Ninjas Do It Better

The unboxing video is a holy grail in the tech blogging world and always manages to excite the masses. Nothing you have seen up to this point can hold a candle to this unboxing video, the craziest stop-action unboxing video ever created. In a word…awesome.


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  • Cybersedan

    Oh Man!!

    That was awesome, one of the best unboxings I’ve ever seen.

  • Dope. . .

  • byounngg

    You that video is so cool I wonder how they put that together . I’m typing this on my nexus one it was worth the $316 I paid with my friends upgrade.

    • Quasar

      You should be getting $100 back from Google if that was your upgrade price.

  • abi

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol yo that should be on tv to advertising the phone

  • Cybersedan


    I agree with you, with a few tweaks,that would make a good Super Bowl commercial :-)

  • Dalton

    Wow! :P
    That was awesome! :D

  • David

    Straight retarded

    • teesquared

      in a good way? LOL

    • js-1


      • js-1

        if ur retarded….Bruce lee voice over for ninjas that are supposedly silent assisans.

  • B

    That was the furthest thing from awesome I ever seen. Nice production, but what was the point? It would probably work for a commercial though. Would make the phone seem cool in the same way all other commercials with no correlation to the product do.

  • JMTS80

    I don’t know about everyone else but personally I think you cant beat ninjas. They just make everything look cooler!

  • moose

    I don’t know why but i just thought of nexus two……… and now nexus three cuz of three ninjas. I feel stupid.