Open Comment Weekend


You have seen it before, but now we have a little change.  Instead of the standard Open Comment Friday tradition, we are going to try opening the comments section for the weekend instead.  This is your time to discuss what ever comes to mind (hopefully it is T-Mobile related); T-Mobile has left a bunch to be chatted about in the comments.  Maybe you can talk about the latest Android news, T-Mobiles ever expanding 3G network,  T-Mobiles quest into HSPA+ or maybe just the latest and greatest in T-Mobile phones.  So now I leave it to you, tell us what you think in the comments!


  • fort

    Does anyone know if the HSPA signal gives better phone reception? I’m in Springdale MD and my 3g is spot tie and my phone reception is sub par at best. When I leave the area everything works grate.

  • Doug

    I have been waiting for a T-Mobile 3G blackberry. I know the 9700 is coming, but does anyone know of any others that might be coming?

  • Gimpeh

    Anyone have any idea when Springfield MO will get 3G? Every other carrier has it but us and its driving me insane.

  • Max

    Does anyone knows if tmobile will be getting the sholes next year?

  • Achilles

    Motorola Cliq, how many people think not putting a camera flash on it was the dumbest thing Motorola could have done?

  • 30014

    What do u guys normally get on your 3g speeds. I typically get between 500-600 down and about 180 up, and my max is 897 down and 193 up.

  • -ray


    I don’t really know.. The pic examples from the Cliq have been really good so far. Of course they are all in daylight. I have a flash on my camera now and it really does not make a difference. The flash can only pan out so far.

  • -ray

    Make that a flash on my phone (curve)….

  • mapcontractor

    I think T-Mobile needs to start including some ‘value added’ if it wants customers to pay $25+ for data plans. A T-Mobile branded navigation system and mobile TV would be a good start. $25-$30 is just too much to demand for customers for limited 3G coverage. In most cities the 3G coverage doesn’t even reach the suburbs. A data inclusive family ‘Everything Plus’ type plan would be nice too.

  • js-1

    seriously!!!!!!!!!!! having a flash on a PHONE is the worst idea heck even thought! do a test grab your camera fully charge it and turn on the flash. snap a couple of random pictures till the it runs out of charge time it too. now do the same w/o the flash and see how long that battery last… a burst of light/flash takes a lot out of battery’s charge and life too. having it on phone when that device MAIN thing to do is MAKE PHONE CALLS!

    Sick of Android, RIM, and WinMo. We already got stuck with no Symbian handsets. Now the best ever supports our network. Get it in gear!

  • Cracker

    @christexaport: Agreed!

  • Achilles

    Re: Motorola Cliq! A Camera Flash is important in REAL LIFE situations! Motorola dropped the ball by not including it on the Motorola Cliq.

  • MeMe

    Will there be a Storm 2 on T-Mobile? I have a feeling. . .

  • yor PAPI

    Alrite let me start with ive bin a TMO customer for about 2yrs my 1st an only phone i have is tmo shadow copper one when i 1st got it i had alot of f… problem but after a couple of months after that its bin the best phone I have owned the only thing that it lacks is touchscreen an GPS.MY proplem is that ive followed a bucnh of phones trying 2 find a perfect one for me ,but everytime it comes out tmo for some stupid reason f….s it up lets take for example G1,G2 or my touch, touchpro2, an this device i was very excited about but TMO f….. it WHY TMO ppl techs,reps now the cliq looks great , and the one i hav my eye on is Nokia N900 pleeeeeeese TMOgive us the nokia phone not the tmo phone learn frm yor mistakes the tmo customers deserve better we are the reason u still exist SO LISTEN

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    I’m really hoping TMO brings 3G service to Boise soon! :-)

  • yor PAPPI

    WTF everytime i post a freakn comment on here it gets erased wht iam not allowed 2 express myself how i feel about tmo WHY is that .See tmo you need to learm we are the consumers iam a consumer and this site should not erase comments that put up what are yall scared that the public will catch on to tmo messing up everyphone they bring out that yall destroy phones when yall change them alter them tmo ways weel stop or ur gonna loose alot of customers lets just see how long this comment staus up JERKS

  • js-1


    WHAT REAL LIFE SITUATIONS? if any thing my 5 year old phone has f/stop of 2.8 which is PLENTY to emit light onto the sensor.

    do you even KNOW anything about how to a camera and what flash is really used for?

  • haha realx @yor PAPPI…this isn’t an official T-Mobile site…it’s the unnoficial T-Mobile Blog (as it says on the top of the page)…

    anyways…I want to know more about the new version of the G1…all I want is a fast Android phone and a cheaper data plan…I think if T-Mobile lowered their pricing for the data plan slightly (maybe $5) then it would be able to better compete with other carriers by increasing their quantity…

    On an unrelated sidenote I got to use the TP2 and it is SICK…HOWEVER…the battery life sucks big time…talked to my friend for 40 minutes and the battery was down to 67%…lol that is the biggest epic fail if I’ve ever seen one…

  • Achilles

    RE: Motorola Cliq. Has anyone ever took a picture using the Motorola Zine, a Nokia N95, N96, N97? Does the camera flash add to anything? You bet it does.

  • kedoin

    @fort – I believe having the 3G support does enhance phone reception. I have a Nokia E75 that I’ve been using with T-Mobile. Great phone, but no T-Mobile 3G. I keep running into situations where I get no bars. I’ve even brought my T-Mobile TM506 (which does have 3G) with me and when the E75 has no reception, I can pop the SIM into the TM506 and have 2-3 bars!

    For photo folks, here’s an article that shows how much better photos are when you have a xenon flash:

    • Andrew

      @kedoin That is with a Xenon flash though, and lets face it, the majority of cell phones will not have a xenon flash. Most of the time you will see LED flashes, and maybe just maybe a dual LED flash. I will tell you that a xenon flash from a phone isn’t that great when compared to that of a point and shoot, not to mention the power from a DSLR. I have a phone that is designed to be used as a camera, with xenon flash, and I would rather not use it at night because it doesn’t come out any where near what I would want it to be. It is because of this that I think flashes should be added to higher end camera phones and not things that aren’t designed to be used as a primary camera. The flash, especially, xenon, takes up room and wastes battery like no other. So, not having a flash on cell phone camera is not a deal breaker for me, and I love taking pictures.

  • watbetch

    I think they need to

    Upgrade all 3G areas to HSPDA+

    INCREASE NETWORK COVERAGE!!!!!! Where I live there are still places where the map says I should have 3G but I don’t – Unacceptable.

  • tmobest

    All of the 3G launches are nice but when is TMO going to spend some money on improving coverage especially in building. They can compete if they would improve coverage. W deal to buy clearwire would be great for better speed and spectrum but still need better coverage.

  • CallawayBomber

    Interesting news I learned this afternoon. T-Mobile is being removed from the R-Solutions kiosks in Sam’s Club coming in October. They’re being replace with Verizon Wireless. This must be a loss of 200+ vendor locations.(T-Mobile is not in every Sam’s Club location, 600+ locations) Most customer’s do not browse in Radio Shack, like they do while visiting Sam’s Club. I for one, do not go into Radio Shack unless I need something specific. Is T-Mobile concerned?

  • carlos

    @ andrew…well phrased. i’m not too sure what to make of flash since i’ve been w/ a razr for a couple years now. i mean it broke recently, but you get my drift. but if what you say is true, then cool…i wont make the flash of top priority when i look for my next phone.

    which brings me to my inquiry. the price drop of the mytouch has really caught my eye, as has android. what would well-informed person have to say? i’m not sure what to make of the cliq, and the only other plausible alternative would be the upcoming blackberry. but like i said, i’m interested in the whole android thing. please, people, your thoughts?

  • The Observer

    so are they bringin back the $25 data plan wit 400 msgs with the motorola cliq?

  • Touchprolover

    I think that the Touch Pro 2 is the best phone of the year. I owned it for two weeks, but the price is what made me return it. I just couldn’t bring myself to keep a phone that almost cost the same amount of my rent. I am hoping and praying that T-Mobile comes out with a Storm 2!!

    • Andrew

      Verizon and AT&T are the only ones that have their hands on the Storm 2 so far, and AT&T isn’t even completely confirmed (though it seems likely).

      @carlos I would wait for the cliq to come out and go try it yourself. The cliq may just fit, and I think it will be a great phone. The MyTouch is a pretty decent choice for android ( Though I would personally go cliq over the mytouch) and it serves its purpose. Getting used to typing on an onscreen keyboard takes some time, though it is easier on the capacitive screen (as compared to resistive) if only the mytouch had multi touch (someday…). I would never count out Blackberry though, and the keyboard on the 9700 will be amazing.

  • LaNsLyDe

    Moto cliq doesn’t have flash? Oh noes! Sike! You shouldn’t use the flash when your taking photos anyway geez!

  • LaNsLyDe


    Using the flash on nething ruins the picture. It changes colors and what not.

  • Bob

    When is T-mobile going to give me 3g service close to my water trough for my pigs smack dab in the middle of my 4,000 acre ranch in Montana? Oh the pain of waiting soooo long for it.

  • David

    @yo papi…chill out. Haha there is no conspiricy to get you. Maybe you were deleted because of your run on sentences, mis-spelling, lack of puncuation, or ….I could go on and on. That said t-mobile, like ALL carriers customize their phones, they always have. Any of them can be hacked and wiped back to manufacture default. Sounds like u complain a lot so it may be hard for you to ever find a phone or service you can be happy with. Sorry man.

  • -ray

    LOL… That was good David…

    Here is a link with a sample picture from the Cliq. Not too shabby!! Just scroll down until you see the pic of the Golden Gate bridge..

  • Rigo89

    So is the Nokia N900 coming to t-mobile after all ???

  • LifeOfACityBoy

    i want a new andriod phone but i’m not impressed with any of them… except the mytouch 3g.

  • robert

    3G has nothing to do w/ enhancing your phone signal

  • texan

    If Cyanogen is dead might as well bail ship and go with the Jesus phone.

  • TMOrox

    I spoke with a Nokia rep who was at our center on Monday. He said that they made the N900 with the Tmo Band so that Tmo Customers could use it but it will not be coming to Tmo officially. He said Tmo wants to keep Nokia known as their low end manufacturer, which they aren’t too happy about, they hope with making the N900 able to work on our network enough customers will purchase it on their own and use it on the network, luring Tmo to carry one of their high end phones in the future.

  • bronzetank

    Bring us the N900 or even the most loyal T-Mobile customers will revolt!!! Come on, Nokia didn’t even make it compatible with AT&T, and T-Mobile is just spitting in their face…and ours!

  • jason mcdougal

    so as before i redundantly make the same cry
    i need a phone
    seems no one in the world makes one with what i need
    so far the pharos traveler 137 is closest but has no antenna extention ports, and no qwerty , double fail
    next down the list is the tp2, wich has no video conferancing cam, and no antenna extention ports, agine double fail

    so far the pt137 has my vote, and therfore most likly guna get my money,,,,,i am seriously begging for someone to pull a better phone out of the wood work here

    i have to have
    wm os
    3mpix cam or better and the whole works of whats in a topnotch pda + tmo 3g teathering capability

  • bing bang

    What’s all the fuss about the moto cliq not having a flash? If you are taking a picture in plain daylight or in a well lit room then there’s really no need for it.

    And I’m sure whatever pictures are taken in the night time would suffice for whatever the picture is needed for. Come on peopleeeee. No need to nit pick at every detail.

  • ellwooda

    TMO is always knocked for their less than stellar reception. Even the AT&T folks like to give us guff. While in my home I compared my reception on my BB 8900 to a colleague’s iPhone on the AT&T network. I got 1 bar compared to his full bars. Same spot, same time. If it weren’t for UMA I wouldn’t be able to make calls in my own home. What does magenta have planned to remedy this matter?

  • Aaronforjesus

    I know that having a LED flash on my SE K550i hath made the difference between not having a picture and having one many times! So yes, the Cliq not having a flash bith a deal breaker.

  • Touchprolover

    I really don’t understand why the existing customers get the short end of the stick. I pay a high cell phone bill and I am stuck with a phone that only sometimes gets 3G service. I really love the Touchpro 2 but I am really hoping that T-Mobile steps up their game and comes out with better phones at a better price, or lower the plans. Sprint had really bad customer service but their simply everything plan is GREAT ( I must admit) I will never switch but I really hope Tmo hears the existing customers’ cries!!!

  • Man I would seriously consider buying the Cliq…but that navigation D-Pad next to the keyboard makes it look ugly…in my opinion at least…

    sigh guess I’ll have to wait for the next batch of Android phones…

  • Iasthai

    T-Mobile needs to work on widening their coverage area and fixing the gaps in coverage. I love the fact that we now have 3G in my area, but it’s spotty at best. If they want to be able to compete with at&t and Verizon they need to work on their coverage.

  • antoine

    Will t-mo carry the nokia netbook or any netbook for that matter?

  • carlos

    tmonews need an app in the android markit place. how long before we see one?

  • Sgt. Cell

    As asked before, any news on a Tmo Storm2? With the added 3g coverage Rim should throw us some touchscreen love.

  • SnootchyBoochys

    I have a blackberry with a flash and I enjoy taking pictures with it….However, the flash usually does not help and sometimes the picture is actually worse with the flash on…….I will be buying the Cliq on day one and I could care less about it not having the flash….Why would you not buy a PHONE because of its CAMERA not being good enough?…..If you care so much about pictures like I do you will get yourself a real camera for the moments you care about the most and your phone camera will take care of the other moments that just pop up in life…..If we were living in Japan we would probably have 12 mega pixel camera phones with great flashes and no need for 2 devices but we don’t so no point in complaining about it. Just buy 2 great devices that will give you exactly what you want……Girls have it easy, 2 devices and 1 purse equals no problem….Guys not so much….2 devices and no purse (not me at least) equals big problem but deal with it.

  • JH

    Oct 15 — see ya tmobile… HELLO Sprint and HTC HERO!!!

  • Bye bye T-Mobile. I’m going to the iPhone at the end of the month. Been a customer since 2003 but your Touch Pro2 pricing totally set me off. Too expensive. The iPhone is more bad a$$, has more apps, and is entirely suitable for MS Exchange as a business user. Bye bye TMOUSA, your execs are a bunch of dumb a$$es.

  • yor PAPPI

    hey iam bak fools so who ever was clowing on my spelling F U can u spell that . mind yor buisness , i can blog about wutever i want when i want SO who made the the leader or defender of tmo A H , BUT ANY WAYS tmo needs 2 step it up a notch or else everyone is gonna complain like myself cuz iam in need of a phone that has good GPS ido alot of traveling in my city which is HOUSTON the best city inda world thanku spell check my SH..!!!!!! now dumazz

  • Achilles

    Re: Motorola Cliq. The reality is that more people are using the camera on their cell phones. Whether the park, a bar, or the mall, people are snapping pics and sending them to their friends. A camera flash comes in very handy. The Motorola Cliq does not have a camera flash. I shall not be making this purchase.

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Antoine

    yes there will be a netbook.. made by Dell.. it should release between Oct.-Nov.

  • Jason

    I really couldn’t care less, but it just seems odd to me that with a 5MP camera, you wouldn’t include a flash. Why would I want to take giant resolution pictures that look like complete shit in the dark?

  • antoine

    cool, thanks @j-hop2o6

  • Steve

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