CyanogenMod Lives!

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While news was grim for Android modders around the world on Friday, things are starting to look up.  Google and Cyanogen have reached an agreement, and a fast one at that.  It seemed odd that Google would ask someone to stop altering their open source OS, but they had their problems.  Essentially, Google didn’t want someone messing with their apps (Gmail, Google Maps, GTalk, Market, and YouTube) because they are “Google Experience” applications and not part of the open source foundation (basically, they are Google’s property, and they aren’t sharing).  Don’t worry though, Cyanogen has a plan:

Since I don’t work with any of these closed source applications directly, what I intend to do is simply ship the next version of CyanogenMod as a “bare bones” ROM. You’ll be able to make calls, MMS, take photos, etc. In order to get our beloved Google sync and applications back, you’ll need to make a backup first. I’m working on an application that will do this for you.

How does this make all of our Android users feel?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


  • WIlliam

    Anything that gets Gmail working again on my G1 is good in my book.

  • manus

    i just put cyanogen mod on my phone like 10 minutes ago.

  • Eric

    This article is a little misleading. Google and Cyanogen did not “reach an agreement.” Rather, Google laid down the law, and Cyanogen is doing his best to comply with it and work around it. No “agreement” was reached. Google is really sucking right about now…

  • Ryan

    I’m glad to see CMOD can continue albeit w/o adding Google’s apps into his ROM. After everything is all said and done, the mods will still perform the way we’re used to… I’m okay with that. it’s just gonna take alot of work on Cyanogen’s part!

  • JDean86

    Not directly related but should it be possible to put a different version of android on the Motorola Cliq that doesn’t have blur if I can’t stand it? Sorry for such a dumb Q.

    Also. Can switching roms be done by downloading it via data on the phone and launching it like an app?

  • LaNsLyDe

    I can’t wait. This is a nice solution

  • Thomas

    TmoNews is actually very behind the news on this one.
    Cyanogen is stumped again. According to his latest Twitter posts late this afternoon:

    “The gray areas might be too gray for me. I’ve contacted a few people for help. I may need to let my stress level come down a bit.”


    “This is about proprietary device drivers and not Google at this point. These drivers are not redistributable.”


    “well, we are also trying to deal with the issue of htc/ti/qualcomm proprietary stuff, it’s not just google.”

    So, Google was just the beginning. It opened up a Pandora’s box.

    Sorry, but I think that we’ve all been so sold a bill of goods in regards to this phone (T-Mobile’s G1) and the Google Android OS. We were told we could customize, yet we can’t even install themes if we strictly follow the law.

    And check this out:

    Look at the very top SPONSORED ad. It’s from T-Mobile, and it specifically says “Open Source”. That’s what many of us were led to believe. It’s anything but!

  • Robert

    Silly question I know but does anyone know where I can get the background pic from that screen shot?

  • The Observer

    my question is, why didnt google stop him before then if it was such a problem? i know this aint his first mod and google was like “oh my!”. maybe its because cyanogen has his own site which makes him more noticeable to google.

    i say he should go back to xda and make roms wit google apps in them on the low and close his site.

  • robisaks

    you guys are blowing this out of proportion.

    android IS open source, thats why cyan was able to create his roms in the first place. What is not open source are the apps that google created. If google did not take action, then other companies could create google experience devices without consulting google, and sell it without repercussion because they could point to cyan and say “he has been doing it for free”

    the beauty of all this is that when it’s all said and done, our devices will be able to do even more then before, over coming obstacles always creates better products.

  • Paul Roberts

    @Robert it’s one of the default wallpapers in the cyanogenmod rom