New Cliq Ad–Designed By Motorola

I believe advertising is essential in any marketing campaign. Advertising is a key component, and if a company can advertise effectively, most of the time the product will successfully sell. Motorola aired a nice ad yesterday after the Yankees baseball game, which in my opinion effectively introduced the Motorola Cliq. It consisted of just the right amount of humor without overdoing it and was simple and right to the point. Check out the ad above for yourself and let us know what you think about it! Do you think it is effective? Why or why not?

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  • NiiDiddy

    Already seen this on TV…Nifty!! I like the concept behind it!

  • Anthony in Utah

    Same here! I think its very effective! I haven’t seen the ad run on TV yet!

  • Deaconclgi

    Very nice Ad!!!! The Ad shows the selling point of the phone and successfully introduces MotoBlur as a name to remember. Great view of the phone while showing eyecatching fluid animations and responsiveness that potential customers “crave”. The ad almost makes me want one, too bad I don’t use any social networking sites….

  • Jucrzy

    I really wanted to like this phone but already returned it. The touch srcreen was either too twitchy or too laggy. Always opening n closing apps by mistake. Battery would never carry thru the day and the device just felt clunky and heavy. Oh well, I still like their original razr. They should have designed something really cool like that but in a touchscreen. Can no company produce a screen feel like the Apple? Really is like night and day.

    • Ivan

      I think that the mytouch 3g does a pretty good job with that. That’s because HTC is awesome at making good phones.

  • Kickstar13

    I feel you man. And sometimes when you want the touchscreen to work, it doesn’t. I have to press really hard for it to work.

  • Anthony in Utah

    @ Jucrzy that was my problem and why I returned the Cliq. I came from an iPhone and the responsiveness wasn’t up to par as I’d have liked it to be. I have yet to come across a touchscreen phone that either matches or surpasses Apples iPhone!

  • Rob

    Good ad. It actually tells me what the phone does unlike most of the tmo ads. Good job motorola.

  • Pedro

    Haha, that was funny. Nice cameo by NPH!

  • czar

    I really wanted to like it to cuz I like the concept of the phone. Mayne motoblur 1.5 or 2.0 on a newer device will get it right. IMO the verizon Droid running android 2.0 killed any hype for the Cliq to me

  • John

    way to go clic!
    I still think that this phone is best suited for the responsible user, the one that knows how to manage his social life. However if you don’t like the integration, the happenings widget/app, etc…then just don’t use it/disable it!, the motoblur UI is better than the standard android UI so stop complaining!

  • xclngtgig

    Stopped by the Sprint store today to look at their incarnation of the HTC Hero. It’s very cool! I really don’t want to switch to another carrier but T-Mobile really makes it tough!! All my hopes are riding on the Samsung Behold II now….

  • Kickstar13

    @Anthony in Utah
    That is the exact way I feel. I have an iPhone 3GS and the touch screen is no where near as good as the iPhone’s touch screen. The iPhone is very touch friendly and barely an lag.

  • paul

    Nice phone, I won’t buy one, and heres why…we all love android..we like the concept, we like the apps, but I’m positive you are like me..we don’t love the force sclose issues we are constantly getting while try to run widgets, screens and other apps…I have been emailing back and forth over the past few days with Better Android,creator of Better’s a great app. and many users blame the program for all their force close issues, well it’s not the app. it’s the phones…the current batch of android phones are under powered to handle the amount of apps we try and stuff on them..and this phone is no different.they push the moto blur and all, showing all these apps running at once..the problem is when you start adding more on won’t be able to process it all and what happens????force close issues…what I think any one who is a serious android user should do is start being much more selective on the devise they buy in the future…these social phones won’t be the answer,,you will need some serious power to properly handle the android experience..Snap dragon is a start..We had no choices a year ago and we were hungry, hungry for something different, so we bought G1’s , we bought mytouch3G..well in the very near future we will have more choices and it’s up to us to make better choices with our phones..go for more processor power,,not a catchy gimmick. I personally am soooo tired of my phone force closing or worse bricking and I have to start all over again with the loading of all my apps… well this is just my take on the current phone situation…I’m sure not every one will agree…

  • Kickstar13

    We need a better processor!

    Snapdragon anyone?

  • urbanrio

    There is some major lag with the screen on some operations, not all. Today was the first day I had the phone in a real world use situation and I have to say that while it was handy most of the time the UI is overbearing and motoblur kills the battery life. I unplugged the phone at 7:30AM and the phone was DEAD as in, turned itself off because the battery was dead, dead at 5:03PM. That is unacceptable. If will give it another chance tomorrow and if things don’t improve it will be returned.

  • urbanrio

    As for the ad, meh, its ok. I like hat neil patrick harris is in it. haha.

  • NiiDiddy

    It’s funny – I am yet to get a force close on my MT3G. However I totally agree that the Android phones are under-powered. An 800+mhz phone will be much better than these Q-528s that run on these devices…

    I am impatient…but trying very hard to be patient to stick with Android in the hopes of a much faster processor (else…BB9700 it is). Really…that is what it comes down to; that is what explains lags…can’t handle too many instructions and numerous background apps/services running. Like a typical, ill-rquipped computer it will run slow…it will also lag big time…

    My other 2 cents…

  • Rafael

    I just hung up with Motorola and they informed me that they are not sending OTA for android 1.6 or 2.0 for the Moto Cliq and are not working on changing the android 1.5 OS to any other version at this time. He stated that the main reason for this is because the Motorola Cliq is running on Moto Blur with android 1.5 running on top. He said that the Moto Blur is the main software and that is why they see no point on worrying about upgrading the android os. He did mention that the Moto Droid will be exclusively to Verizon and not TMobile and will be the first android phone to sport the android 2.0 os and will not be running any part of the Moto Blur software. I am extremely dissappointed. I am going to call and return my Moto Cliq and get my self a MT 3G. I might even wait for the special edition MT 3G to come out. I might even hold out for a possible snap dragon processor on a new phone.

  • paul

    rafael, I would definitely return the cliq, just hold off buying another phone..check out the behold 2, it sports a 800 mhz processor and will be updatable.

  • 30014

    Not really interested in the cliq, but the ad is way better than the mytouch commercials.

  • paul

    the my touch commercials are so lame.. who ever come up with those should be fired..nice phone, terrible advertising.

  • edd

    i like it =]

  • Danny

    Awesome commercial. Makes me envious of the phone despite the fact I wasn’t too impressed with it when I saw it. It gets to the point straight and simple, unlike many commercials these days. Plus, it’s entertaining.

    Good job, Moto.

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Paul

    like the Sprint Palm Pre commercials with that chick.. SO LAME

  • Broke

    Hey Paul, how do you know the Behold 2 is updatable. Is it a Google phone or does that matter?

  • JJO

    I think its hillarious!! Especially when Neil pushes the person “out of my way freak” lolol!

  • Genise

    I’m a cliq owner and this ad is very accurate. That is EXACTLY how I feel using this phone

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  • According to a post on another website:

    * October 31st, 2009 at 8:56 pm
    * Reply

    I stopped by T-mobile earlier today since I am planning on getting the cliq on Monday and wanted to compare the other android options. I asked the rep if they heard anything in regards to when an update might be available for the blur phones. The rep did not know but promptly called his motoblur/cliq rep to find out. According to the rep in question, the android 2.0 update for the cliq is scheduled to be released before the end of December.

  • FILA

    nice ad

    G1v2 will be better thou :-)

  • wasn’t there another ad on tv similar to this idea for a car or something

  • tmogirl

    Finally! T-Mobile is stepping up on advertising! This is a catchy ad, I like it. I’ve been disappointed with TMobile’s advertising until now!

  • maxxsooner

    Nice commercial but the behold 2 is not 800MHz it 528 qualcomm