Samsung Behold FAIL, Courtesy of Walmart


Hey it’s a Monday, it’s a Holiday and it’s a slow a news day. So since we’re selling ourselves, our dignity and our wall space today why not bring in a little FAIL fun. This little piece of goodness comes from someone visiting the Entertainment section of Walmart and noticing that the Behold is really the Highlight! Like magic! Sadly just a simple error and easily fixed but anything that involves that words Walmart and Fail are always fun to read. I guess I’m just feeling sarcastic today. Enjoy!

If you haven’t been to, I suggest going there and preparing to laugh harder than ever imagined.


  • jkspike3

    Lol I was just at that site last night. Its weird how people are so comfortable in their “home” clothes that they’d wear that crazy stuff out of their house and to WALMART even!

  • Trampled

    people of walmart = Gold. It is the ONE site I gaurantee I look at every single day. They have a new spin-off site that’s non-Walmart related, about crappy cars. Almost as funny.

    Even my stupid Xbox avatar’s motto is “”, I love it that much…

  • JBLmobileG1

    I wonder what WalMart that is. I have been working in the Wireless department a.k.a. Connection Center for years and have never seen those type of backings. Ours are all magenta… and while I have seen backings with names of the phones on them my store doesn’t even carry the Behold anymore. So either they never replaced the backing (which could be the case since we sometimes run out of extras) or this wasn’t taken at WalMart. The thing I don’t understand is why didn’t their Tmobile rep take care of this? I know if my rep were to have seen this they would have replaced the back a.s.a.p. I really wish they would have shown the picture of the pricing at the bottom so we could see if the actual tag said Behold as well.

  • FYI That isn’t the Samsung Behold its the Samsung Tap. The only reason why I know this is because my buddy of mine bought it for his girlfriend. Might wanna update that walmart even posted the wrong name of the the phone.

    • yubskees

      wow your dumb clearly you did not you good enough at your buddys phone has i have the highlight and looking at the tap on google images it those not have the bottom four shortcuts