Columbia SC Goes 3G


Good afternoon TmoNews readers! Today is a very special day for T-Mobile subscribers in Columbia, South Carolina. Yup you guessed it! 3G is officially here! Congratulations guys! Feel free to sound off in the comments with your excitement! And once again for those of you still waiting patiently for 3G to be announced, we will keep you guys updated!


  • phoneking13

    Damn… Still no Cincinnati? :mad:

  • Computergeek377

    Your not the only one ticked off. The edge/gprs speed here in Cincinnati (at least in my area) has slowed to a craw!!!!!!!!!!! Feels like I am on dial up.


    The Carolinas really needed this!!! Now we have to push those new android devices!!

  • 30014

    Welcome to the 3g club. The only downside is that the network seems to be getting slower with all of the added congestion. I used to get over close to 900 kb/s now I’m only averaging about 500 kb/s. That will be remedied soon enough with the upcoming upgrade though. So all is good in the land of magenta.

  • TMO Rep

    Tulsa please?

  • Masrico

    I dont understand, Whats up with Cincy!? Can they pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase turn the 3G switch on! MyTouch 3G running on regular gas.. need Premium now!

  • sleebus.jones

    phoneking13, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Pedro

    Does anybody know if West Palm Beach Fl has 3G. Is there a list somewhere?

  • timmyjoe42

    Hey look. Columbia SC has one building in their skyline.

    Not having 3G in Cincy is getting ridiculous.

  • Michael

    yes . theres 3g all over palm beach county.

  • WOW!! ok i live in myrtle beach sc. Most of you have probably been here on vacation or something. yes its a tourist area. umm ok. this is getting me mad!! charleston sc which is like a historical town and now columbia? sure its the state capital but i still feel that myrtle beach should’ve gotten 3g before these 2 citites. o btw, columbia is like 2 hours west and charleston is 2 hours south of myrtle beach.

  • 30014

    Pedro go to U can check the 3g coverage for your area.

  • dossa002

    Cmon, Columbia definitely needed it. I lived in Tuscaloosa, AL and we’ve had 3G all of this year compared to once I moved up here where we had nothing in the state when I got here. I’m sure Myrtle Beach is probably coming Q4 or Q1 next year.

  • imjussayin

    woo hoooo!!!!! glad to see it finally arrived. still showing the edge connection as of this post :( i did see the “H” icon for the first time earlier today but it disappeared this afternoon. obviously there is no rhyme or reason to TMo’s 3G coverage but happy to get it just the same.

  • That skyline shot looks good, not accurate but good.

    As long as I’m not at my desk I get 1-4 bars of “H”!

    At home, Irmo, SC I’m still on Edge :( At my desk at work I get 1-3 bars of GRPS or EDGE :(, but today I only lost signal at the desk once.

  • broadrivr


    I’m in harbison rockin 4 bars of 3g. Colunbia 3G is live up in this bitch

  • Danny

    FINALLY this damn boring ass southern piece of crap city has 3G!!! Now the wait for CLIQ…

  • Jones

    I live in Irmo, and i’m still showing Edge…. Ill drive down harbison and see if I get 3G

  • Chris Meyers

    T-Mobile really has some low class clientele. Look at some of these posts.

  • Jesse

    hahahaa yeah. and who the eff had the audacity to call charleston a “historic town”?? that makes it sound like some sleepy little hicktown not far from BFE. Charleston is becoming super metropolitan…

  • That Guy

    Myrtle Beach is one of the top vacation destinations in the Southeast! Myrtle Beach NEEDS 3G from T-Mobile NOW!