T-Mobile SIM Unlock Policy Changes


If you’re one that travels quite a bit you probably unlock your T-Mobile ┬áhandset so you can use it overseas with another GSM carrier, and save yourself some of hard earned cash. Thanks to our trusty tipster, starting January 21st eligible FlexPay and PostPaid customers will be able to obtain a SIM unlock code after 40 days instead of 90 days. Eligible prepaid customers will be able to request a SIM unlock code after 60 days of service instead of 90 days (provided that they have had an account balance of at least $10 or have made a refill within the last 30 days). In addition, former customers that have cancelled their account can obtain a SIM unlock code if their account is in good standing with no past due payments and the customer has had active service with T-Mobile for at least 40 days. If there is a past due balance present on the account the customer will need to pay the full amount in order to get the SIM unlock code.

Sidenote: Today’s the day eligible FlexPay customers can finally convert their accounts over to PostPaid. Click here for more details!

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