-4 or (gasp) AT&T Tilt on my desk and the same would happen.

  • Cybersedan

    I don’t believe the N1 was launched “to compete with the iPhone”, Google created “ANDROID” to compete with the iPhone platform, when are people going to realize this common misconception, every other Android phone is called an iPhone competitor or killer, when that is clearly not the case. The N1 is just another soldier in the onslaught of alternative smart phone options.

    Android as an alternative offers a key component missing from the iPhone “Choice”. Choice of hardware, keyboard of no keyboard, customization, storage size, equipment manufacturer, etc etc…

  • daniel

    my mytouch 3g does the same thing, so i just leave it on 2g only cause it wont switch between 3g and edge by it self it just says no service, my roommates g1 does the same thing. i live in orlando,fl

    • Jeff

      and you don’t expect a 3G enabled hone to work with 3G?

    • Trampled

      Orlando also… my G1 goes back and forth between 2G and 3G, but never ‘No Service’. You sure you don’t live next to the Wesh 2 Super Doppler radar or something?

  • olypdd

    Another thing I noticed is when I put the Nexus into 2g only and reboot, I find it is in AIRPLANE mode of all things. When I de-select Airplane Mode, it won’t de-select, it just sits there doing nothing. Anyone else see this issue?

  • olypdd

    and someone mentioned HTC sending an update to correct APN settings. Why did I have no issue with 3g for the first 4 days and then suddenly on Sunday morning I have this problem. That sounds like a network TMO issue to me.

  • Josh

    I have live in NYC and have a Mytouch. I have full 3G signal almost everywhere I go and will occasionally switch to EDGE if I am deep inside a building. I did notice that I switched from 3G to EDGE a lot when I was in Palm Springs, California a few weeks ago. As of right now, I am back in NYC and enjoying a near perfect 3G experience. Man, am I glad I waited to purchase the N1.

  • Psevoznik

    Well, nobody at Tmobile admits the same problem in the Blackberry 9700. It’s constantly switching between 3G and EDGE (and sometimes GPRS) in the Miami and Orlando areas; and if you’re in a call, it will just drop. I had my SIM and phone replaced and it didn’t resolve the issue. It is not the nexus one or the Blackberry; it is the weak and terrible TMobile network.

    • aggie99

      do any of you people at all read the whole post regarding the issues? Do half of you commenters even have a Nexus One? That does not explain why in solid 3g areas, sitting beside other 3g devices, this device shows EDGE or GPRS, bouncing between both of those and 3g. I’ve had nothing but stellar service in Dallas. I have a sim in my N900 right now, sitting next to my Nexus One on my desk, and the N900 shows 3.5g while the Nexus One bounces back and forth. My coworker in the same office has solid 3g on his G1. There are RF issues with the Nexus One, not all units may have it, but many do. This same issue happened on the iPhone 3g when it was released with AT&T. If you are in a bad area, yes, this can be a problem. But when it happens constantly in a solid area while there are two other test devices showing no issues, then something is up with the device.

  • tonyFate

    I’ve had my N1 for about 5 days now and I haven’t notice any problems with my 3G. I’ve actually had better 3G connections with the N1 than the G1. No problems here so far *knock on wood*.. The phone is nice!

  • Josh78

    I get full 3G signal with my N1, and actually feels faster than my BB 9700, although nothing beats UMA speeds, I wish N! had UMA..

    • Jonstonson

      N1 SHOULD feel faster than your BB 9700. Mytouch on 3G loads pages faster than my BB9700 does when UMA is enabled.
      Blackberry Fanatic, but not a blackberry browser fanatic.

  • Jonstonson

    No problems with 3G on my BB9700.
    seems like with T-Mobile it’s either full bars or none. Great service in your area or crappy service in your area.. I don’t have any so-so service anywhere i go.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I think Google needs to focus more on fixing the mandatory plan issue while Tmobile deals with the 3G issue.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I think Google should in one form or another contact all who bought the Nexus One and let them know what’s going down… even if there is a patch coming from HTC and not Google… at least let people know. Instead of supporting their products… working on their o/s… trying to port 2.1 to the G1 maybe?… or how about an apps to sd card (I NEED MEMORY) or a Google Wave app that is for our mobile phones at least… they go out in search of buying Power!? Seriously… its like Microsoft buying a farm to grow corn. Really Google… you need to stick to what your good at and keep on working on your current projects… otherwise (which they seem they always will be) they’ll be in beta f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

  • SteveGowski

    this whole thing sucks, lol

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hey, I don’t know how rumor this is but according to Gizmodo, Google may be in works of a Nexus One with a Physical Keypad and a better battery life. Here’s the Article:

    Nexus One Enterprise Version

    If this is true, I REALLY hope it’s NOT like the Blackberry and is like the Droid (In terms of a Slide out Qwerty keypad), And hopefully, if this is true, Google will have learned from their mistake and release it with variable plans.

  • Burt

    im in seattle, and the 3g seems fine.. i get 3 bars to 4 all the time.. i guess lucky me then.. i think our headquarter are based in seattle.. holla at me bmeko1387@gmail.com

  • Ebatr8

    I think google should stop dickin around and hand over the phones tmo slap a tmobile brand on them and let a company who knows what they are doing when it comes to customer service sell this device at least they test things n get this done. Everybody is hurting tmo right now with there crap Microsoft with Sidekick Blackberry with BIS and now google with Nexus one and everyone blames tmo with questioning the people that cause the issue don’t get me wrong google is awesome but they ain’t ready to step into an arena they aren’t familiar with leave it to tmo to sell ur device customers would love for tmo to be in charge of this ridiculous pricing issue

  • Eric

    I live in Queens NY and my N900 sometimes gets 2MB of speed wich is pretty cool and i notice the speed difference too. When it normally takes me 5 or 8mins to download an application it takes couple of seconds so wow. But the bad thing its not stable. Love the N900 best phone i could ever get!!

  • teesquared

    Haven’t had a problem with my n1 or 3g service here in Bham. As a matter of fact, I have nothing less than 3 bars of 3g with absolutely no switch to EDGE

  • ZeZo

    Didn’t anybody see this resolution to the problem?? Simple fix!!


    • aggie99

      That is not a fix. That’s a temporary workaround that you shouldn’t have to do. And it can cause even more problems if youre in an area that doesn’t have good 3g.

  • mark

    CNBC just ran a story on the issues with the Nexus One. There slant was more geared twords the lack of customer support.

  • archboy

    I live in NYC and the phone gets 3G perfectly..always full 3-4 bars and 2MB speed. It might drop to Edge if I’m deep into a building but I expect that from T-Mo’s network but even at Edge I was getting 1MB. I was down in DC also and had no problems getting 3G reception there.

    T-Mo’s network can be a little spotty I agree but have no problem in the big cities. Not sure why all these people are complaining about their reception. Where are they living like Plainville, Kansas but then I wouldn’t expect to have 3G service there.

    • aggie99

      Dallas, TX is quite a bit bigger than Plainville, KS. It has nothing to do with network issues when a N900 can sit right next to it and have full 3g and get almost 2 Mbit/s and Nexus One is on 3g/EDGE/GPRS fluctuating and getting at max 600 kbit download when connected to 3g. You may not have issues but that doesn’t mean other people don’t.

  • brty

    I have full bars of 3g undisturbed at my house but I live 1 or 2 miles away from a tower so thats probably why, I haven’t paid attention to it other places.

  • smiley

    suck on that early adopters! slobbering and drooling over tech is silly.

  • Mike

    My Mytough 3g has been bouncing back and forth like that since 3g was turned up in Louisville.

  • Jacques

    Here’s a temporary fix for the 3G Edge problem (only recommended if you know you’re going to have solid 3G connection)


  • Frisky Dingo

    Make sure to give T-Mo your IMEI number for your new phone. I always do that when I buy an unlocked phone not sold by T-Mobile. My Nexus One 3G/2G works fine after that. I live in Alpharetta, Ga

  • From a marketing point of view they may have been affraid of sales taking a hit. As a Nexus One owner I would like to see a more direct response from all the providers when trouble happens.
    We havn’t had any issues.

  • Nokia has become very much familiar in every part of the world and every where. Once you need to get a cell phone then you must see your choice from Nokia collection to get an ideal cell phone.

    • Timo

      I used to be a die hard Nokia fan, but I got bitten by the Android bug and had to say goodbye to the Nokias. If only they’d decided to release some Android handsets.

  • Googles browsers has always been bb its just two different animals when you come down to it.

  • I still don’t know what the big deal is with this Nexus One phone. It seems like about the same as the Motorola Droid so I can’t figure out why everyone is making such a big deal over it. Compared to the Iphone you can see differences but it isn’t apparent to me. Is it because its a Google phone?

    John R. Carlisle

  • Aldo

    I am also a die hard Nokia fan/user and I am am trying to decide whether to remain with Nokia by buying the N900 or switch to Google/Android and get the Nexus One . After reading more than 20 reviews about the Nexus one I have to admitt that even with the 3G issue , the Nexus one will be my next phone . I will just be a little patient until the 3G issue is fixed , then I will buy the N1. The price may also go down .It is just not a good idea to rush and buy a new phone on day one as in most cases the first buyers may end up having problems .


  • Josh

    According to Cyanogen on twitter the problem is that the signal is switching between UMTS and HSDPA, which I am not suprised to hear. They upgraded the network right before the launch, dumb move. If the developers can come up with a method of locking to UMTS or HSDPA, I believe it would solve the problem, other than that I would believe all 3g equipment would do it if it were a network problem as all 3g phones are supported under the new HSDPA

  • What if the Nexus One can actually pick up the true signal strength that our G1 and Mytouch didn’t. What if those earlier devices didn’t have the technological capacity? From my own experience 3G is working fine for but I did notice a drop in speed compared to my G1 and Mytouch. If my G1 has full bars the Nexus One will have 2 or 3. In my opinion it’s not a hardware issue. It’s definitely a firmware or network issue.

  • Joe OpenSource

    I think it is a Software and or hardware problem , This guy has a Nokia 900 and he is getting 6 Mbs on T-Mobile, while we think 800kbs is fast.

    We have to be more vocal and light a fire under T-Mobile’s ASS! If the N1 is not fixed soon we should return them all and get the Nokia N900 (its a a bit heavy but it works)

    See the speed the Nokia N900 has here

  • Joe OpenSource

    Oops wrong link!

    Look here it is fast!

  • Darshan

    This did not work for me as stated …..

    My original problem was the same : 3G to Edge to 3G as many have stated.

    HOWEVER, comparing the nexus one settings to my HTC MyTouch settings, I found one small difference, and making the following change seems to have made a difference for me:

    Menu –> Settings –> Wireless & Networks –>
    Mobile Networks –> Access Point Names –> TMobile US –>
    Authentication type –> Then select “None” (was not set explicitly by default)

    I will keep a close eye on this (has been good for the last day or so every chance I got to check) and will keep everyone here posted on new findings

    Hope this is helpful!

  • The fix is to allow the phone to look for a network: go to “Settings” > “Wireless and Networks”, choose “Mobile Networks” > “Network Operators”, choose “Select Automatically.”

  • I want a nexus one so bad. I hope they release it on verizon very soon.