T-Mobile Seeking Additional Spectrum


According to the Wall Street Journal, T-Mobile asked that an additional spectrum, currently reserved for public safety channels, be freed up for commercial carriers.  AT&T, on the other hand, wants to keep the spectrum open for public safety organizations but supports that the spectrum be reserved for LTE (and hey, T-Mobile is up for that).  The spectrum in question, if you care, is the 700 D Block band, and it certainly lines up with recent rumors circulating a deal with Clearwire.

Wall Street Journal via MobileBurn


  • I thought tmobile had more than enough spectrum than they needed, but i guess i was wrong. oh well send me some hsdpa+. i heard that thing is the most powerful in the country.

  • Jung

    Eh, I pay for internet at home and data on my phone and most carriers want people to pay for a THIRD plan to have 3G wireless at home. Come up with one nice priced data plan for smartphone/@home and I’ll consider it. Or give me 4G speeds as fast as cable so I can dump cable. lol.

  • J-Hop2o6

    o0o nice.. a frequency that will penetrate buildings even better.. but is it true that the smaller the frequency, the shorter the distance it can go, but easier to penetrate buildings.. And the higher the freq, the farther the distance it can go, but its not as good as penetrating buildings like lower frequency’s?

    So if they acquire this 700 band, are they gonna use it for LTE AND 3G? or just LTE? and is Tmousa only gonna Lease it or are they actually gonna buy it out from Clearwire?

  • Kershon

    I can see why att would oppose this. It would of course put T-Mo in a better position to compete. And whenever att looses the exclisivity of their jesusphone they will need all the help they can get. I for one would like to see T-Mo move up and knock att out of the #2 spot. Anybody else feel that way?

  • Joe

    @J-Hop the lower the frequency, the farther it can travel and thus get better penetration in buildings. However, as the frequency decreases, so does voice quality.

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Joe

    oh ok.. thx for clearing that up.. and how is the voice quality in a 700 band (or atleast the 900 band tmousa has)?