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Well, you may have heard something about this, but Verizon released their Droids upon the world today.  There was all sorts of fanfare, and teasers leading up to this date in history and it has finally happened.  Today, Android grew, not only to incorporate an additional carrier, but the evolution of Android is upon us.  I went and spent some time with the two new Android phones and well, I wasn’t entirely impressed hardware wise.  The Eris, which is really a disguised HTC Hero, is just another HTC Android phone with that pretty Sense UI, so nothing new there.  It works, I have to say that, but I’m not dying to have it.  The Motorola Droid (which is more important to us, since it may find its way to Magenta) is pretty nice, flat keyboard and lack of multi-touch support aside.  The most important thing here, though, is Android 2.0, and well, it has come a long way–though it is still not quite consumer friendly (which shouldn’t stop any of you).  I really see potential with Eclair and can’t wait to see it on some T-Mobile phones, especially after all the kinks are worked out (and multi-touch is actually implemented in everything).  Until then, though, enjoy a picture of the Droid sporting TmoNews colors and I’ll give you a follow up with more opinions on Android 2.0, and some other Android related things in the future (if you want it, of course).  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


  • Dalton

    Am I the only one who thought the hype over the Droid was waaaaaaaay crazy? I mean.. yeah.. a good phone, but seriously.
    They went all crazy like it WAS better than the iPhone. (Not saying it isn’t, but android right now just isn’t quite there.)

  • Jose

    man i wish i had verizon sometimes but then i think about the price and i feel glad lol love the phone

  • timmyjoe42

    Awesome sabotage, leaving the T-Mobile mark on the competitor’s prize phone.

  • paulied1

    Well the Droid is among us. Being with T-Mo I can only have a half hearted excitement . Honestly none of the androids we have are really living up to the full potential of what android was designed to do. It is becoming more clear that we will be relegated to more low power android phones here on the T-Mo network. The under powered G1, Mytoucg3G and the lowly Cliq…when and if we see the Nokia n900 and the much anticipated S

  • paulied1

    I somehow got cut off,,thanks guys..what I wanted to say in my final thoughtss was that is and when we see the Nokia n900 and the Sony Erricson x10 the prices will be very high. I’m hearing the x10 will be in the range of 750-900 dollars…I have been a big supporter of T-Mo for 7 years, but I am starting to get a little concerned that our reputation for low end phones i coming true with android..I hope I’m wrong,but all signs so far point that way…

  • dan

    I want the x10 now that’s a sexy lookn phone I was playn with the droid at work not impressed with da hardware it is to hard to slide open and it looks plain pretty ugly lookn phone in person the keyboard feels cheap but 2.0 is awesome

  • Ritchie

    Theres nothing wrong with the Cliq, i have it and i love it. Now there will always be better phone coming soon. I just know for what i need and i use the Cliq will do just fine for me until about a year whrere hopefully a better phone thatn the cliq, and! And! AND! that i would love the design and user friendlyness. P.S. about Android being better than the iphone or itouch. I dont have a iphone but i do have a itouch and all i can say is that i rarely go to my itouch now for the past 3 weeks. I love the Android on my cliq. The MP3 player is alright and the Android app store is ok, kinda like the itouch/iphone. But what i really love about it is that i can decrypt, convert and transfer my DVD’s to my Cliq and watch my movies and i love LastFM app. Im tired of hearing the same song at the local station and the internet radio is awesome. I can say at least for me that the Cliq is an itouch.iphone killer. Not saying its the best phone but for me i Love this phone.

  • hahaha, nice image… i like going into at&t and leaving dirty messages on the iphone demos

  • Galen20K

    I like that Droid is getting Android into the Minds of regular consumers who don’t know much about it, so I”m actually happy that Droid is getting all this Publicity.

    Kudos Droid!

  • Drizzle

    I love tmobile and my mytouch but Droid destroys every tmobile android phone. Lets not fool ourselves. I been on my boys Droid all day and way better than our low grade hardware. The google navigation is sweet too. I am a 10 year tmo vet and if it wasnt for my cheap plan id be out like sourkraut.

  • -ray

    You have to give it to Verizon though.. They have advertised Android more, in the last few weeks, than Tmo has in the last year. That is really sad!!

  • Mega G

    Ritchie – You summed it up perfectly…

    “Now there will always be better phone coming soon. ”

    See that’s why I don’t get people who roll off for other carriers over a device.. The one I do *kinda* see is the iPhone… it’s a brilliant design. But I sure as HELL am not going to pay AT&T’s prices to get one and deal with AT&Ts constant-drop network.. Not even a little bit.

  • Dominick

    I agree with dan the x10 if the specs stay the same will be a new era of android with a 1GHz processor and its sexy UI will be awesome while it processes circles around droid

  • Derek

    I think ray said it best. Verizon has done more advertising and promoting of the droid and its capabilities then t-mobile has done sense the G1 launch. T-mobile…let me make this clear to you. NO ONE gives a flying eff about woopie, darrel hammond or even jessie james and their stupid ass decorative covers and backgrounds on their my-touches. The last time I thought decorating my phone was cool, was when I was 18 and had my first cell phone which was a nokia 3315!!!
    T-mobile needs to start pushing some good and SMART advertising and getting people hyped. Verizon spends way too much money on good advertising which is why they get customers. ATT’s advertising sucks ass except for the iphone commercials which were…*shocker*, produced by Apple!
    And sprint….well….i think their lack of advertising all togeather speaks for itself.

  • BoulderGuy

    LOL… nice work with the pic. Funny, I did something similar this morning. Went to check out the droid… thought the phone was prett good… and on my way out set as the default homepage. Surprise Surprise!!!

  • ali

    The thing about Android is thats its the beginning of a big transformation. In the past 10 yrs or so of world wide mobile telephony, each manufacturer had different and incompatible file systems, making even sharing the simplest program impossible. Lately, Htc and some other manufactures favored WinMo , Nokia had its symbian, Sony Ericsson messed around with a little bit of this and that, and Moto had … well something but it didnt work whatever it was. Now everything is different. Google has/will make the hardware running the phone essentially insignificant, with the greater emphasis on the operating system. Google will do what microsoft was able to do with the pc, virtually everyone on one system with programs compatible with most phones. The phone hardware differences will become less and less significant with time [ just like our pc are all different, but we all can run 99% of the essentials]. So sure, look at the droid, mytouch, hero … you may notice some difference now. But in the near future, they will be indistinguishable. Nokia, unfortunately, made a bad decision to invest in a new untested platform … and most likely maemo will fail. Apple, will probably lose its footing soon because of their tight control. I may be wrong, but I predict 2010 will be the year Android takes over …. Perhaps the awakening of the machines … and the birth of the terminators.

  • NiiDiddy

    I played with it too…design definitely not that sleek. However everything else was pretty nifty. Nice, large screen [exactly what I want in my new Android phone…whenever that phone ever makes its way to T-Mobile], responded nicely for a 550mhz processor, Google maps was “lag-less”, whole phone pretty much didn’t lag when I played with it.

    So in my opinion, its not that bad at all. I wont go to VZW for it though – might not get it if T-Mobile had it, unless the design was a little bit more sexier [MT3G, sexiness, with larger screen, bigger processor, more ram and rom].

    I’d be happy… ;)

  • James

    You guys are kidding right? The Eris alone would be the best phone on Tmobile if we had it. Both these phones are sleeker than anything we carry right now. Just another HERO? Well we have no HEROES at Tmobile. Instead we got the MT3G, because it looks “iPhone-ish” So every phone has to look like the iPhone to look good I guess. The original Hero could have been a big hit with it’s futuristic looks. The Droid? That’s a sexy and mean looking phone and that’s just the hardware. You guys need to stop being homers and admit the truth..anyone one of these phone would be huge sellers (we may get the Droid) for us. You can go pay $199 for your Cliqs and $249 for the Behold2. The best Android phones out on the market right now can be had for $99(as low as$49 I believe)and $149 respectively and not from Tmobile.

  • Sorandkairi

    @at Ali

    I have to admit that i totally agree with ur comments. I couldnt have said them better myself! Android, because of its compatibility/custom-ability , will emerge as the front runner of all mobile phone based telephony systems in 2010! Well until some1 comes along and trumps Google!DONALD MAYBE,….. naw

  • Adrian

    @James i completely agree with you…. Its so sad my contract ended this Thursday, two years ago i was expecting to get a new phone two days ago but didn’t because they all SUCK. MT3G is a G1 without the keyboard, and the cliq is a better looking G1 with more social widgets. Now if the Droid was on T-Mobile i would have gotten it yesterday. Sadly even though i love magenta i MIGHT switch to Verizon because looking at my KRAZR and knowing that the Nokia 3711(id rather have my KRAZR) is disappointing.

  • Yaniv C

    Too true. Did you all know that we were supposed to get the mytouch but euro version? You know with 288 mb ram. But tmo decided that hardware isnt important to us. So they got us the cheaper version of the magic but we pay full price for it. In my opinion thats the real reason the fender is delayed…. they would have had a shit storm if they would have released the real phone just 3 months later. Also…. the cliq is MUCH better than the mytouch. I have a mt3g and i got my wife the cliq and its wayyyyyy faster in every aspect even witj widgets running.
    And to suplement what someone said about the droid only being 550 mhz… yea thats true, but the architeture is totally different and the ti omap cpu is a dual core … so there is no comparison to the old qualcomm in these lower end phones.
    I suppose im lucky.. my brothers company has y30 phone with vzw so ill be moving there and paying $90 unlimted everythin versus my $80 at tmo.
    Heeere i come Droid… come to daddy :)

  • mssensational

    After being with T-Mobile for years and having every phone that they come out with, the last was The Cliq, which i sent back. And after having that whole outage thing, I’m tired of T-Mobile. So i have ordered my Droid…Bye bye T Mobile.

  • Blaine

    I do not see the point of jumping ship just to get a damn phone on a different network… In less then a months time something else will come out that will make the phone you just purchased “obsolete”, and it will more than likely be on a different carrier. Are you going to jump ship once that happens, and pay your ETF? Somehow I don’t believe you will…

    • mssensational

      Blaine, thanks for the comment.. I got my Droid yesterday and I love it. With Tmobile, I can't get 3G in my home but with Verizon I do. You pay for what you want and get and I want 3G everywhere not just in some spots and places. Go try the phone out and tell me what you think about it yourself.

  • rushmore

    Blaine, more people jump ship than you think. Please search the topic and consider Tmo has the weakest selection and is in fourth place while losing more customers.

  • bob

    ha ha “Now there will always be better phone coming soon. ” just not to T-mobile!!! and not at the low prices.

  • Mauricio

    I’m about to switch carriers, I’m just waiting for that HTC Passion! I used to have Verizon and they were good, their prices are expensive but hey they have a huge 3G network. Tmobile are you listening?

  • Ross

    Went to the Verizon store to see both new handsets. I thought the Motorola Droid was awful. The slide out keyboard is very difficult to use. The keys are way to flat and don’t have enough travel. I made mistakes galore. Also the virtual keyboard is not as good as an iPhone and the lack if pinch/spread to zoom and pan is a non-starter. The HTC Eris on the other hand is a sharp looking phone. The virtual keyboard is excellent, almost as good if not as good as iPhone. It is small, has a nice matte black finish, and it’s browser is multi-touch with pinch/spread. The Droid and Droid Eris are clearly VZW’s best attempts yet to compete with iPhone but still not quite there yet.

  • Ross

    Don’t believe the hype. I know Verizon boasts it’s map and more extensive coverage relative to other carriers. I tried Verizon for 3 months in 2008. At least where I live, it’s coverage is NOT better that ATT and with Verizon, I was experiencing frequent dropped calls. I switched to TMobile and was quite pleased. Great customer service and rarely a dropped call. I eventually left TMobile with much regret as I was ready for a 3g smartphone an TMobile did not have 3G service in my area. Murphy’s Law: After I cancelled my contract, payed ETF, switched to ATT and got an iPhone, what did TMobile do? Turned on 3G in my area! Either way, it wouldn’t have helped me at home since I have no TMobile signal in my house and was completely dependent on UMA-wifi calling. Why the MyTouch and Cliq do not have UMA I do not know. The upcoming Blackberry 9700 has it.

  • NiiDiddy

    I played with the Droid again today at the Best Buy store [yeah, I am a geek…always in some sort of a gadget/peripheral store…]. Design – I STILL DONT’T LIKE…never will – not that it makes a difference because I am sticking with T-Mobile, but I am sorry to announce that the phone’s performance is STILL FLAWLESS. After about an hour, I still couldn’t find anything wrong about it.

    When I delved a little more into Android conversation with the rep, who calls himself an ‘avid Android follower’, I learned that though VZW’s 3G network contributes to the Droid’s quickness when accessing their network with an App that uses it – for instance browsing the web, Android 2.0 has also been optimized by Google to run better and faster across all hardwares, without any lags [optimized for performance].

    So with that news, whenever T-Mobile decides to do an OTA update for Android 2.0, a lot of us will be happier with our MT3Gs, G1s, Behold IIs and Cliqs…because the lags will be eliminated. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all, on a Q-528mhz processor [don’t forget the Droid has only a 550mhz processor in it – Android 2.0 made it better].

  • rossi

    @ Niididdy,

    While I would believe that the android 2.0 may make things a little less laggy that is not the whole story. Again, don’t make the assumption that pure MHZ determines performance. I would take a 400 mhz cortex A8 (same architecture as the Droid, iphone 3gs, n900) over a 600 mhz Arm 11 like the ones found in the MT3Gs etc. There is simply MUCH more raw processing power in the Cortex A8 architecture. Also, I’d be willing to bet that you see a dramatic difference in power usage between the Arm 11 and the cortex A8. Guess which one would use more? The Arm 11. What does that mean for the user? More processing power and longer battery life. The Arm 11 is on its way out, but it has served its purpose over the couple years it has been available. That said, it is time for it to go to the back 40, so to speak. If you are familiar with desktop CPUs you can make the comparison to the way the old Athlon 64s used to spank the Pentium 4s while having much slower clock speeds all the while using less energy.

    I am willing to bet that the large majority of the increase in speed you notice in the droid is due to the processor rather than android 2.0. That is not saying that Android 2.0 has not been optimized further because it would be a shame if it wasn’t. However, I know for a fact you won’t see Droid-like performance out of a MT3G. Ever. Is it worth switching to verizon for the Droid alone? I think that depends on your situation. I know in my situation, I won’t be sticking around unless Tmobile brings us some phones that aren’t second rate. I think tmobile should have pushed for a keyboardless droid (call it something different obviously) rather than the cliq… but it seems they are content to push us these tired qualcomm Arm 11 cpus until they’re not made anymore… so much for being THE android carrier… it was nice while it lasted… what was it, six months?

  • josh

    Just my 2 cencts. I had a unlocked iphone 3g on t-mobile and swithched to the mytouch. Yes its not as finished of an OS but it does seem to run faster and being able to use 3G is a must have with a smart phone. If you only want something everyone else has than that’s for you. But if you want something that works well and has amazing potential than anroid is the way to go. The mytouch is a solid device and both it and the G1 should run well on 2.0. Though I will be very upset if Google Navigation gets past by the app store before we get the 2.0 update. That would be a real slap in the face for android users.

  • g_willi

    Jealous much?

  • safil

    tmonews, the “Official” verizon blog? i know, the droid has android and the excuse that it “might” (RUMOR) come to magenta. wow, what a slow news day. how about another article/post on the hspa 7.2 rollout. what happened to that?

    • David

      How about that was a whole bunch of nothing?? Sorry my friend, not every day in magenta land is filled with informative details!

  • kendrix_myrealname

    T mobile isn’t too far behind. They will come out with something that will make nose bleeds

  • niididy

    Thanks for the education in phone cpu. I know and work with computer cpu’s everyday so it was rather easy to understand. My hope is that T-Mobile will offer an Android phone with a larger screen since that is important to me. I also hope Android 2.0’s optimization might help a bit even if it doesn’t come close to the Droid. I hope because I want to stick around T-Mobile a little longer. Really, thanks for education/explanation/clarification. ;). I appreciate it.

  • safil

    Really, so that whole hspa was a hoax? funny, all the other site reported too, after u posted it of course, lol… i remember u posted it at night. i went to gizmodo and saw they posted it after u.

    • David

      Again you seem to be under the delusion that there is more to cover on this issue than what is actually being reported. If this was as widespread as seem to think it is, if I didn’t cover it, others would. The fact that nobody has touched on it since then should clue you in on all you need to know.

  • Kickstar13

    Umm if you read the article it was filed under rumors. Many users in NY (like myself) have experienced the new faster 3G speeds.

  • rossi

    @ niididy

    haha, I’m not sure if you’re being a little sarcastic there :) I wasn’t trying to be condescending at all. I wanted to write the comment so that others may benefit from the info as well. Your original comparison between the droid and mt3g processor was very similar to another comment I read yesterday in regards to the 624 mhz processor in the blackberry 9700 (which is also much less powerful than the Cortex A8).

    I’m interested to see what the Tegra and snapdragon bring to the table in the coming months. The snapdragon looks very promising in the HTC HD2 running windows mobile 6.5. I am sure it could probably run Android quite well also. The tegra appears to have some rather impressive benchmark figures, but we don’t have any tegra powered phones to look at, yet.

    Btw, Niididy, I’m with you on the looks of the droid being less than desirable. I’m curious to hear what you prefer, I’m guessing something with MT3G curves and Droid power (with Android 2.0 of course)? I’m loving the HD2 myself, so I hope it comes our way soon.

  • NiiDiddy


    I promise no sarcasm at all in my prior comment. I really meant it – I have no idea about processors in phones and have never really bothered to research. But I should have known that as phones become smart and lately run pretty much like a regular computer, processor specs and how they are built (single, dual core…etc) could make the difference in overall OS performance.

    You are right, Rossi – you read me well ;). I am definitely hoping for something with MT3G curves and Droid power with the Android 2.0. Reason why I like a larger screen, (which obviously means a larger phone) is because it might make a difference typing in portrait mode since the virtual keyboard will not be too bunched up. I wouldn’t mind the HD2 either. The more I read reviews and see it in action, the more I wouldn’t mind leaving Android for the HD2 with WinMo…since the Sense thing dresses the OS up nicely. Did I just see an Ad on HD2 like 2 seconds ago on TV [during intermission on the Florida/Vanderbilt game]? I just saw a WinMo Ad…I saw 2 smartphones…not sure what they were since I wasn’t 100% tuned into the Ad and was writing this comment. But one of the phones sure did look like the HD2. Hmmm…

    So you think it can be rigged to either run two OSes or do you think WinMo can be uninstalled and an Android Mod installed in it’s place?

  • cookitup222

    I understand the argument about T-Mo’s “nationwide network” compared to Verizon’s, but I think people don’t sit back and realize that the “nationwide” part only matters to them at most 2 weeks out of the year. Everytime I hear the argument “but Verizon’s network is bigger” I want to ask “seriously, how important is it that you get coverage everywhere?” Because in today’s times, for me it’s about cost and reliability. My coverage area is great, and I have the cheapest plan, plus my @Home line saves on my home phone and get coverage anywhere there is wifi that I can connect to on my Curve. What I want to see is UMA on an Android. That would give T-Mo an advantage that NO carrier could compete with, as long as they pushed that fact. UMA and Android, I can just imagine the possibilities!

  • Noel

    I hope Tmobile knows this by now…customers WILL SWITCH NETWORKS solely bcz of the phones they want. Like i have said b4…the current lineup of Android phones on Tmobile is ok…i’d say more like midrange but they do need top of the line devices, with big enuf screen size(3.5-4.0 inches)and more processing power. I do hope they are seriously working on that. I have been w/ Tmo for many many yrs and i will give them till Q1 or Q2 to see if they will carry the high end devices that i and many SMARTPHONE enthusiast want. If not i am sorry to say it will be w/ regret but i will go to a network that carries the device i really crave. The type of phone really mean that much to me and i guess a vast number of phone enthusiasts and some will walk in search for a better device. I mean don’t get me wrong,the type of network also matters..but the type of PHONE can be a deal breaker to some. Some of the phones we are looking fwd to on Tmo..HTC DRAGON, HTC HD2/LEO, SONY ERICCSON X10, MOTOROLA SHOLES/DROID GSM version, NOKIA N900, or some other unknown smartphone coming up w/ a fairly big screen…3.5 inches at least. Why can’t Tmo request their own design of the HTC HERO just like Sprint Htc Hero and verizon did w/ the Droid Eries but w/ a larger screen size and more processing power and Htc sense ui onboard. OR a bigger screen MT3G w/ android 2.0, more processing power and Htc sense ui. I can’t hold on much longer..i want to change my phone but i am tired waiting. Tmo act something abt this problem..just like many Legions of MAGENTA lovers waitin and waiting…this is becoming unbearable to watch other networks snatch the bigger and badder Android devices and Smart phones.


    Well….I did it. I switched. Friday night I went to my local Verizon store and picked up the Droid. It was bitter sweet moment, mostly sweet since I knew that I’d be putting to rest my frustrations with T-Mobile….and I wasn’t the only one. There were at least 3 other customer in the store switching from T-Mobile to Verizon. We all agreed that lack of a solid selection of phones was the main reason for switching. One customer and myself bought the Droid and the other customers bought a Eris and Storm2. Let this be a lesson – they weren’t the most tech savvy users. They just wanted to have better phones, reliable coverage, it didn’t matter if the rates were cheaper. I’m sure T-Mobile will significant drops in terminations this next quarter.

    Let’s get to the Droid. It’s fast….by far the best phone today touting the strenghts of Android. The phone loads apps fast and doesn’t skip a beat. Hype some of you say? Not at all….it deserves any hype it gets. Build quality is the best I’ve seen in a phone in quite some time. The slider snaps solid, nothing like the flimsy annoyance found the the G1. The Droid can hold lots of apps and the 16GB microSD are is a generous addition worth commending Verizon for including. My only dislike about the phone is the option pad. There’s no necessity for it. Having a larger keyboard would have been better.

    I only got a one year contract so I paid more for the phone but I have the freedom after a year of going elsewhere if I want to change carriers. As for service costs, I’m paying only $5 more than what I was with T-Mobile. I have 1350 minutes which is more than amble since being on T-Mo’s unlimited plan is just fluff because I normally don’t go over 800 minutes. I also have 5 family and friend to add for unlimited talking and that pretty much suits my needs.

    I’ll still hang around and continue my rants about what T-Mobile is doing wrong…hoping they will turn things around soon. Let’s all keep the faith but I needed choice and I went with a company that has just that, not to mention an excellent data network. Unquestionably the best in the US. I have other T-Mobile friends considering the switch. T-Mobile for the sake of your customers, wake up.

    • mssensational

      You did an excellent job with your post. I to left Tmobile for the Droid and the better coverage. I didn't have 3G service in my house with TMobile but with Verizon I do. The phone is wonderful. It's what consumers want for the money. I did a two year contract and im porting over my other number Friday from Tmobile. Bye Tmobile hello Verizon.


    @Ritchie. I agree….there will be better phones coming out. That’s a given. The Unfortunate thing is T-Mobile won’t be getting them. Just ask yourself this. How many phones has T-Mobile announced this year? How many have the other carriers announced. I mean big announcements. Apple had the iPhone 3GS, Sprint has the Pre, Verizon has the Droid. Where is the big hyped phone from T-Mobile. The Cliq? Yet another weak Android phone from T-Mobile. Don’t be deceived…the Cliq is a weak phone. Nothing extremely different from the G1 or myTouch. Not one exclusive phone that sets the apart from any other carrier. Every carrier has a Blackberry….some if not all are getting the 9700. They all will have Android phones. AT&T’s will arrive shortly. T-Mobile resides in the ranks of Boost, MetroPCS and the rest of bottom of the barrel carriers. Think the even more plans are so spectacular? Boost offers unlimited voice, text and web for $50. They only thing they’re lacking is a good selection of phones. If Boost happen to get a phone a weak as the Cliq that could put a dent in T-Mobile’s subscriber pool and profits. It wouldn’t be too difficult to knock them out of the #4 spot. They obviously don’t see this…and they won’t until it’s too late.

    The truth is all the other carriers will get these new upcoming phones while T-Mobile will pass them by. Or maybe the handset makers don’t want to take any chances. Everyone can see how terrible T-Mobile is run.


    @Blaine – You don’t believe that people will leave with fear of paying the ETF? Newsflash: I DID.

    I still had a whole year left on my T-Mobile contract and it meant more to me to have a phone I craved then to stay on a carrier that has their head up their ass. I was fortunate to get some relief for switching. Since I have Verizon FIOS TV, phone and internet I got a nice discount (10%). I got the $100 rebate for buying the Droid and I got a 12%/month corporate discount because my company has an account with Verizon. So the ETF doesn’t hurt so much.But even if I didn’t the discounts I would eat the ETF. It’s a matter of principle and the fact that’s the last bit of money T-Mobile will ever get from me…well worth it. Will I even come back to T-Mobile? The likelihood is slim to none. That’s the typical trend once customers leave they don’t return.

    • mssensational

      I too had three lines on contract with TMobile. I am porting two over and doing the ETF with all of them. The phone and service is more important to me. I don't mind paying for what I want and get.

  • Rossi

    @ Maximus,

    but but… Surely you’ve been duped! The customer service reps were probably a holes! Or maybe they’re going to charge you for things not found in your contract! Or I bet you get dropped calls ALL the time! Or you don’t truly have unlimited data! How dare they limit you to 5gb! Haha…

    I’m not going to lie… If it wasn’t $600 of etfs to switch my family I’d be a jumper too. Btw, I wonder how long it would take you to reach 5 gb on tmo edge? Hmm, interesting! See what I did there?


    Big comment afternoon for me. Reading through the comments about the undesirable looks of the Droid. Please explain what’s so undesirable? Being one of the first Android phone offered by Verizon I have to admit it’s a very good first attempt. I do agree the keyboard could be better….the weird option pad totally unnecessary. Other than that….not much to complain about. Some of you really need to kill the T-Mobile fanboyness. You’re blinded by your bias for T-Mobile.
    Umm…I don’t see a horrid chin on the Droid like the G1. Not cheap and plasticky either. Doesn’t sound like a sexy phone to me.

    The Droid is an impressive phone. Solidly built and performs better than any Android phone to date. The screen is the best on any phone currently available. I’m sure better Android phones are in the pipeline but the Droid is the one to beat. It’s also worth mention that the Eris is a great addition to the Android family. At $99 it is by far the best price low end Android phone and much better looking than at least two of T-Mobile’s crowned jewels (G1/myT3G).


    @Rossi You are mistaken I have no 5GB limit on my phone. They do limit you to 5GB on their mobile connect devices (MiFi and other data connect cards) I’m clearly aware of that. What could you possible be downloading on your phone to make you exceed 5GB.

    I made sure I read my contract and I didn’t see any reference to it. To add the Droid has a $29.99/month web service….not the more expensive $39.99 data service. How familiar are you Verizon’s service and contracts? not speculative…but truly know. BTW…the reps were very honest and informative. I’m a tech guy so naturally I ask about any limits they would put on my service…there are none….not in regards to my data usage.

    $600 is a steep figure consider….if I had to pay $600 I don’t think I would have switch. Lucky for me.

    What exactly did you do?

  • Rossi

    Honestly I prefer the droid over any tmo phone out right now. I was simply saying that there are designs that I prefer more (not on tmo). I’m personally on a kick for the hd2 right now so big screen and thin is apparently what I desire. I would jump ship. I’m just curious to see where snapdragon and possibly tegra phones go, so i’ll stick around at least for another six months until my ETF will only be $100(1 completely gone, two at $50 a piece). Gotta love the worst prorated ETF in the biz ($200 until 18 months in) … Enjoy your droid I’m curious to hear all the horror stories of how badly verizon treats you ;)

  • Rossi

    Btw, my first response to you was full of sarcasm. The reason my ETF is 600 is because of 3 family lines in contract. They won’t hold us for long. At least not if it stays the same. I’ve already done pricing… Posted it in detail a few days ago. There really is no reason for us to stay. I will admit that my desire for the hd2 is enough but it’s all unsubstantiated rumors right now… I’ll also do the math to see whether it’s worth extending my contract if it actually does come to tmo.


    I gotcha Rossi.


    @Rossi It would be cool if T-Mobile picked up the GSM version of the Droid but word on phones coming to Magenta is always speculative. You can always be assured if you heard about a phone coming to AT&T or ZVW it’s a sure thing, we’re constantly let down by T-Mobile. At some point frustration gets the best of you and you leave. I had been a Blackberry user for some time and I’ve become sick of waiting for a 3G Blackberry for T-Mo. This constant pushing back the date is ridiculous too. Bell and Rogers has the phone available, there can’t possibly be a huge difference between each carrier’s version of the phone. It’s T-Mobile flaking on their customers yet again.

  • Rossi

    Haha… I understand. Rest assured, I’m staying mostly because of etfs not for phone speculation.

  • k-dub

    only if t-mobile will get the droid before my contract is up because im going to verizon after my contract ends.

  • Blaine

    Is it just me or does that phone look as if it fell from the top of the ugly tree, and hit every branch on it’s way down? The overall esthetics of the device are appaling… Also the phone is manufactured by Motorola and Motorola = fail. I will give the device an iota of credit for the screen, though.


    Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. So you think the G1 is the complete hotness? I’ll give it to Motorola for the effort put into the phone. They did T-Mobile some justice in the way the Cliq looks as well, unfortunately it lacks in being anything different than the G1 or myTouch internally. Can you please give me an example of an Android phone on T-Mobile that comes close to competing with the Droid. I’m a bit tired you naysayers talking crap about the iPhone or the Droid or the Pre – all premier phone on other carriers when the T-Mo has to offer are currently the Cliq (the prettier little sister of the G1).

    The Droid one of the heaviest phones I’ve own since owning a Storm(unlocked). The build quality in excellent and the phone has a very solid feel in the hand. Not like all the cheap plastic Android mockups T-Mobile has force feed its customers. Thank God for the Cliq in some respects. The phone is the fastest Android phone to date since it sports a Cortex A8 processor. Erm, what’s the G1, myTouch and Cliq running?

    As I’ve stated a number of times already the only downside about the phone is the keyboard. The direction pad on the right side is pointless. It’s the same as I feel about the one on the Cliq. I find absolutely no immediate need for it and I haven’t used it since buying the Droid Friday night.

    Contrary to what some may think that I’m bias now that I’ve switched to Verizon I assure you that my hope is T-Mobile will turn things around much sooner than later. I’ve supported the company with my hard earned cash for well over 6 years and I’m become extremely weary of waiting around for change…so I changed. I was more out of a necessity to get things I wanted to accentuate my personal and professional lifestyle and many times that involved spending a bit more to get more. T-Mobile has blown a grand opportunity with the Project Dark/Even More marketing. Most of the existing customers would spend more for switching plans and continue to get less in phone selections.

    If you want to continue waiting I’m happy for you. I prefer to stand on the sideline for now and watch them succeed or fail. Hopefully not the latter.

  • G1User

    I left Sprint for -T-mobile just for the G1. Now all of the good Android phone are everywhere else but T-Mobile. I might be leaving soon since none of the great Android phones coming out this year are @ T-Mobile :(

  • Blaine

    @ Maximus: Please point out for me anywhere in my post that I stated that the G1, or anywhere else that I have posted on this site for that matter, is “complete hotness”?

    • rossi

      I think his point was… don’t throw rocks in a glass house. Could be wrong though.

  • Blaine

    I have had an opportunity to have a hands on with the device, and I will say that it is packing some serious hardware under the hood; however, I still find the design of the device to be less than impressive. I find the Nokia N900 to be a much more sleek device, which I’m currently waiting for to arrive in the mail once it officially ships.

  • Y

    I think the Droid is one ugly phone the only thing it could possibly have going for it is the snapdragon processor. This Droid hype shows how easy it is to sway the masses with a few well placed comments released by the right ppl at just the right time. But it is an Android phone so I can't hate it.

  • Blaine

    I live in area that gets excellent 3G coverage from T-Mobile everywhere I go so I do pay for what I want which is about half of what I would have to pay for comparable service from Verizon.