Blackberry 9700 Dropping November 11th


Well the release of the Blackberry 9700/Onyx at this point is hardly a secret, in fact it’s downright obvious to anyone who reads this site. However, while we’ve been calling for a November 4th/11th launch for well over a month now, BoyGenius recently received his own set of verifiable info confirming the 11th as the launch date. In the grand scheme of things that extra week won’t mean much for Blackberry lovers who have already spent days, weeks and months counting down to go time for a Blackberry 3G.  As per usual Blackberry standards we expect this little phone won’t disappoint and will be everything current Blackberry lovers could want. Will it be enough to sway users from another platform? Doubtful. While Blackberry remains one of the most consistent OS’es, they have fallen by the wayside with keeping up on the current standard of browsing and other consumer oriented features. That’s not to say Blackberry isn’t a great device–it is–however it is in a definite need of overhaul. To clarify, when we say overhaul, we mean software, not hardware, as Blackberry hardware remains one of the best QWERTY experiences to date.

Regardless of my little diatribe up there, look for some Blackberry 3G goodness to grace T-Mobile’s shelves one month from now.

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  • ralphwiggum1

    “project black”berry?

  • Kickstar13

    Mhmmmmm BlackBerry! :P

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  • ellwooda

    Any idea when pricing info will come out? Presale? I quickly disposed of the 8900 on eBay as soon as I could so as you can imagine I have a very itchy trigger finger…

  • phoneking13

    I predict $200-250 on a new 2 yr agreement, $500-600 retail.

  • foo

    this has got to be one of THE best phones i got to play with hands down. the UMA the form factor the pictures and videos this thing took is incredibly nice even when emailed to a computer. Hands down this is the phone of choice. out of all the phones i got to play with this is the one i’m eagerly awaiting

  • phoneking13

    I might get one, but after I give Android a try… :D

  • onwaitinglist

    Android is great, N900 is even better ! but until my st*id employer changes its mind, only RIM can have my money.

    I am willing to buy my wife a *fun* phone , but until I find Andriod with UMA or TMobile build a tower in my backyard, I have no choice but 9700.

  • Juan

    I need one of those tacky myspace countdown clock thingies.

    I’m so excited!

  • Richard

    I love T-Mobile. So i got a 8520 a few weeks ago, and today i called the T-Mobile retail store where i got the phone and told them i wanted the BB9700 but i was going to be past the 30 trial period. The guy that sold me the phone may have talked to his manager, came back on the phone with me and said keep the 8520 till we get the 9700 and we will swap it out minus the difference. Till this day, since voice stream…T-Mobile has never even done me wrong!! Even on a hot high ticket item!! So the dilemma now is BB9700 or Moto Cliq? hahahahah

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