Samsung T569 Headed To T-Mobile?


If you’re someone looking for a decent mobile handset without all the bells and whistles smartphones come with, looks like theirs going to be yet another choice to pick from. T-Mobile is rumored to be releasing another entry level Samsung handset, called the Samsung T569. The T569 is Bluetooth capable, SMS & MMS capable, and MyFaves. Also it will include a 200 x 400 pixel screen, 3G capability, and is powered by version 1.5 of the Dolphin Browser. Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • David

    I will not buy another Samsung phone unless they do some SERIOUS engineering to make them less crappy than my last Samsung T629. Call quality was horrible. The speakerphone was even worse.

  • frank

    Tmo I love ya. But I think you have enough crap phones. Spend some time really thinking about your largest growing market.

    • john

      Some customers do just want a phone still, and tmo has always done well at evolving the selection for them, I do feel the middle of the road pack do need some love too. I think something above the highlight, and below the g1 would work well.

  • frank

    I mis-spoke fastest growing market would be more acurate.

  • AtreyuLain

    Since it’s one digit up from the t559 comeback, it’s either a replacement or hopefully something to compliment the line-up. Hopefully a feature-phone with a touch screen. Tmo needs better feature phones so people can stop coming up to me and saying that verizon and AT&T have better phones. Smartphones are great but the general population is littered with EnVs and EnV Touches and Voyagers and Xenons and Neons and Propels and such. The Gravity isn’t enough to get it done, and the Comeback falls well short of hitting the bullseye.

  • Allen K

    My local Walmart has Samsung T569 on the T-Mobile stand offered for Free for new and upgrading customers. If you don’t believe me, I can take a picture.

    • Allen K

      Nevermind… since there was no picture in this post, I googled T569, which showed me a picture of a phone that I saw at Walmart.. but I think it’s actually T659. Not sure what the difference is between the two.

  • Unverified

    Samsung = TouchWiz = FAIL

  • TmoAsian

    The behold was kinda like the last great phone on tmo. It redifined camera phones, with a touch screen and all. I phone this ” feature phone ” can redifine the market like the behold did. And the i mean the behold 1 not the second one that stinks.

  • jay

    T-mobile needs more phones like the gravity or offer smart phones somewhat subsidized for renewing contract w/o data plan

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