MyTouch Fender Edition Coming Soon


We first caught wind of the myTouch LE (Limited Edition) Fender all the way back in October 2009, where few details were know. Thanks to one of our trusty tipsters, above you will see what the myTouch Fender includes. Along with the Fender inspired casing, it will also include a 16GB MicroSD memory card, a 3.5mm headphone jack (something the original myTouch should have already included) and various Fender branded accessories will be available as well. As for the launch date, our sources are stating a January 20th release date. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Count em baby 6 andriod handsets for tmobile and counting….bring us more…take that verizon…

  • undertmocover

    Available Jan 20th

  • Richard

    A little too late now T-Mobile the nexus has landed. The myTouch should have always been the original magic with a 3.5mm headset jack.

    • Chuck

      I would have bought a Fender MyTouch if it were released by last Black Friday… but because it was delayed, I now have a Nexus One… T-Mo missed the sale on that one.

  • chaoscentral

    I got me an insider source from T-Mobile, and from what I hear there will be 3 new Android handsets coming this year, that number may change but at the moment it’s 3.

  • artiepants

    without a new processor or drastic price reduction this phone seems like a non-starter to me at this point.

  • Penpen72

    Id gladly trade this stupid idiotic cliq for it!

    • cliqless

      I’ll take that cliq off your hands for you.

  • Janey

    Also to note is that T-Mobile seems to be unofficially promoting the software called “DoubleTwist.” (See image above)

    I just wonder if it’s also going to ship with Android 1.6. That would be lame.

  • gary

    This will launch with 1.6 but will definitely get 2.x in the near future. It also has the same memory as some European/Canadian magics (288) vs 192 on the current mytouch. I believe the 1.2 will be the same but without the music specialty.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Why would anybody buy a Fender MyTouch when the people that bought a regular MyTouch are getting screwed with no updates?

    • tim

      tmobile says the update will be available 4 all my touches

  • John

    Why is it that everyone on here seems to think that you should only buy the newest, best and most expensive? I assume you all drive Bugatti Veyrons. For those of us that are adults and have things like families, mortgages and responsibilities, we can’t drop $500 every time something new comes out.

    Maybe you’ll learn this when mommy and daddy stop pampering your asses.

    Personally, I WILL get this because I like Android and I play guitar. A real one, not a plastic one.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Do you give lessons? I have a real guitar but I am probably novice level. Meaning it is hard as ever for me to instinctively play chords (Fingers just don’t want to move in the correct spots yet), I don’t know what note is what, I can almost tell when I’m out of tune and I can’t read music yet. I just pick up my guitar (Lead Electric btw – I have a Bass too but my uncle basically stole it) and play to have fun but I want to learn.

    • artiepants

      But, assuming one is out of contract, you can get a Nexus One for $180 ~ I’d assume this is going to be at least $150 (if not $199 since it’s a “special edition”)

      I just don’t see the appeal of paying more/almost a much for something with a lower res screen and significantly slower processor AND an older OS.

  • FILA

    phone looks like shit, but I guess if your into guitars it would be worth it. Wish I had the 3.5 thou

  • carlos

    man…i’d take this phone into high consideration if it weren’t for that damn color.

  • Kenny

    Too bad the slowness will never change

  • money mo

    MyTouch is old news, nexus one is the phone to get.

    • john

      Agreed. Just get a Nexus One, I

      • 2FR35H

        Nexus one hasn’t lived to the hype and after 2.1 updates for every phone it will be just another phone but I can bet this will get a 2.1 update before all the others

    • Joeking

      Actually, the HTC HD2 is the phone to get (coming to T-Mobile this spring)…if IPhone doesn’t have something new by then, this phone will be a true IPhone killer…unlike the over-hyped Nexus. Google shot themselves in the foot with their marketing strategy.

      • Richard

        NO Windows Mobile phone will ever be an iPhone killer. Android as a whole is an iPhone OS killer

  • Kendel

    I’ll get this as long as it’s not overpriced. I’d love to get the nexus one. But since it’s not allowed on family plans and I can’t afford to put up the $530 to buy it unlocked, I’m stuck with this phone. Please don’t inflate the price t-mobile!!

  • Kevin

    Any more info on the specs?
    Is this version the same as the MyTouch 3G or does it have the same specs as the HTC Magic in other markets?
    I can’t remember, but I recall the HTC Magic had a slightly different processor with 288 Megs of Ram vs the MT3G’s 192 Megs.

    • 2FR35H

      This one has a head phone jack

  • JBLmobileG1

    I am thinking this phone will be around $150 considering the original is now $98 at WalMart and the Nexus One which is a way more advanced and much more powerful Android phone is only $179.99. Anything more than $150 would be overpriced and even $150 may be too much.

  • MrNova

    I honestly cant believe tmobile waited 6 months, before releasing this phone. Its already outdated, before its even sold. This phone should have been the MT3G or came out along with it. I love tmobile, but just don’t understand tmobile thinking most of the time!

  • The thinking is simple, not everyone wants a touch screen and not everyone wants the best phone out there. People have personal limits and values. There might be someone out there who is waiting for his renewal to come up so he/she can get a new phone and now this fender edition is perfect.

    Nexus one is great but it is not the be all and end all, once all the androids have 2.1 then the nexus one only has a faster processor and ram which all of us may not need.

    I can’t wait until june when the new iphone comes out, all the idiots above ranting about a nexus one will be like I need a iphone 4 instead

  • JBLmobileG1

    SaDudE… your right not everyone wants a touch screen but this phone IS a touch screen and only a touch screen. The only thing I can think of… is this would be the perfect phone for music or hardcore Fender lovers because it offers the 3.5mm jack and has a hugh 16gb card with some music already. But its out dated like everyone said… and if there is something better for the same price… less… or not much more…. what would you go with? I would assume the better phone since (for example) this phone and the Nexus One is very similar. As far as processor speed… true one might not need it all. But as future o/s and updates come out you’ll probably start noticing lag in your phone or less and less features being left out because the processor can’t handle it. True I agree though… once the new iphone comes out people will probably want one. Its like all new electronics… people always (most of the time) want the better or more popular one.

  • carlos

    what implications does this fender edition have on the previous posts about a mytouch 1.2?