“Project Dark/Black/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” Rumors


The recent speculation for “Project Dark” has allowed T-Mobile to create an internet buzz not seen for them across the blogosphere since the days leading up to the G1 launch. We have stated, based on the writings of others that T-Mobile USA needs a win and soon, so Deutsche Telekom can rest a little easier at night.  Rumors surrounding what “Project Dark” really is remain both secretive and mysterious. BoyGenius reports this afternoon that one of their “connects” has stated that they believe it is both a handset launch and a rapid network upgrade. Our sources have remained tight-lipped but have hinted toward a rate plan revamp worthy of taking the wireless world by storm. Which rumor is true? Nobody at this point knows and you should not take any of them as gospel, as nothing said has shown to be completely 100% factual.

We know new handsets are launching, T-Mobile has stated so much themselves. So why would such launches be so wildly secretive and mysterious? They would not be, not unless it was tied to something much more buzz worthy. To that end, we will continue to play the guessing game and wait for the inevitable leak. Until then, discuss away in the forums, the comments or at the water cooler. One thing is for sure, this hype had better not be for naught or the moans and groans of T-Mobile customers will be caught on the Richter scale.

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  • achilles

    My guess is: 2 way Video Calling!

  • Pete

    Maybe they are going to buy iridium or Globalstar and make satellite smart phones?

  • I would like to see T-Mobile buy/acquire Sprint-NexTel. So the surprise would be (1)handsets from Sprint, (2)using 3G and 4G network and (3)reconfigure the voice/data plan with Sprint for a better deal(s). As for the iPhone, well my opinion is that Verizon will be the best company to generate more revenue. Don’t get me wrong, I would like to see T-Mobile get it. But as usual, what I would like always turns into the opposite. For Metro-PCS and Cricket, T-Mobile should stay away from them, they are not worth acquiring.

  • Alex


    things of that magnitude dont need 1 day of “training” get real people.

    Like I said before Tmobile is declaring war on AT&T. That does require training, and maybe wont immediately propel Tmobile above Sprint, but I am pretty sure that guerrilla tactics by the Tmobile TMOB will be effective against those AT&T warlords. Which will you side with!?

  • chris

    I work for T-Mobile in a retail store and (at least in my neck of the woods) we are completely in the dark (no pun intended) as to what this may be. The only thing that has been teased is a dress code change but I’m pretty sure that is not what this is about. Personally I’d really like to see low-cost all-inclusive plans similar to Sprint’s.

  • Marc

    @Alex: Whoever keeps more money in my pocket and better technology in my hand. :)

  • watbetch

    BGR is saying that it will a McPlan with all the voice, data and messaging you can eat.

    • David

      That rumor was already posted on howardforums and the last Project Dark post.

  • Project Black is a merger (or being bought out), a new entry-level free pre-paid phone, or a all-hands canning. Deutsche Telekom has had enough with the dumba$$ management by TMOUSA that let a subscriber since 2003 with good credit jump to AT&T to the iPhone. TMOUSA execs have sh*t for brains and got their MBAs out of Cracker Jacks boxes.

    The iPhone is quite impressive, a great business phone too. The iPhone is more than I ever expected. I thought that the TP2 would be the savior for TMOUSA but I am wrong. No exclusivity with Android, and can’t even get the best Android devices (see Sprint HTC Hero), no exclusivity with their savior TP2 (see Verizon and Sprint). And what a high ass price point for their MyTouch and the TP2. I compared plans with AT&T and saw that there were no savings, plus, with the TP2 or MyTouch, I wouldn’t have access to a mature Apps Store that just surpassed 2 billion downloads.

    Plus, I live in Southern California, where TMOUSA uses AT&T towers anyway, and AT&T clips signal strength for TMOUSA users so that you don’t get full access to the towers. I can get a signal in my garage with my iPhone where I couldn’t before with my previous TMOUSA phones. In fact, I did a test once with my sister who was on AT&T using identical phones several years ago (Nokia 6103’s), and she could get a signal with hers on AT&T and I could not, despite being side-by-side. So, if you live in an area where TMOUSA leases towers, then you definitely want to make the switch to improve your service quality.

    The AT&T customer service was outstanding. Made the switch and ported my number, and I was up and running on the iPhone in less than 5 minutes, with everything fully operational. I was quite impressed.

    If someone like me who hates Republicans (yes AT&T supports them heavily), and hates Apple and wishes Steve Jobs would die of pancreatic cancer already, could love the iPhone, then TMOUSA is doomed. Good luck to you all, you have no idea what you’re missing — it took me switching to see the light. It’s an eye-opener, I was living in the Stone Age. It’s like the veil TMOUSA put over my head has been lifted. I can’t believe the improvement in my quality of life with a simple switch of a mobile phone. I just want to share my excitement and tell you that you all too can have the same experience with your hard earned money.

  • watbetch

    Elrich = troll


  • jaymax

    My guess would be: (1) iPhone or iTablet with flat rate plan that kills AT&T’s offerings, plus (2) having HSDPA go live at 21mbps across their 3G footprint nationwide, having already laid the groundwork for it with their 3G upgrades.

  • 30014

    @elrich…u have been talking about your switch to at&t for a few days. No one is going to switch carriers just because u think they should. Why in hell are u on a tmobile focused blog site promoting at&t. I would love to have the iphone, but I’m not going to let at&t rape my bank account to get it though. Hopefully we have heard the last of u elrich. Goodbye.

  • jaymax

    oops…i meant HSPA+

  • acsteffy87

    @elrich, i have to say that that was the most annoying thing i have ever read.
    you say that a veil has been lifted from your head when in fact the veil was just put there by AT&T. and the 2 billion downloads doesnt mean anyhting and neither does the amount of apps, its about the quality of those apps and it only has so many downloads because so many people have been brainwashed into thinking that all the capabilities that the iphone has are only available on the iphone, shit other phones can do that shit to, think of WebOS, Android and the new Maemo5.
    And i checked the comparable speed of att and tmobile, I live in waco where Tmobile doesnt even have edge and i was able to download a webpage faster than my friend with the iphone on att, that is really said when GPRS on T-mobile beats 3G on AT&T.

  • grr

    Any post from elrich=epic fail.

  • James


    At&t has comparable rates to Tmobile? and you’re using the iPhone? Riiiiight. As far as the rumors, I believe Tmo will release some crazy new rate plans that will once again establish them as the value carrier as the last year or so, Sprint seems to have surpassed them. Maybe they will also regain there senses when it comes to handset prices as well. I think they also will “flip” the switch to 21mbps nationwide and become the mythical fastest carrier nationwide. Finally..drumroll please. THE iPhone cometh!! Ha ha, that’s right I said it.


    ELRICH – I don’t know where you get your information but you’re COMPLETELY WRONG about T-Mobile using AT&T towers. How I know? I was working for in Cingular/AT&T during the merger in southern California. T-Mobile hasn’t been on those towers since sometime in 2005. Here’s a history lesson – Back in the day when T-Mobile made their entrance on the wireless scene they struck a deal with Cingular to piggyback on their towers as they built out their own network, a very common competitive practice. There were T-Mobile engineers who worked in the Cingular wireless corporate offices. It was their job to work with Cingular in optimizing spectrum utilization for both carriers.

    While Cingular was working towards closing the merger/acquisition of AT&T it was agreed T-Mobile would continue to use the Cingular network until sometime in 2004/2005. I know a number of Cingular tower engineers that were recruited by T-Mobile to ramp up the network rollout. I keep in touch with many of them to this day. I know all because I worked in IT so I was privy to hearing alot of what was going on in the company…not to mention my continued ties to the cellular business.

    If you’re going to make a comment make sure you have your information right.

    In southern California T-Mobile is running independently on their own towers.

    Now to the Dark Project.

    If this deal is just new service plans with no warez (handsets) the hype is pointless. The currently unlimited loyalty plan T-Mo offers is still the best out there but there’s a crappy selection of phones sitting on T-Mobile store shelves and warehouse. T-Mobile needs a showstopper. Not another lame ass Android phone…..no more Sidekicks…..no more late to the game announcements. T-Mobile needs the iPhone or a phone similar to the iPhone that differentiates it from all other competitors. They could have done this with Google/HTC on the Android platform. Picture this. An Android phone with 8/16/32 gigabytes onboard memory (ditch the microSD), a 5MP camera w/flash, UMA, HSPA+, and SenseUI with a large OMLED screen. A T-Mobile exclusive. That’s a showstopper. How come this phone doesn’t exist? because Robert ‘Dufus’ Dotson and his band of idiots weren’t forward thinkers. They don’t have the balls to be competitive. They should have been working closely with one of these handset makers to build a TRUE competitor to the iPhone, Storm or Pre. What’s so exclusive about the G1/myTouch? All the other carriers have better versions.

    Touting HSPA+ is cool, dropping an awesome unlimited everything plans is great too. But if you don’t put out hot equipment to utilize all this goodness…what’s the point? We shall soon see.

  • epic

    Wow, Elrich pretty much posted the same comment under “what do you want from project black” with added commentary.

    Here’s what I posted:

    “Elrich, man, you are soooo right. I see the light now. I use to say…”it ain’t that serious….” But I guess it is. If you converted despite all your dislikes/beliefs, I guess we all should, Geez…. I’m just messing with yah, but thanks for wishing me/us luck.”

    We get it, you love the iPhone….even though your political standing is different from AT&T, even if you don’t like Apple, or even Mr. Jobs. With eyes wide open, you saw the light and walked towards it, to never come back. I’m happy for you. Whether or not TMO gets canned, or not, or gets a new entry level pre-paid phone, what does really it matter? You have your iPhone.

    I honestly wouldn’t like to see TMO get canned but if they did, I would just have to go with another carrier. Oh, wait a minute…. Are you trying to be a beacon of light for the masses as the iPhone was for you? Wow, it is that serious.

    Don’t get me wrong, you have the right to say anything you want. This is. by no means, an attack on you. I just find it humorous and entertaining….thank you sooo very much, haha!

  • epic

    Looks like you’ve drawn a whole lot of attention but for some odd reason, I don’t think it’s the type attention that anyone wants…

    But that’s just me. Hmmmm…

  • santana

    T-mobile needs a hero…the htc hero hero that’s is….lol… hopefully that’s the announcement and also improved 3G or 4G service and a better rate plan then sprint….and u got urselfs a winner in my opinion

  • phoneking13


    If you love your iToy and AT&T, then why in the hell are you on Tmonews.com?

    I think secretly since you can’t even do MMS and constantly get outages and slow data speeds, you want to come back to the T-Mobile bandwagon.

    Shhhh!!! Its ok… you’re secret is safe with me. ;)


  • Elrich is an idiot


    Elrich. No idea where to even begin with how stupid you sound.

  • T-Mobile needs to flip the switch all the way on hspa+ and bring a game changing phone running on a 1ghz snapdragon 4+ inch screen / 32gig storage / android os / 8mp camera with flash / and full flash 10.1

  • JB6464

    And sell the HTC HD2 with it’s 1 ghz snapdragon,4.3 capacitive screen,5mp camera with flash,and WM with sence ui.

  • Um I hope t-mobile brings out video calling. Cause I have been to Amsterdam and the t-mobile in Amsterdam has video calling and I used it right there on da store and it was amazing i called my aunt n she picked up and I saw her live n she saw me it was soooo cool now I’m back in new York n t-mobile over here does not have video calling well actually no other company has it .

  • well i hope t-mobile is da first to release 2 way video calling i mean all da other t-mobiles hav it t-mobile uk, t-mobile germany,t-mobile amsterdam…. why couldnt we have it?… at&t has that gay video share thing which is lame cause u cant even see the other person n they cant even see u…

  • GlockBuster

    My guess is they launch a family data plan feature for like $40 (hopefully cheaper). T-Mo was the first to launch the Family Messaging and they launched it at $9.99/month for up to all 5 lines. This would be sweet. All 5 lines could have data service for a promo price of like $25 or $30 a month.

  • TK421

    I have been pumping for info everyday, and suddenly today, someone important was missing… presumably at some extensive train…

    ing. I will know soon about Proj Blak, dArk.

    I have a suspiscion that the change in dress code is related to Proj Mysterioso, because I saw a performance incentive that highlighted a “dress-down” day, so I wonder what that means… What could Proj. Intensity have to do with a dress code?

  • Carl

    This leads us to blieve basically everything unlimited for 50, I think this to compete with the big boys, and those small companies stealing customers with their cheap unlimited plans.

  • Julacho

    T-Mobile should go unlimited plans that are unlimited in NAFTA (Canada, USA, Mexico) and Suth America.

    ATT is in part doing it as we speak….just there you got almost 50 million people who constantly buy calling cards to call to Mexico, Central and South America.

    AT&T starts $60 unlimited GoPhone plan http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10372276-1.html

    AT&T will begin providing unlimited voice and text for $60 a month as part of its GoPhone prepaid service, the company announced Friday. Other prepaid plans from Boost Mobile and MetroPCS, for example, are around $50 a month or less, but the $60 a month plan still sounds pretty good.

    The plan also includes unlimited texting to Canada, Mexico, and a hundred other countries. AT&T will start offering the service on October 12….

  • Carl

    Yeah, thing is it should be T-Mobile Prepaid, AT&T won’t be doing it for their contract customers.

  • Chris Meyers

    WTF is an “All hands canning” Speak English you stupid Kraut. What kind of stupid name is Elrich?

  • Chris Meyers

    BTW the Republicans don’t love you either you Commie Pinko peacenik iPhone hippie birkenstock wearing Obama lover. Go take your newly acquired iPhone and your universal health care plan and shove them up where the sun don’t shine.

  • Carl

    Yeah, Elrich really has no idea what he is talking about. The iPhone is a phone with a bunch of apss, and a mediocre performer when actually making phone calls. Not to mention in a over congested network where they are barely rolling out 7.2 MBPS, T-Mobile will leave you in the dust with out HSPA+ ;) Laughing with out N900’s or Cliq’s.

  • Carl


  • Titty!

    Elrich, poor you .
    you’re being attacked!
    but i agree. . your a complete idiot :)


  • YeaBuddy

    If T-mobile gets the iphone, on 4g, for the 50 everything plan, they will be the number 1 carrier in the us. Not sayin… just sayin. ;)

  • Galen20K

    Elrich you are such an R-Tard, but I’m sure you already know that. ; D

    Ahahahaaa LOser Troll

  • js-1

    maybe its has something to do with G1V2? yes/no?

  • Moblow

    If the $50 everything plan is true, imagine all the iphone people on att that will switch over to Tmo and bring their iphones with them.

    Poor iphone users on att, they are getting raped!!!!!!!

  • Kershon

    @Elrich. U need to go back to doing what u do best: center man for the att-Stevie J circle jerk.
    @ Chris Myers. Very well said. I couldn’t have said it any better myself.
    As far as Project Dark. I am really hoping this lives up to all the hype being created. I think this might be some combination of all the things being speculated about. If this is truly going to be a game changeing event and propel T-Mobile to number 3 imo it would have to cover all the bases.

  • $50 unlimited everything

  • Yeah, after some research it seems like Project Dark (as it’s referred to internally) is a $50 unlimited plan (voice, data, sms, mms) plan. Also, the T-Mobile workers will be wearing black shirts and grey pants and are trying to push the BB 9700 as well as two Nokia N series devices (one of which is rumored to be the N900, and the other is not known). Should be interesting to see how this would do. I think in order for this to be a complete success, T-Mobile needs to work on their 3G network because this rumored plan would bring a lot more people to T-Mobile and I think what happened to AT&T with their saturation of the network may very well happen to T-Mobile (especially since T-Mobile’s network isn’t as big as AT&T).

  • TK421

    I know what proj black really is!!! I just found out 10 minutes ago!!!!

    Sidekick users who’ve lost all or some of their info, I.e. contacts, email, mms, apps, etc. Microsoft guarentees 99% that your information is irrecoverable!! Congratulations!! What a Dark Knight this will be, and I can truly say, I feel sorry for your losses. http://www.tmobile.com/sidekick for the latest updates on this project dark/black tragedy.

    But, vain hope exists if you have faith in Microsoft. There is a 1% chance your info is recoverable. You simply have to press @ + 1 + 0 on your sidekick, then when it reboots, hold R until 4 circles appear, then release R. Those 4 circles don’t mean your missing a Faves contact, or that Proj Dark means My 4 Faves, but it means if you draw a pentagram between the 4 dots, you’l get a 5 pointed star in the shape of the Microsoft logo! Then your phone reboots & explodes in your hands, burning the windows logo on your forehead, forever marking you as a victim and property of Microsoft.

  • TK421


    @+1+0 resets your sidekick & delets all your info. = Master Reset

  • onwaitinglist

    U R SO RIGHT!!!!
    Come on everyone, together, “UMA”, “UMA”, “UMA”!!
    TMO USA, can you hear from us??

    “An Android phone with 8/16/32 gigabytes onboard memory (ditch the microSD
    ), a 5MP camera w/flash, UMA, HSPA+, and SenseUI with a large OMLED screen. A T-Mobile exclusive. That’s a showstopper.”

  • Sprint on 042410

    It’s funny that so many here are so insecure they prefer to freak out at Elrich and his iPhone comment (the iPhone is far superior to anything Teen Mobile and Google have come up with) instead of focusing on a possible game changing announcement. Gotta love Teen Mobile subscribers, you kids are hilarious!

  • acsteffy87

    @sprint on 042410,
    I had the Iphone once, bought it from ebay unlocked and then i got the mytouch.
    the mytouch may not be as smooth as the iphone is, but its capabilities are the same if not more. i love the fact that i can flash different roms onto my phone. the past few days i have been going back and forth between hero and Blur.

    Iphone is superior to android, But ditch the vanilla android for a modified rom w/ root access and it far surpasses the Iphone.

  • watbetch

    Sprint on 042410 = elrich

  • Launch of iPhone on T-Mobile, Blackberry 9700, Nokia N900, $50 everything plan, these are a few of my favorite things.

  • 30014

    @sprint on 042410…u can always pay the etf and go to sprint earlier than 04-24-10. U are the kind of subscriber tmo could do with out. I am hoping that was your last comment on this site.

  • J-Hop2o6

    older comments…

  • FILA

    G1v2 Coming soon!

  • dan

    they just announced some blackout dates for t-mobile employees,..oct 25th and 26th, guess their going to train them for what ever is going on

  • Not a blackout date, they’re getting canned. TMOUSA sucks a$$. I’ve had my iPhone now for 5 days and I love it! My only regret is not making the switch sooner! Screw you TMOUSA and your dumbass Touch Pro2 price point — that’s the whole reason I left. Now I’m much happier — thanks for letting me know what I was missing. I guess the old adage, “Ignorance is bliss” is true. Suckers.

  • one2tres


  • JBLmobileG1

    Well it looks as though the project black/dark may be a really nice unlimited everything plan for $50 a month. If this true I do hope the G1 qualifys for the data so I could drop my $24.99 plan with the 400 text and get unlimited everything. Heck at this price (if true) I may just add a whole new line. I do feel though that there is more to it all than just a price plan…. I still believe we may see some surprise phones and maybe the start of their 4G rollout. I do know Apple’s iphone contract with at&t is up this year and from what I hear apple isn’t all too happy with at&t… so hopefully it will be an extra special christmas for us current and future Tmobile users.

  • 30014

    @elrich…. it just blows my mind that u are still posting on the site. We all know u want back in. Show some remorse and we will welcome u back with open arms. You have lost your way and tmo is the guiding light.

  • Just trying to help out my fellow TMO users see the light after being deceived since 2003 in my case. Check out the iPhone, it is simply amazing. I could not a phone could do all that. It is more than I ever expected. Sad giving TMOUSA has so much potential, now mothership Deutsche Telekom is probably gonna kick it to the curb ala Project Black.

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