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Confirming Our Own Confirmed Handset Info


So here we go, the rumors and the leaks regarding new phones just keep on cranking from TmoNews. We’ve been uncovering quite a bit in the past few days and we’re ready to again confirm some dates and add some new ones. Regarding that MyTouch “Slide” we’ve been discussing, look likes its dropping 5/17 in any color you want, so long as its black, red and white. That Motorola Android phone we’ve been hearing about for March 10th? Looks like it goes under another nickname, Zeppelin. Remember that from the leaked Motorola Android Roadmap that broke this past October? Regarding that HTC HD2 so many of you have been asking for the drop date on, once again a March date looks good to go. Still fighting for its market share, Nokia looks to drop at least one new device on the big Magenta. Back in early November, the FCC gave some hints toward the Nokia 5230 complete with AWS bands, expect that on March 17th as well. That Garmin aka “Columbus” phone we hinted to last week? Looking to drop May 5th. Something from HTC is dropping on February 10th and we’re still of the mind it’s the MyTouch 1.2, or the regular MyTouch with a 3.5 mm handset jack. Comes in Black and White.

Here is the real kicker though, our ninja who is definitely on our trusted tipster list says that at the end of March, expect something from Dell. Now here is the real mind game, he said it doesn’t look as though it’s a Dell phone, but something else.   Can we finally be seeing T-Mobile jumping into the Netbook game? This is something we are DEFINTELY keeping an eye on!

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