T-Mobile’s “You Got It, America” Ad

Many of you have already seen the commercial T-Mobile aired almost 2 weeks ago during the “So You Think You Can Dance” show, on October 27th. The commercial briefly introduced T-Mobile’s new Even More plans. And as you may recall, I posted my thoughts on the Motorola Cliq ad, designed by Motorola, in which I rambled on about how important advertising is for a company. I was very impressed with the ad because it was right-to-the-point, with a little hint of humor. I believe T-Mobile is on the right path and look forward to advertisements like this in the near future. Enjoy the ad above and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!


  • Asad

    That made me smirk and laugh a little bit… That was the perfect add for marketing the new plans in my opinion. Short, simple, and right to the point. They’re starting to play a little dirty and that’s how they should roll from now on. Symbolically, they chose well with the characters depicted in the commercial. The band guy made giggle along with the lady with the arm and the leg. Good commercial. Hope to see more.

  • foo

    THEY COMPLETELY MISSED THE BUS with the G1…Verizon is jumping on the android platform and went full fanfare with awesome teaser commercials…took my kids to school today (day of launch) and the sales rep fathers had on black long sleeve t-shirts with the droid logo etc on…it’s all in the execution if you have a great product and you dont promote it properly you FAIL

  • niididy

    Great commercial, subtle but to the point. I enjoyed this commercial and have seen it numerous times. We need more though…keep bombarding the TV digital waves to the point where ‘an arm and leg’ will become the catch phrase always linked to T-Mobile. ;)

  • Chris

    @ foo, completely agree..what does america (tmobile clients) want, nicer freakin phones. Some pure android quality like hmm the hero, dream etc.

  • Maysberry

    This is a good start, but honestly there should be about 3 commercials in constant circulation if we are aiming for the #3 spot. The ad for the Moto Cliq was by far the best ad I’ve seen in a long time. Sadly it wasnt even from T-mobile, it was designed by Motorola. Lets get it in gear marketing dept!!

  • kershon

    Not bad. T-Mobile is finally starting to play a little dirty by naming names. Good for them. Off to a good start. Now get the phones and stick it to them. We can “arm and a leg” them there too.

  • abi

    LOL I seen that ad a few times its to the point. Lets play EVEN MORE dirty tmobile f sprint tmobile has the point take down the top 2 and move up. We need the HD2 even if it is windows we need N900 we need a power house android phone. And other high end phones and make it work with ur new plans even if the phone is $800

  • Cybersedan

    I like the ad, it’s effective and to the point. You don’t need celebrities to sell products, you need clever targeted ads that are entertaining enough, but more importantly drive the message home.

    Who can say “can you hear me now” without thinking of big V, that’s the kind of advertising campaign I want to see Magenta launching.

  • OchoCinco

    T-mobile just needs more annoying commercials than Verizon. Because people in the country are simply too fucking dumb for the most part to do any independent research before buying anything… they just watch some lame ass commercial with a bunch of douchers wearing Verizons shirts and hardhats.

  • foo

    ocho: i totally agree the previous ads were to cerebral for the normal consumers the messages were so subtle that it got lost and we didnt have a clear consistent message…sticke together, fave five, mobile makeover…with the others you know “can you hear me now” “more bars all over” you all know who’s those are.

    we need to do more things like buy one phone get the other android phone free…then you can get them w/ the plans but dam you need to generate the foot traffic first!

  • Carl

    Yeah, I agree the commercial is effective, but we do need a sorta slogan that sticks. Stick together is not even mentioned, and the coverage the want at the price you need isn’t used either. We need to have a consistent message. Like how AT&T says “Americas fastest 3G network” which we all know is not true, but its good advertising. If we do get phones like the n900 and HD2 we need to advertise just as much as the MyTouch.

  • JB6464

    T-mobile execs Quit Smokin Crack !
    1=Release the phones WE crave with aggresive marketing and more people will come.
    2=Expand full coverage of 3G/HSPA+ quickly.
    3=Rethink your new Even More plans with Family plans in mind.
    4=Dump Zeta and the boring commercials and get in the face of the big 3 carriers like you mean business.
    If all Four fails , sell the company to someone who knows what there doing.

  • laCandela

    Half the price of who’s plan? My family has not gone down any And it doesn’t look like it will. Sprinf fam with 3 cells all included is 210 so my half should be 105 at TMO….fat chance.

  • JDoe

    I guess technically if you offer unlimited voice only and the next closest competitor (of the big 3) with unlimited voice is unlimited everything then you can say your unlimited plans are half the price, but T-mobile’s ads have always been bad look at how they market the mytouch vs. droid (droid is cool and high tech, mytouch will make you like whoopi golderberg or a bunch of old comedians)

  • Carl

    have you actually looked at the Droid specs…
    The new Blackberry 9700 has a faster processor by 100 Mhz…

    Have you actually watched/heard the commercial it clearly says 1/2 the price of Verizon/AT&T, NOT Sprint. Although you might still save a little, just not 1/2 of what you are paying now.

  • rossi

    @ Carl

    I could be wrong, but I think the 9700 may simply have an Xscale processor in it. Which is not even close to the power of the Cortex A8 found in the Droid, pre, iphone… Therefore, straight up clock for clock comparisons do not work as the more powerful architecture get’s more done per clock.

    As far as xscale vs cortex A8 the cortex is a more powerful processor. However, I am not sure which processor the 9700 actually uses. If it is the xscale, the droid is more powerful even with its 100 mhz difference.

  • IsThataJoke

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  • IsThataJoke
  • Ron

    Great ad!!! Now they need to bring out the phones we want. Then that would be the total package.

  • Ron


    I seen the video. This is gonna be an awesome phone, once it hits TMO. I just hope it’s soon.

  • Chad

    False advertising IMO.. You can’t put 3G in a few random spots at the 4 corners of the US and say you have “National 3G coverage”. Not changing plans or buying another phone or anything until I see much improved 3G. So the prices are cheaper…well you get what you pay for I guess. If I have to go somewhere else and pay for better service I will when my contract is up.

  • sasquatch

    @Chad-Not sure what would be the harm in switching to an Even More Plus plan which is no contract. But hey, whatever makes you happy. I like the commercial but agree there should be more and in greater frequenxy.

  • Peter

    Was anyone else insulted when T-mobile (though the woman holding the arm and the leg) decided that they had to explain the joke to us, by having her say “an arm and a leg” while she showed them to us? Come on. If you’re going to joke around with your customers, don’t insult their intelligence by assuming they won’t get the joke.

  • Carl

    @Peter maybe that was part of joke ;)

  • Cindy

    OMG- how dumb do they think we are that they had to say “an arm and a leg” that alone would keep me from ever becoming a customer!!!