T-Mobile To Carry 8 HTC Handsets This Year

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Update: As we think more about this, we have to wonder how valid the count of 8 handsets are and if thats really already including the other 3. We’re not counting the TouchPro2 and the Dash3G. I think we’d be better off just saying that HTC will likely bring more handsets to T-Mobile through 2010. Considering they have only brought Android and Windows Mobile to T-Mobile up to this point, its safe to consider that that pattern will remain constant.

According to guys at BoyGenius, T-Mobile USA is partnering with HTC for “over” 8 HTC handsets in 2010. Of course, that includes the currently available HTC products: MyTouch3G original and upcoming Fender Edition, HTC HD2 and then 5 more devices. This is all unconfirmed of course but BoyGenius considers this source to be pretty solid. According to the article, the remaining handsets are split amongst Android and Windows Mobile. Frankly, lets place Android on the HTC HD2 and sell both an Android and the Windows Mobile version and you’ll please a lot of people.

I think it will come as no surprise that T-Mobile is partnering with HTC for more handsets as they seem to be leading the T-Mobile pack on the high end front. Of course, we’re looking to finding out exactly what handsets we can expect and we’ll bring it to you when we do!


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  • AndroidFan

    Wow, can someone get that to T-Mo management? Android on the HD2 would surely be a winner!

    • john

      Isn’t android on the hd2 called a nexus 1.

      • David

        No, because one will be sold exclusively by T-Mobile for T-Mobile. One has a 4.3 inch screen. One exists with only one possible chance for ETC, not two.

      • WootRoot

        i love my nexus, but that HD2 has a larger screen and a physical keyboard… there is a very noticeable difference between the HD2 and a nexus one

        • David

          There is no physical keyboard on the HTC HD2, you might be thinking of the Touch Pro2.

      • efjay

        Thats what I thought as well. But any chance to belittle WM is never wasted so no surprise with the standard calls for spydroid.

      • jak2black

        now WootRoot….. where in the ABSOLUTE HELL did u hear that the HTC HD2 has a physical keyboard…

      • john

        Maybe you guys don’t get what I meant, yeah a little more real estate on the screen, same chipset though, so same damn phone, albeit a better looking package in hd2 IMO.

  • umaluver

    I think that only leaves room for two more devices we dont know about.

    touch pro 2

    mytouch 1.2
    mytouch fender
    htc hd2

    Thats 6. Hopefully they are counting all the mytouches as 1? hopefully.

    • Kickstar13

      Hmm also the HTC Dash 3G as well.

      • umaluver

        and the wing apparently. lol.

    • Shane

      Shadow 2

  • tato22

    This don’t count for the g1 or mytouch ppl thy said 2010 not 09

    So that will be the 2 mytouch and the hd2 we still have 5 left

  • Shane


    Shadow 2 is missing from your list. Possibly because nobody bought one.

  • Rorison Meadows

    It just said “To be clear, we’ve been informed that we’re looking at 8 SKUs total and that does include current and future product launches.”

    So it doesn’t really count the ones already carried or publicly announced.

  • nitaino

    wooooooooooooohoooooooooo! htc and Tmo. wooooooohooooooo

  • My source at T-Mobile said that the HTC TouchB feature/smartphone will be one of the 8 and that HD2 is part of that bunch too not the Fender Touch since it is just an upgrade model to the MT3

  • Jack

    Four New Windows Phones:

    – HTC HD2 (1 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon) – March 2010
    – HTC Photon (600 Mhz Qualcomm MSM7227) – April 2010
    – HTC Trophy (600 Mhz Qualcomm MSM7227) – May 2010
    – HTC Tera (600 Mhz Qualcomm MSM7227) – April 2010

  • Dennis P

    yea the HD2 is windows mobile. They wont be selling a Android version

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Wootroot… you can continue to love your Nexus One because the HD2 does NOT have a physical keyboard. You are mistaken in assuming it has one.

    And on screen size, yes, that 4.3″ is a huge display (On the HD2), but I have a T-Mobile Touch Pro2 that has the same screen size as your N1. That is plenty big. E.g., I watched Star Trek on it last night. Even though the movie was in letterbox (meaning I did not use about .2″ above and below of the TP2 display) the movie was still large enough that I did not miss any detail. I could even read the subtitles when the aliens were talking. LOL.

  • Mardenator

    HELLZ yeah!! android on the HD2 would = SWEETNESS!!! oh.. and you missed one htc phone on tmobile: the G1..

  • AJ

    I have a feeling that those 8 handsets are the ones listed in the leaked HTC portfolio listed on Engadget.


    I could be wrong, considering the HD2 isnt on that list. However, it could be that HTC replaced the HD2 with the Bravo (Nexus One) that’s listed on the roadmap.

  • Jason

    Bravo anyone? Pretty much a Nexus with Sense sounds pretty good to me.

  • I will take the HD2 with Windows Mobile. It has the required specs for running WM7 and from what I’ve been reading it will be revolutionary.

    • Trampled

      Thats what I’m saying… I do like Android, but don’t LOVE it and after the Nexus One fiasco, I’m thinking its time to go back to where it started for me: WinMo.

      I don’t care that some people hate WinMo… some people hate Apple. Some hate Android. So why any WinMo haters think anything they say is being taken seriously is beyond me.

      HD2! Can’t wait!!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Great!!!! Now if I could get that Nexus One Enterprise version with a good plan.

  • FILA

    Holy Fuck


    21Mbps Capable

    Thats all I ask for, please T-mobile, please

    • Antoine

      dont forget a huge battery

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    I want the Bravo if it comes with a reasonable price. I want the Nexus One but I don’t like strict terms and conditions. While I’m one that believes in paying for what I want, I don’t like stipulations, even if they don’t apply to me.

  • androidbay

    That’s what I’m waiting for, an android phone with a 4.3 inch screen.

  • J Jay
    • J Jay

      oops nvm someone already posted.

      • David

        Come on guys, this has been covered at length, those phone are labeled for T-Mobile UK.

  • phonegeek

    for now i dont know whats what im searching online to see if i find any info on future handsets hopefully they have some good ones coming out for 2010 im pretty convinced that the bravo/passion is definitely the nexus one all thats missing is the senseUI but iono i have a full upgrade even tho i bought a mytg on a payment plan im happy lol so i have some room for another phone but if this line up is trash….i may just get that hd2 .. i must admit its sexier than alicia keys faith hill and halle berry wrapped in a bow together with honey on each side of em….i pray for good phones give me something to choose from

  • VIRGIL0201

    Fila, you just described my fantasy handset ! I will be praying with you !!! Once you own AMOLED, everything else looks DULL. please, please, please tmo, hear our prayer… :)