Google Navigation on G1

While the Motorola Droid, which is currently exclusive to Verizon in the US, may not be your cup of tea, there is no doubt that it has features that previous Android devices have yet to gain.  This is all, of course, because it boasts Android 2.0, or the tasty Eclair edition.  Well, it was only a matter of time before somebody did some fancy ROM tweaking and got Eclair and Google Navigation to work on the G1.  While neither of these experiences are perfectly optimized, reports have said that they are at least not horrible.  There are more pictures after the break and a video of Android 2.0 running on the G1.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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Update – If you want this now, and currently have the newest CyanogenMod (, then you can get the directions from the XDA-Developers

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  • Awesome. I'm still holding out for an official 2.0 release for the G1, but if the big Goog decides to abandon us, it's great to know that the most excellent mod community has our back.

  • Very awesome. I was on XDA last night and saw that they had ported Navigation to the G1 by adding some lines to the build.prop file, I just haven't gotten around to giving it a try just yet!

  • meighty

    I love my G1. It's awesome and I'd love to have the droid. For now however, I'd be super happy to just get the updated maps on my G1.

  • niididdy

    I saw this video on one of the other Android websites. I thought it was pretty cool. Still looks like it's a little laggy on the G1 due to hardware limitations, I am guessing. And not everything completely works. I know someone will come out with a Mod that will work flawlessly.
    I dont have a G1, but just weighing in for teh sake of my fellow G1 peeps.

  • g_willi

    Ok Andrew: your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find out when T-Mo plans to push Android 2.0 to the G1.

  • DMC

    I feel really good because I have a G1 and a MT3G. As a loyal tmo customer, I too, was upset that android 2.0 showed up first at a different carrier. However, one way or another, I think Tmo will regain its android footing, and re-emerge as the leader here. Seeing that some people have already ported eclair and maps w/navigation to their g1's, this makes me feel good. That, and the fact that we will soon get 7.2 HSPA speeds is positive news.

  • rushmore

    Have you seen it perform? G1 does not have the chops to run this very well. Android 2.0, Flash and Navigation will show you it is time to bail from our little friend G1. Especially if no root.

    Still my backup and proud of it!

    • donomatic

      Stop trolling. Google Nav works great on the G1 and MyTouch. The reason 2.0 is so laggy on is because it is a rom built from an SDK there are no drivers or optimization. Android does not need a Snapdragon to run the 528 mhz cpu is fine the main issue with the G1 is ram.

  • RussianSolja

    Omg!!! Google Navigation is awesome!!!! i just got it working on my phone. its sweet. turn by turn voice directions etc… its just amazing.

    • Bill48105

      How about cockpit view like TomTom or Garmin on wm phones? I know google maps on wm is Ok for free maps & general location info (even withou GPS using cell tower) but WAYY too lame for driving. I haven't tried the android google navigation version but based on the screenshots looks like still no cockpit view which is a must for turn by turn GPS navigation then voice guided with street name announce. OK I might be expecting too much from it BUT then again to me those things would be required before I yelled “OMG it's so awesome” :D

      • RussianSolja

        its a pretty sweet app. its still in a beta stage we all need to understand that but from what i see and have used its a great start.

        • Bill48105

          That's cool & yeah I understand it is beta, heck I think almost all google apps are lol, but are you confirming it does not have cockpit view? Thx

        • RussianSolja

          go to this link…. then take a look at the 2nd post… and take a look at the first picture… is that what you mean by cockpit view?

      • Just finished looking over the Nav App on the Droid at Verison. I have a G1 and looking to Upgrade. Also I have a Garmin Nuvi 755 which I love. I have to say, the Google Navigation blows the Garmin away. Not even close. The Google Nav is very very polished, unlike some parts of Android overall. I love Android, but it does need some polishing in several areas. 2.0 on Droid makes some major steps in that direction. As far as the cockpit / navigation feature, as soon as my next phone (X10 maybe? or Hero?) gets 2.0 the Garmin is getting donated to charity. Love the Droid, but not going to pay Verizon Fees; otherwise I may have upgraded today.

  • Brian

    Just put it on my phone, fully functional love it. Great performance.

  • RussianSolja

    i agree with brian.

  • Bill48105

    That's cool & yeah I understand it is beta, heck I think almost all google apps are lol, but are you confirming it does not have cockpit view? Thx

  • BrianH

    It just went on my phone and works perfectly.

  • donomatic

    Stop being a troll. It runs good on the G1 and MyTouch.

  • Jess

    Just got it running on my MT3G, now i just gotta go get a dock and a in car charger and ill be set.

  • Harper

    Guys you do not need to push the build.prop files only need to mod the build.trout.prop and push it

    what to mod in build.trout.prop found here:

  • garmin 755t is best