Blackberry 9700 Bold Release Date Rumor Strikes Again



So we had a date, had another date and then watched that date get pushed back, and we are going back to the guessing game for the Blackberry 9700 tonight. A trusted source has hit us up stating that the training for the device has begun today for employees with a stated release date of November 18th. Take this with a grain of salt as we are looking to confirm, however lining up with the launch of another anticipated device we don’t see why T-Mobile can’t drop two devices on the same day. So for the moment, take November 18th with some trepidation, but if it launches on this date, we told you so.

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    I’m coming…..oh wait…..

    Uh….I’m coming this time

    Oh….Oh….Oh…..I’m coming…….Im’coming…….ooooohhhhh….coming!!!!

    Sorry….false alarm.

  • Anthony in Utah

    The Bold 9700 is already listed on T-Mobiles website. Go to, click on “Discover” then “Innovation” lists Blackberry Bold 9700. I believe they will offer a pre-order for this device so we may be able to get it faster! ;-) I think its sooner than the 18th.


    Been waiting a whole year for a 3G Blackberry. The company can’t even get that one right.

  • Koloheboy

    OMG T-Mobile, I talked to several stores and they said the 16th, now the 18th? *Grrrrr*

  • Koloheboy

    First was the 11th, then some articles said 15th, then 16th and now 18th OMG!!! T-Mobile.. Get with the FCC and hurry up lol

  • Anthony in Utah

    You guys its coming THIS month either way hahaha I am using an old cheap Nokia model and I have been waiting for this one to come out… so I broke my iPhone down a flight of cement stairs… it was a sad day indeed, however, everyone else still has one that I can feast my eyes upon ;-) and also… if I can be PATIENT for this baby… you have to too ;-) agreed!??

  • Koloheboy

    @Anthony Ouch on iPhone! I would have been sick too… ack.. I know is this month we are all excited I guess hahaha

  • Anthony in Utah

    @ Koloheboy Haha yeah it was crazy! Are you also getting the new Blackberry 9700? I hear Blackberrys are good phones. A ton of my friends have them as well as the iPhones. I just have never owned a Blackberry before. I hope its easy to text on and send emails.

  • Koloheboy

    @Anthony Yes, I am getting the new Blackberry 9700 this will be my first BB too, switching from Sidekkick LX 09 to this baby. A lot of my friends too have BB’s. I played around with previous models at the store and the texting and email is pretty sharp.

  • bob

    T-mobile has us waiting for 3g blackberry and Sprint has 4g, sure only in a few area but why????

  • Koloheboy

    @bob LOL tell me about it, a few months back I told a co worker of mines, dang when HI going to get G3, by the time we get 3G sprint is going to roll out the 4G, we so behind.

  • Mauricio

    Blackberry is the best device for email and text messaging. However, they need to improved in the web browser section, which sucks big time!

  • NiiDiddy

    @Anthony & @ Koloheboy:

    If you havent used a Blackberry before, brace yourselves…it’s AWESOME! Personally, I have used blackberries since the first Curve dropped and have been on that “Crack”-berry since. This year however I decided to “rehab” and try something else…it wasn’t easy. I currently have MT3G and since it was released and I still dream of Blackberry – even more so the 9700 ever since it was announced. I am still hooked!! You know what they say about when you go Black…hahaha! Anyway, wait patiently and enjoy the 9700 when you get your hands on yours!!!

  • Anthony in Utah

    @ NiiiDiddy You should sell your MT3G on ebay or craigslist and get the new Blackberry 9700! T-Mobile has the Equipment Installment Plan availble you know? Haha I am excited to get my hands on this one!

  • NiiDiddy

    @Anthony I just might do that… ;)

  • Koloheboy

    @NiiDiddy, whoowhoo how exciting lol

  • Koloheboy

    @Anthony when I get the new BB9700 I am selling my SKLX09 and my other SKLX08 lol

  • Anthony in Utah

    @ Kolokeboy that-a-boy! Haha! I am very anxious to see what other phones T-Mobile has in store for us this holiday season. I am skeptical of renewing my contract,but I would rather renew it and get the best discount instead of switching over to the Even More Plus plans without a contract.

  • Tony

    lmao at maximus!!!

  • The 9700 went live on Rogers website today, so what’s holding it up on T-Mobile’s end. Why is T-Mobile always last with devices?

  • Dalton

    @Maximus: That’s what she said.

    Yeah, I’m a guy. And I’m immature at times. Hate me for it. :)

  • Chet

    I just was in a T-Mobile store in Manhattan (lower Broadway)… they said next Wednesday the 11th.

    It better be damn soon, the battery on my 8320 lasts just a couple of hours now. I don’t want to buy a new battery for a phone I’m replacing in a week.

  • Matt

    Rep on the phone today said 11/18 is the Launch in his system

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  • Siz

    @Chet Funny i went 2 a Tmo store in the Bronx and the guy told me December/January. I didn’t buy that for a second tho.

    I trust the info on this site more than I trust an actual Tmo employee, lol.

    Can’t wait to get my very 1st Blackberry when the 9700 comes out! Counting the days, minutes, seconds……

  • Steve

    Business customers can order as of Nov 9th

  • David

    You know, T-Mobile is always behind the curve (no pun intended) when it comes to cellular phones. For years they put out lack-luster GSM phones and blew it in retaining a customer-base that had grown tech-savvy. 77,000 or more customers have jumped ship in the last quarter of ’09 alone. And so on the heels of two major outages in one month, continued lagging in technology, they have the nerve to delay the launch of this make-up sex phone to the customers who remained loyal to them? I for one am pissed. This is not about how great RIM phones are, this is about how poorly T-Mobile executes!!

  • eberm

    I signed up for preorder a week ago and haven’t heard a word from TMobile.