Cellphones Radiate, um…Radiation

So this isn’t really groundbreaking news, but cellphones ooze radiation every single second after you press that power button.  Now, however, there is a nifty little website (created by the Environmental Working Group) that ranks over 1,000 phones by radiation level.  So, head on over if you are worried about your daily consumption of radiation.  Spoiler Alert, the MyTouch 3G is up there as one of the worst phones, but the Sidekick is up there as one of the best, so let’s call it even.

USA Today


  • timmyjoe42

    The level of radiation is irrelevant if they don’t know what level is actually harmful.

    The only thing to go on is that less is best, but does it even matter?

  • FILA

    So by age 40 my ears will probably fall off and my head will be filled with tumors cuz of that damn myTouch and its ridiculous levels of radiation

  • rinklighter

    I guess I’ll have brain tumors too cuz I’ve had both to Tmo’s biggest offenders. Well, T-Mobile, I guess it’s nice to lead the league in something.

  • obviousness

    CDMA makes up most of the high, and GSM makes up most of the low. Not particularly surprising.

  • Niah

    For mytouch users, I heard from a t-mobile employee that if you use the gel case it cuts out some of the radiation. Also I read somewhere that blue tooth and head sets is some what of a good solution because of the radiation. How true are these statements…idk. Can someone help me out? Is it time for me to find a new phone?? Lol

  • thegoodson

    Radiation smadiation… maybe its those damn congo minerals! Either way, couldn’t be anymore harmful of the natural radiation the damn earth enmits, or… my microwaves… Ohhhhhhhh so scary

  • The Observer

    the way i see it, if the fcc approves it, its safe

  • sidekickuser

    lol thats one thing to be happy about having this phone. i want that cliq man!

  • I think these cell phone companies are trying to control the birthrate by increasing the radiation and killing off our juice…

    Fellas, we need to unite and stand as one!

  • Bob

    That big flaming orb at the center of our galaxy puts out quite a bit of radiation as well.

  • unknown

    It’s OK. I already had 1 kid anyways. I don’t need more. I guess having my mytouch in my pocket will just do the trick over time.

  • tmolover

    to hell with it all… there will forever be something just around the corner waiting to harm us

  • FILA

    I guess that explains the pains I had in my side today, from that damn myTouch attached to my belt today. hmm, warning signs, lol

  • Joey

    Lucky for me, I still have the Motozine which is even WORSE than the mytouch, at 1.59, with 1.6 being the absolute legal limit!
    I will use this as an excuse to get someone to buy the Cliq for me..
    “Do you WANT me to die from radiation poisoning? If not for me, do it for the bees!”