Nokia 5230 T-Mobile Bound?


With the inclusion of AWS (T-Mobile 3G) on the N900, it was clear to see that Nokia and T-Mobile were starting to warm up to one another.  In fact, it is starting to look like we may be graced by another T-Mobile 3G ready Nokia soon. What makes us think this, you might ask?  Well, the good ol’ FCC filings show an indication for support of our AWS bands.  While it has been a while since T-Mobile has held a S60 based device in its ranks, what better way to kick things off than with a media centered, touch screen phone?  Full specifications after the break and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Fcc, Engadget


  • Form: Classic with touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 111 x 51.7 x 14.5/15.5 mm
  • Weight: 113 g (without stylus)
  • Weight: 115 g (with stylus)
  • Volume: 78 cc (without stylus) / 83 cc (with stylus)
  • Responsive touchscreen with tactile feedback
  • Accelerometer for auto-rotate
  • Proximity sensor to save power and prevent inadvertent touches

Display and 3D

  • Size: 3.2?
  • Resolution: 640 x 360 pixels (nHD) with 16:9 picture
  • Up to 16.7 million colours
  • Full touchscreen display

Keys and input method

  • Touchscreen
  • Dedicated keys for camera, volume, power, send & end, and application launch (menu), plus the media bar touch key for accessing music, gallery, share online, video centre and web browser
  • Homescreen music plug-in for pause/play, forward, back
  • Voice commands

Colours and covers

  • Available in-box colours:
    – White/Red
    – White/Dark Silver
    – White/Pink
    – White/Yellow
    – White/Blue
    – Black/Red
    – Black/Dark Silver
  • Changeable colour battery covers


  • Micro-USB connector, USB 2.0 high speed
  • 3.5 mm Nokia AV connector


  • microSD memory card slot, with hot swap max. 16 GB
  • 70 MB internal dynamic memory


  • BL-5J 1320 mAh Li-Ion standard battery
  • Talk time (maximum)
    – GSM 7 h
    – WCDMA 4 h 18 min
  • Standby time (maximum)
    – GSM up to 438 h
    – WCDMA up to 458 h
  • Video playback time (maximum): Mpeg-4 4.6hours, nHD 3 hours
  • Music playback time (maximum): 33 h
Operating frequency

  • 850/1700/2100 WCDMA
  • GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
  • Automatic switching between GSM bands
  • Flight mode

Data network

  • CSD
  • GPRS/EGPRS Class B, multislot class 32, maximum speed 177/296kbps (DL/UL)
  • EDGE class B, multislot class 32, maximum speed 177/296 kbps (DL/UL)
  • WCDMA 2100, maximum speed PS 384/384 kbps (UL/DL),
    CS 64 kbps
  • HSDPA, cat. 6, maximum speed 3.6 Mbps (DL)
  • TCP/IP support

Local connectivity and synchronisation

  • Bluetooth version 2.0
    – Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP
  • MTP (Mobile Transfer Protocol) support
  • Direct printing to compatible picture printers
  • Support for PC synchronisation with Nokia Ovi Suite


  • Speaker-independent name dialling (SIND)

Call features

  • Integrated hands-free speakerphone
  • Number screening for messaging and calls
  • Automatic answer with headset or car kit
  • Any key answer
  • Call waiting, call hold, call divert
  • Call timer
  • Logging of dialled, received and missed calls
  • Automatic redial
  • Speed dialling
  • Voice dialling: speaker independent dialling and voice commands (SIND)
  • Fixed dialling number support
  • Vibrating alert (internal), also with tactile feedback
  • Side volume keys
  • Mute/unmute
  • Contacts bar for 20 contacts with images and communication history (SMS, email, web feeds)
  • Talking ring tones
  • Conference calling with up to 6 participants


  • SMS
  • Multiple SMS deletion
  • MMS version 1.3, message size up to 600 kb
  • Automatic resizing of images for MMS
  • Nokia Xpress audio messaging
  • Common inbox for SMS and MMS messages
  • Number screening for messaging
  • Distribution lists for messaging
  • Cell broadcast


  • Supported protocols: IMAP, POP, SMTP
  • Support for e-mail attachments
  • OMA e-mail notification support
  • Mail for Exchange 2008 preinstalled

Web browsing

  • Supported markup languages: HTML, XHTML, WML
  • Supported protocols: HTTP, WAP, JavaScript
  • TCP/IP support
  • OSS browser
  • Nokia Mobile Search

GPS and navigation

  • Integrated A-GPS
  • Ovi Maps 3.0 application

  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Image formats: JPEG
  • CMOS sensor
  • 3x digital zoom
  • White balance modes: automatic, sunny, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent
  • Center weighted auto exposure; exposure compensation: +2 ~ -2EV at 0.5 step
  • Colour tone modes: normal, sepia, black & white, vivid, negative
  • Dedicated camera key
  • Landscape (horizontal) orientation
  • Photo editor on device


  • Main camera
    – Video recording at up to 640 x 480 pixels and up to 30 fps (TV high quality), up to 640 x 352 pixels and up to 30 fps (widescreen quality), up to 320 x 240 pixels and up to 30 fps/15 fps (email high/normal quality), up to 176 x 144 and up to 15 fps (sharing quality)
    – Up to 4x digital zoom
  • Video recording file formats: .mp4, .3gp
  • Audio recording formats: WAV (normal), AMR (MMS), AAC/MP4 (high quality)
  • Video white balance modes: automatic, sunny, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent
  • Scene modes: automatic, night
  • Colour tone modes: normal, sepia, black & white, vivid, negative
  • Clip length (maximum): 1 h 30 min (high or normal quality). Dependable on available memory
  • RealPlayer
  • Video playback file formats: MPEG4-SP playback 30fps VGA, MPEG4-AVC playback 30fps QVGA, WMV9 playback 30fps QVGA, MPEG4-SP playback 30 fps nHD
  • Video streaming: 3GPP and CIF
  • Landscape mode video playback
  • Video ring tones
  • Video editor on device
  • Video Centre service supported: download and stream video content, WMV support, video feeds

Music and audio playback

  • Music playback file formats: MP3, MP4, AAC, eAAC+, WMA
  • Dedicated music keys
  • FM radio
  • 3.5 mm stereo headphone plug
  • 2.5 mm Nokia AV connector
  • Nokia Music
  • Nokia Music Store support
  • Nokia Podcasting support
  • Ring tones: mp3, aac, 64-tone polyphonic (64 built-in tones)
  • Integrated speaker

Voice and audio recording

  • Voice commands
  • Voice dialling

Personalisation: profiles, themes, ring tones

  • Ring tones: 3D, 64-tone polyphonic, mp3 and video ring tones
  • Video ring tone
Software platform and user interface

  • S60, 5th Edition
  • Symbian OS version 9.4
  • Active standby
  • Voice commands
  • FOTA (Firmware update Over The Air)

Personal information management (PIM): contacts, clock, calendar etc.

  • Support for assigning images to contacts
  • Support for contact groups
  • Clock: analogue and digital, world clock
  • Alarm clock
  • Reminders
  • Calculator
  • Calendar with week and month view
  • Converter
  • Notes
  • To-do list


  • JavaTM MIDP 2.0
  • Flash Lite 3.0
  • Ovi Maps 3.0
  • Nokia Music


  • Included games:
    – Roller Coaster
    – DJ Mix Tour


  • Nokia 5230
  • Nokia High Efficiency Charger (AC-8)
  • Nokia Battery (Bl-5J)
  • Nokia Stereo Headset (WH-102)
  • Plectrum Stylus CP-306
  • User guide
  • Nokia is finally looking more into T-mobile.

  • Boris

    This thing is legit, I was at a Nokia Event in Chicago for TMO, a Nokia rep confirmed this is launching, I played with it actually not a bad entry level device, certainly a good starting point for getting Nokia back in the U.S. game.

  • matttx


  • matttx


  • matttx



    i wonder if this nokia is going to have the symbian60 UMA capabilities baked in?

    i loved my E-70 but, nokia quit supporting it b/4 the UMA update to devices like the E-71.

  • kershon

    This looks like a really nice phone. If this would come out before Christmas I would get as a stocking stuffer for my daughter. I like the looks of it myself. But I'm getting the 9700 come Monday.

  • Chuong

    I don't mind getting this phone as long as T-Mobile doesn't force the smartphone data plan when buying on contract. It's an UMTS only phone and even though it has S60v5, it should be considered as a phone first device just like the Shadow.

    • deaconclgi

      S60v5 is a smartphone OS…. so according to TMo, it should require the same data plan as other “smartphones”. It's all rubbish in the end because all Nokia Symbian phones ONLY need an “Internet Connection” and my $5.99 Tzones has been working for years on our N82 and E63!

      • Chuong

        That's true but how do you explain the T-Mobile Shadow (WM smartphone)?

        • Bill48105

          A fluke. :D TMobile must have been feeling generous the day they made the decision. In the end it boils down to an arbitrary decision on the part of the bigwigs @ the head of the company and which database they program the IMEI's into.

          Fictional recorded conversation at Tmo:
          “Shadow has no touch screen or full qwerty so let's be nice & call it a non-smart smartphone with lower priced data package”

          “But Bob, someone can load up a torrent app & download 2GB of data in no time where someone paying 3x as much on a mytouch might only use 10MB, how can we justify that?”

          “Well who the hell cares, the lemmings will pay it and so as long as they do we can charge them whatever we want!”

          ::Evil laugh:: “True! Very true! Hey speaking of ripping off the customer, when are we going to raise text rates to $0.50 each unless they sign up for an unlimited texting plan?..”

          And the TMo execs hurry off so they're not late for their tee time. The End
          (The above fictional conversation could happen at any cell company not just TMo so don't think I choose to bash just them as they all play marketing games and feed off each other to justify it)

        • deaconclgi

          We also have a Tmobile Wing on a $5.99 plan. It all comes down to companies charging whatever they want as Bill48105 so creatively said. This whole “Smartphone” Data plan fiasco has kep me from buying ANY carrier locked phones in the last few years (Get it unlocked, keep my 5 lines of Tzones). It is a joke. A tmobile rep tried to tell me that their smartphone plan would be needed to “unlock features” of my wifes E63. Seriously?!? The phone is already unlocked, TMo isn't stopping the phone from doing anything that it is designed to do. He didn't know who he was talking to. I didn't discover the internet yesterday!!!! Carriers are guilty of this because the Execs really did sit and say “Hey, they will pay for it, let's do it”. It is the same thing with college application fees! They CHARGE us to see if they will accept us to CHARGE us for being accepted! You would think it would be free to apply to get into years of debt…but that is another story for another blog…..

        • Bill48105

          Exactly why I stopped getting my 5 'free' phones from ATT every 2 years.. (They were staggered so ended up every few months) There was no way in hell I was going to go from $15/m unlimited data plan that worked just fine on my current phone (S710, Touch Diamond, etc) to a REQUIRED $35/month data plan to get a Fuze or whatever which gained me nothing other than the warm fuzzy feeling that I wasn't abusing ATT or taking advantage of the system by using a plan I wasn't supposed to be using on the phones I used it on even though I rarely hit 100MB of data per month & am usually under 10MB! The problem is that ATT started detecting IMEI & knew I put my SIM in Fuze & warned me. I signed up for TMobile to find they lock their data down even worse than ATT because at least with ATT I could still use any unlocked phone but now with TMobile unlocked phones always give me the 'you must upgrade your account' BS. And YES it does that with my crap S710 phone even which isn't any more of a smartphone than my Shadow which works on the cheap $10 plan. Any non-Tmobile phone I've tried that isn't on their OK list gives the upgrade notice which is crap. I could see if I abused it & did GB's per month but I don't so WTH should I have to pay so much for a data plan because of the phone I have?

        • NiiDiddy


    • Bill48105

      The cell companies will call it what they want. Seriously though all but the most basic low-end phone is 'smart' so it boils down to $. They want more money out of you so they'll bend you over when they can. I was super shocked the Shadow only requires the $10/m data plan since it's Windows Mobile & can do Exchange server etc. (Never tried tethering but imagine it works or can be mod'd to work) But eventually they'll force the higher priced data plans on as many as they can, just sometimes they try not to push the public too hard for fear of backlash. Just don't get me started again on why unlimited data on some phones costs more than unlimited data on other phones when if it shouldn't matter..

      • niididdy

        Oh I know. I never understood why data on some phones are different for others. That's not fair or right! Why should there be a difference because of a person's phone preference?

        • Bill48105

          Exactly. It shouldn't matter. If you send/receive 1GB on a Nokia vs vs Android mytouch vs a WM Touch Pro vs an iPhone vs tethered laptop it shouldn't cost different! Especially since they claim unlimited which just backs my case since they are taking away their argument that a phone they dub a smartphone will positively absolutely use more data than a normal dumb phone since they are disregarding amount of data by saying it is unlimited. (The key is in the fine print there is indeed an arbitrary limit set by about any carrier on about any so-called unlimited plan/package/feature but calling it unlimited sounds better & is good for marketing)

  • Tha Ironx91

    This might be my next phone if this doesn't require a data plan. Seems like it'll launch at a pretty nice price…
    Not to shabby… fits my expectations.. lets go tmo!

  • FILA

    You kno I lovvve NOKIA's, but not to crazy over the S60 devices. Im a Android man now, to bad NOKIA isnt signed with Google in that part, they would make a killer phone, especially if you could port Android on the N900. But Im looking more into that N900 everyday, just one thing holding me back, and thats the App store, if there is one on Maemo, im not sure, but if there is, its not nearly as huge as Android :-(

  • FILA

    but waitin for that G1v2 in sometime Q1 may be worth the wait. You know I gotta promote it!

  • The free phones are always to bait you and try to lock you into a contract where at some point you will end up paying them more money, and you can’t pull out because you signed a contract.

  • beastly

    This’ll be a cool phone for certain people.

    I also just noticed something interesting on The picture of the HD2 shows it running on T-Mobile, and the N900’s specs show T-Mobile’s WCDMA bands, which are not used by anyone else in North America.


  • Blaine

    I know somebody who has one of those devices that they purchased unlocked, and it’s a very attractive device. It’s apart of their Xpressmusic line, and it’s media player is above average as far as they come. If T-Mobile doesn’t price it too high (my friend bought theirs for around $230 unlocked) then T-Mobile might have a winner on their hands.

  • Noel

    Cool mid-level device, hopefully the next generation of the phone will be suited with Maemo5 or Maemo6. Nokia sees Android as a threat and plans to tackle them head on…this is just the begining. I guess we will be seeing a flood of Maemo devices in the near future…WELCOME NOKIA

  • Fisher

    This is exactly the phone I have been impatiently waiting for to replace my ancient S60 6600. I say that there is no beating Nokia quality/durability.
    But if it is going to require a $30data plan, I will pass.

  • Sc4R3d

    I love my nokia 5310 xpress music and I was about to buy the 5530 xpress music. I might just wait for this. I hope it turns out to be true!

  • mingkee

    The info gets confusing.
    I remember I checked FCC info (re-directed from phonescoop) a few days ago, I got 3G 850/1900, but now when I click same link from phonescoop (same RM-593), I got 850/AWS.
    This is strange.
    When I check and, I found 5230 will have either 900/2100 and 850/1900, but now we see 850/AWS on FCC
    it’s probably…
    5230-1: 900/2100
    5230-2: 850/1900
    5230-3: 850/AWS

  • Mobilerocks

    hey tis fone actually looks good nokia starting to get better now if this phone “require” a data plan then that is just BS does it require a data plan?

    • Kickstar13

      I believe it will require a data plan since it is “considered” a smartphone.

  • Mobilerocks

    i dont get it though isnt the behold 2 also consider a smart phone? why doesn’t it need a data plan?

  • eurohomie

    i recently bought a nokia 5530 from nokia for $170… Its an awesome phone and tne best part is that i dont have to pay for tmobiles data since everywhere i go has wifi… It doesnt matter if that ones coming out for tmobile bc ill still save money by not having to get data for a decent phone with internet with contract

  • SikeSays

    I just purchased the 5230 and i’ve had nothing but problems with this phone. The internet is not that great, nor it’s email capabilities. The instruction book has limited information. I’m not happy with this phone at all… Should’ve kept my BB pearl!