Don’t Want To Wait For MotoBlur? Don’t!

I imagine Sanjay Jha is going to watch this video and begin planning to drop a nuclear weapon on this individual. This clever Android hacker managed to get his hands on the Cliq rom and ported it over to his G1. With the Google/Cyanogen mess still fresh in the minds of Android hackers, we cannot imagine this is going to sit well in the halls of Motorola. We’re counting down to the cease and desist.


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    Only 15 Seconds Into It And I WANT It.

  • eYe

    Funny.. I want completely opposite of this… I want Cliq with vanilla CM rom, lol. Only because Cliq has more RAM memory though, not sold on anything else Moto has to offer in this package. Tao/Sholes is a different beast, if T-mo gets that – I’ll be the first one in line.

  • control

    I want it but camera and wifi doesn’t work yet so no good for me


    And That Doesn’t Look Like A G1

  • lyfe

    Been keeping my eye on this rom for a couple of days,really is tempting me to install it but I need wifi.

  • LaNsLyDe

    i’vee installed this thing like 3 times…about to install again!

  • One question, how about Exchange support, Office suite applications, and other “smart”phone/PDA functionality?