T-Mobile SIM Unlock Policy Changes


If you’re one that travels quite a bit you probably unlock your T-Mobile  handset so you can use it overseas with another GSM carrier, and save yourself some of hard earned cash. Thanks to our trusty tipster, starting January 21st eligible FlexPay and PostPaid customers will be able to obtain a SIM unlock code after 40 days instead of 90 days. Eligible prepaid customers will be able to request a SIM unlock code after 60 days of service instead of 90 days (provided that they have had an account balance of at least $10 or have made a refill within the last 30 days). In addition, former customers that have cancelled their account can obtain a SIM unlock code if their account is in good standing with no past due payments and the customer has had active service with T-Mobile for at least 40 days. If there is a past due balance present on the account the customer will need to pay the full amount in order to get the SIM unlock code.

Sidenote: Today’s the day eligible FlexPay customers can finally convert their accounts over to PostPaid. Click here for more details!

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  • timmyjoe42

    This is good news. I actually think the phones should automatically be unlocked remotely by T-Mobile once you reach the milestone date.

  • BoyGirl

    Will reps be able to give us the unlock codes over the phone?

    With VZW or ATT, if you call for the SIM unlock code they give it to you on the spot.

    With T-Mobile, you have to wait 24 hours.

    • Kickstar13

      You will need to file a SIM Unlock Request and you will get your unlock code within 24 hours.

    • VZW does not use SIM cards, I think you may be thinking of the code that enables the entry of other CDMA carriers’ PRLs and such

      • Dolphin82010

        YES VZW does have a few international enabled phones that have the SIM card in them. And Yes You DO have to wait 60-90 days to get that unlock code. You can not just call them up and request the unlock code…because they will not give it to you until that wait period is over.

  • Rickb

    I got both my 7105t phones unlocked without any trouble back in 2007. I missed the boat getting my old T637 unlocked by AT&T way back in 2005, they obsoleted it and now they would claim that it is gone and cannot be unlocked any more. If I really want to resurrect it, I’ll have to go to eBay or some other hacker.

    But, do you suppose TMO would unlock my G1?

    And my wife’s Curve, that makes sense.

    The new lock is data service. Unlocking my G1 so it can go to an AT&T SIM is half a loaf, since it will be stuck in EDGE. Carriers will eventually realize this and not bother to lock high-speed-data phones at all, since they’ve got you by the bits. Oh, wait, the Nexus One could be the first of these…

  • GB

    VZW and ATT do not give it to you on the spot. T-Mobile is more customer friendly than those two companies combined. Sim subsidy codes are not readily available.

  • Can they unlock an AT&T phone? or does it have to be a T-Mobile-branded phone?

    • Kickstar13

      It has to be a phone purchased through T-Mobile

  • justinhub2003

    i like the unlock option that tmo has cuz i live in cincinnati and our local carrier cincy bell uses same 3g bands as tmobile and i can unlock my 3g tmo phones and sell them to cin bell post paid and pre paid usets, hell my old g1 was getting cincy bell 3g before before i was on tmo in cincy

    • mohammed

      hey i did not know what’s Sim lock and i locked my Sim and when some one puts their t mobile Sim card into my phone and it all ways ask for enter password i do not know what’s the password that i put in the Sim card

  • Chris

    Way to spell correctly. “If your one that travels…” don’t you mean “If you’re one that travels…”?

    If you need someone to spell check for you, drop me an email.

  • sikkboy

    What would be the point of unlocking a Verizon phone?

    • Kickstar13

      Some Verizon phones have SIM card slots (World Phones) that can be used on GSM carriers.

      The BlackBerry Storm for example.

  • brucewayne73

    I am always amazed at how as tmobile employees we promise to not divulge any proprietary information, but yet I am pretty sure taking a photo off of the computer screen of tmobile policy falls underneath that category. You all have A LOT of integrity.

  • Gil Grissom

    Actually Bruce Wayne, we have taken the image above and by using nuclear photonic retinal rod fourier sampling, we have narrowed the guilty employees to a suspect list of three. The guilty employees will be terminated — their grieving families’ accounts will be transferred to ATT.

  • kevin

    gil u made me laugh. and as dr evil once said ” I have’nt laughed like that since i was a little girl, thank you”. oh and im assuming said unlock code would not be given for t mobile exclusive devices ( i.e. the sidekick, as if anyone still has one)

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  • shayan

    hi i am wondering if any one knows is it correct that after ordering unlock code we should wait 14 days to receive it

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  • Mickey Mouse

    Thanks for this info!