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With all that has been going on in the T-Mobile world lately, surely you must want a place to discuss these happenings with like minded magenta fanatics. There must be a place that T-Mobile fans can discuss all things T-Mobile. The TmoNews forums!! Recent days have brought about much to discuss, both great, and not so great. How about the HTC HD2 getting official confirmation on T-Mobile USA and exciting Windows Mobile faithful to no end. Perhaps the Windows Mobile faithful can convince this guy why he should consider picking one up. As well they should be excited, that’s one sexy phone. Of course, if Windows Mobile isn’t your thing, Android might be and the forums are alive with Nexus One topics in their very own dedicated section. One very hot topic now is of course the Nexus One 3G problems News of the HSPA 7.2 Mbps 3G rollout certainly gives T-Mobile its very own leg up on the “fastest” 3G competition that seems to engulf the big 4 carriers and of course, discussion is busy busy with who is enjoying and who is still waiting. That’s just a small glimpse of all that we have going on, so come on over, the weather is nice in TmoNews land.

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  • bryan_z

    I need to move on from the G1, and want to know if anything is coming down the pipe that will be potentially competitive or better than the N1. I am sticking with android, but do I make the jump now to N1, or is something going to be obviously worth the wait?

    Please help!

  • Ernie



  • JB6464

    Now that Tmo is getting the HD2, will it get WM7 with it ?

    • Kickstar13

      I don’t think it will come with WM7 preinstalled, but it will most likely be upgradeable to WM7.

  • kershon

    Just love the cat pics. I’m using this one for walpaper on my bb. Looks great.

  • fort

    As anyone found out, what’s going on with the t-mobile 3g or was it the nexus1?

  • js-1

    a petition for loyal customer that felt they cheated by T/goog.