Move From FlexPay To Postpaid Starting January 18th


Are you a current FlexPay customer aching to move your account over to Postpaid, so you can take advantage of lower prices? Well now you can! Starting January 18th, T-Mobile will be launching a FlexPay to Postpaid coversion program, in which qualified FlexPay customers will be able to migrate their account over to a Postpaid account. Some of the benefits of a Postpaid account include, eligibility for upgrade discounts, the ability to add additional lines based on tenure, and elgibility for webConnect. Current FlexPay customers will also be able to keep their exisiting mobile numbers. Sound off in the comments!

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  • Seni


    • t-beat

      no you didn’t. You could have converted after 6 months of timely payment.

      • Justin

        No, you couldn’t. Recently, trial markets have been able to do conversions based on qualifications, but before that, Flexpay was basically permanent.

  • cat

    what the hell is flex pay?

  • Bryan

    To convert you still have to pass the credit check to qualify for a postpaid account. Also no service suspensions in the last 6 months to qualify for flexpay to postpaid conversion. This has been available for a few months in some markets.

    • Kickstar13

      Yes, now it has launched nationwide.

  • Big Poppa

    Flex Pay gets the same pricing on rate plans and upgrades. The added benefit is Webconnect, more than 2 lines on a contract, @home (while supplies last), and still have service connected even though you’re a day late on your bill.

  • GlockBuster

    …Not sure what this is about, but we’ve been able to migrate customers from FlexPay to Postpaid (assuming they’re prime credit on the credit check this time) for awhile now.

    • Kickstar13

      It was being tested in some markets before, now it will be finally launched nationwide.

  • tristan

    I see this as incredible news! Only thing is that I’ve seen the recent issues with service on the Nexus one. I will wait until those issues are resolved before considering this.

  • ali

    Flexpay is the way to go. With t-mobile, you get the exact same plans as the post paid folks without the ‘suprise ‘ bill at the end. Prepay for it and forget it. Buy your phone unlocked or get a good deal on ebay.

  • Scott

    Called them and the rep I spoke to didn’t know about a nationwide launch, said it was only available in select markets on the east coast.

    Off topic: When did TMO start out sourcing their help? This guy could barely pronounce his name “David” correctly…

    • Kickstar13

      The FlexPay to Postpaid conversion program starts January 18th

  • donn_l

    It was my understanding that even with this conversion you still wouldn’t be able to get the N1 for $179.99. That price is for NEW customers only. Unless this qualifies as being a new customer.

  • to bad

    one problem…this is a migration like migrating form even more to even more plus,it is not a new activation so the customer migrating from a flex to a post is not going to be considered a new customer they just will not have to prepay for there services like the do now but since they will not be a new customer they will not have the ability to get the nexus for 179.99 unless they were to migrate and also open a new line.:*(

  • Jonstonson

    This has been on trial in a few markets already.
    Miami was one of them, but i’m not aware of the other ones

  • e

    I’ve seen some low-credit (below 500 credit score) customers on flex pay. If i were a t-mo i’d be afraid to put them on post-pay. I was once at a corporate t-mobile store here in boston and there was literally an hour long line of flex pay customers with service suspensions due to non-payment, arguing relentlessly in english and spanish with the representatives about it. Also flexpay customers never seem to notice the bill pay machine in the store that turns your phone on really fast from suspension, they insist on paying the bill at the counter thats already 50 days late anyways and making people like myself who actually need real customer support wait for utter non-sense. Every time i go in there, i get very concerned for t-mobile and how flexpay must be an accountants worst nightmare. I found out it’s usually for those with horrendous credit or those with good credit that have no self-control on the usage. Either way, i’ll never forget seeing those poor magenta wearing reps lose their cool and scream at the out-sourced flexpay customer care (they yelled about that too in the store.) Night and day difference from post pay to flex pay. JEEZ!!!

    • watbetch

      Can’t you refresh your tired story when you tell it so often?

  • JethroGibbs

    Really is bothersome to have these pics posted. For a fan site, you sure do a lot to kill the little bit of competitive edge the company has on anything.

    • TRobshi

      How is this killing the competitive edge? This is good news for people considering switching to T-mobile that if they only qualify for flexpay, they could get off of it after 6 months.

  • DiNozzo


  • brandon

    What’s a Credit Class U customer?

    Also, while I understand credit scores can be an indication of the ability to pay a on a contract, there are people that are responsible that have tarnished credit. I myself have given up on the credit lifestyle, and as result my credit score has not improved. I do have flexpay, but I have been on autopay since day one and have never missed a payment. If there was any indication that I would be a candidate for postpay, I would think that this is it. Hopefully T-Mobile sees it this way, and adds myself and the others that have been responsible while customers with T-Mobile.

    • Lucky

      they will not I tried today after a full year of payments of $206.00 a month and they told me I was paying almost $80.00 more than I should.  Then they said my credit didnt improve, its because I closed a company of mine because the goverment made changes that closed us down.  And I could not understand any of the India or Phillipine bastards that Americans sold us out for.  get some of that.

  • MrNova

    I’m personally on flexpay, and has been on it for over 2 years, and love it. There is no advantage for me to switch to postpay.I get the same plans, and now the plans are cheaper than postpay. Also I change phones every 6 months, so Im used to buying phones straight up anyway. As long as I pay my bill before its due, I have no problems. It honestly feels like I’m on postpay, they still send you a bill in the mail every month. LOL!

  • JBLmobileG1

    This is good news for someone I work with. He’s been trying to switch over from flexpay for over 6 months now (maybe even a year). and he’s been in good standing and everything with Tmobile. I guess he’s wanting to add a new line but with flexpay you are limited to only 2. This actually has him so pissed at Tmobile that he’s thinking of switching to a whole new carrier altogether… but hopefully with this rolling out he will qualify and decide to stay. Now you’d think a carrier would want your extra buisness and money especially if your in good standing with them and make your payments on time. I was the one who told him how good Tmobile was so hopefully they won’t let him down again come the 18th.

  • Bill48105

    About time for sure but sad for the FlexPay people wanting @Home service who will now be able to get it just in time for it to be canceled. lol

  • sirphunkee


    I’ve been on flexpay for over 2 years now, and have been waiting for this!!

    Honestly though, the main reason I want to make the switch is because FlexPay customers aren’t allowed to make use of conditional (or any kind of) call-forwarding on the lines, which makes it impossible to use google voice in the way it’s most useful.

  • NA


  • kevin

    about freakin time i hated having sk on flexpay worse than having cricket (metropcs for non cricket markets) having to pay in advance for apps and whatnot. i know my mother will be thrilled to death especially if she wants to change her plan ( grandfathered in under myfaves) and trust me she gets tired of having to partition her minutes so she doesnt hear ” your flexaccount balance is too low to make this call because all the people she talks to doesnt fit in under her 5 faves

  • Andrew

    So I just switched my flexpay to post pay and it is amazing it is easy and would recommend people who are responsible enough to handle a post pay account to switch over. I have been on flex pay for 3 years right after my divorce so my credit was shot now I have got my credit score back to great range and now I can have an account that reflexes that. Thanks T-Mobile this was a great thing.

  • kevin

    an update about the flex to postpaid: the rep i spoke with said its only availible in one state. is this true? any people from NC had luck?

  • blaze2100

    Ugh they told me I have to wait tilll I finish my contract before I change off of flexpay, unless I wanna pay a $200 etf. Some bs

  • Felix Repleon

    Was just told i can not change to post paid from flexpay because my cell phone number is not on the prequalified list. They stated that I qualify for everything else but the only thing holding me up was “your number is not on the prequalified list”.

    • vanessa

      the listed is updated monthly so you should check back on the 18th

      • JR

        I have been a flexpay customer for almost a year now, have never missed a payment due to having Easypay in effect, so in actuality I pay my bills 5 days early for the last 11 months, I also called and went to a representative and said that I should qualify but the only thing was is that I’m not on the prequalified list. Now is there a catch that I don’t get? They said that to qualify, I need 6 months of good payment history, now I considered the fact that it’s already been a year and I’m not on the list.

  • kirsten

    After almost 10 years with my old company, Tmobile took over their towers and I had to switch. Well, my credit has been horrible because I sold a house and the title company didnt pay all the bills, so they put me on flex pay. I feel like such a piece of crap. Worse yet, they initially offered me a free trial of internet, but since I am on flex pay, they say I cant have a free trial. It was like, “Sorry, but since you are a loser, you will get no goodies today!” I just wanted to see if I had service in my area. I hope this isnt going to be the beginning of a bad experience with Tmobile, but I have my suspicions.

  • kb

    i switched last night from flexpay to postpaid. it was really easy. plus i didn’t have to extend my contract to do it. not only that but 7 days after converting your eligible for a phone upgrade.

  • Dre

    I’ve been with t-mobile 2 years this October. Been on easy pay the whole time and never late on payments. I’ve been calling customer service month after month to see if I am on this BS “pre-qualified” list. Finally, today I made the list and converted to post pay. I think that list is a load of crap. My credit is not bad and I’ve had excellent payment history. I guess I should be grateful I was able to migrate now, but meh…

  • Brian

    I’ve been with T-Mobile since February 28 of this year. A few months ago, I became aware of the pre-qualified list via this site. Every month I called and was told I was not on the list. A few days ago, I had an issue when I went to the store, purchased a phone, and made a return a few weeks later. Neither the store nor customer care put in that I made a return. The representative talked with their loyalty department and was told they couldn’t do anything, because I wasn’t a post-paid customer. So I asked how do I become a post-paid customer. He checked my name, and surprisingly, my account was on the list. I spoke with activations to convert my account to which they asked for my name, social security number, and other information. She switched over my plan and FlexPay balance. I was good to go. It seems like the customer service now treats me nicer and knows what they’re doing. I’m happy :) Thanks, TmoNews for posting this information.

  • Musicgirl70

    I was a FlexPay Customer since Dec 2009 and just two days ago, got approved for postpaid. I am very glad that I got conversion, because I thought I will never get a postpaid contract after a very aggravated situation with AT&T. I also had the benefit to get 15%off my recurring charges from my bill by contacting the TMobile Advantage Program through my employer… 500min + 200MB data + Unlimited Text= 64.99 plus taxes and fees…with the 15% off will have basically the same bill when I was on the FlexPay. This plan is the most affordable and I am very pleased with TMO. Thanks.