“Project Dark/Black/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” Rumors


The recent speculation for “Project Dark” has allowed T-Mobile to create an internet buzz not seen for them across the blogosphere since the days leading up to the G1 launch. We have stated, based on the writings of others that T-Mobile USA needs a win and soon, so Deutsche Telekom can rest a little easier at night.  Rumors surrounding what “Project Dark” really is remain both secretive and mysterious. BoyGenius reports this afternoon that one of their “connects” has stated that they believe it is both a handset launch and a rapid network upgrade. Our sources have remained tight-lipped but have hinted toward a rate plan revamp worthy of taking the wireless world by storm. Which rumor is true? Nobody at this point knows and you should not take any of them as gospel, as nothing said has shown to be completely 100% factual.

We know new handsets are launching, T-Mobile has stated so much themselves. So why would such launches be so wildly secretive and mysterious? They would not be, not unless it was tied to something much more buzz worthy. To that end, we will continue to play the guessing game and wait for the inevitable leak. Until then, discuss away in the forums, the comments or at the water cooler. One thing is for sure, this hype had better not be for naught or the moans and groans of T-Mobile customers will be caught on the Richter scale.

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