T-Mobile Acknowledges Nexus One 3G Problem


If there was a problem yo I’ll solve it…While the internet was quick to jump on a problem existing between the Nexus One and 3G, neither Google nor T-Mobile acknowledged the problem. Granted we’re only five days in from the initial sale date, however one might think that Google would be ahead of the game. For a company that lives by the beta moniker, for this to have completely skipped their battery of tests is confusing.  T-Mobile has come out and stated through their own forums, that they are “investigating” the issue and will “report back soon”. T-Mobile customers who are voicing their complaints loudly and frequently are quick to say that any issue seems to be handset related as those individuals coming from other T-Mobile 3G handsets had none of the same issues previously.

As the complaints mount, Google too needs to come right out and acknowledge the issue through their various methods of communication. How about an email to customers, all of whom can be found via their Gmail addresses and let them know at the very least, they are aware of the issue. Sitting idly by as the complaints mount isn’t doing Google any favors.

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