T-mobile Releases Tap

2009-11-03 10.29.57

Not a whole lot of fanfare surrounding the release of the T-Mobile Tap, but as a “smart” dumbphone it fits nicely between the traditional phone and the Android lead T-Mobile smartphone lineup. Coming in at $79.99 it’s a perfect little stocking stuffer this holiday season. Touchscreen, 3G and a 2.0 megapixel camera — what more could you ask for in a phone that won’t break the bank? If you want to take a closer look at this little prize, jump over to our gallery and scope it all out from the comfort of your own home. Or, do the right thing and hit the T-Mobile link below and buy it already!



  • The T-Mo site gives a price of $179.99 for Even More Plus (no contract subsidy), which is less than $10 a month if you buy it at the store. OTOH, a poster at HoFo reported that the store he tried wouldn't sell it without another $30+ worth of gizmos — he passed.

  • phonecollector

    What OS is it running? I'm looking for a simple home phone that can run Google Voice App

  • rudeboyruntings

    Now in the UK T mobile released a similar phone called the T mobile Pulse, its made by Huwaei and there version runs Android, how cool would it have been if the same phone was released Stateside.Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c2oRdn3YVc

  • Well its made by Hauwei.. but the UI looks SOOOO similar to Samsung's TouchWizUI

  • Galen20K

    Its a cute dumb smartphone. Think the Average consumer may really like it!

  • beastly

    Cute phone. Wouldn’t buy it on contract, but it’s a steal at $180.

  • vollrathian

    the uk tmobile pulse is vertually the same thing as the samsung behold 2 comming out on nov 18th.

  • vollrathian

    o and btw ive played with this phone many hours cause i work at a tmobile store, and wow what a pos it is lol, the touch screen is very similar to those fake iphone out there. You literally have to stab your finger into the screen to make the “touch screen” recongize your command. Its a waste of space in the Tmobile phone line up

  • Trish

    ^^^^Agreed!!! The pic actually makes the phone look decent…but its crap! It looks cheap, isnt finger friendly, and for $180 I think its a ripoff

  • XenomanX

    Anyone else notice that not only does Hauwei’s BREW UI look like Samsung’s TouchWiz, but the device itself has a VERY striking resemblance to the HTC Touch? http://pective.com/m/htc-touch-p3450-elf

  • hella good

    Everyone should just get a sidekick :)