Now This Makes More Sense


Now here is a deal that makes significantly more sense for Deutsche Telekom: T-mobile and Clearwire sitting in a tree.  Just a few weeks after rumors surfaced again of another Deutsche Telekom/Sprint acquisition the rumor mill turns to unnamed sources who claim talks are underway between the companies. Why does this make more sense for T-mobile you might ask? Clearwire allows T-mobile to make giant leaps forward in the 4G game where  they are already playing catch up. Clearwire, needing additional capital to continue building out its network would clearly find cash flow from any type of transaction. While Clearwire is already in bed with Sprint on the whole Wimax 4G solutions, Clearwire has stated they are open to changing directions.

On another note, concerning the above rumor, T-mobile is said to be considering a partnership with MetroPCS who also have available spectrum for a 4G solution. MetroPCS has committed to LTE, Deutsche Telekom has committed to LTE, so what will T-mobile USA do? Was the Clearwire statement regarding a change in 4g direction a pre-cursor to merger movement or just a blanket statement that they are keeping their options open? Time will tell if this rumor has more muscle than the previous 63 Sprint buyout rumors, but one thing is for sure, T-mobile needs to turn things around and fast.


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  • Santiago

    That’d Be Really Great If It Was In Fact True And They Did It.! =D
    It’d Help T-Mobile, A LOT.

  • danielle

    this needs to happen…If sprint merged wit tmobile..tmobile would be the best service provider.

  • GadgetProne

    funny thing….i just took my mother in law off my Myfaves and slapped a MetroPCS phone in her hand…..cuz she talks to Damn Much!!!!

  • 30014

    As long as LTE is Tmo’s 4g standard it doesn’t matter if its clearwire or metro pcs, as long as it gets 4g in motion.

  • Anonymous

    This would be awesome considering that Clear and Sprint have their 4G networks up and going in my area while T-Mobile is still lagging with no 3G.

  • Titty!

    ohh, something’s going down alrite . (: &likee i said.
    t-mobile will be working its wayy upp! haha.

    annonymous: you are and idiot. t-mobile has 3G. duh.
    ha :)

  • Anonymous


    Very funny. I know T-Mobile has 3G. Just not in my area and many other markets to clarify. Geez.

  • Matthew

    Either way this sounds good to me. I don’t understand how the 4g thing would work with MetroPCS but I am all for it. MetroPCS is killing the competition with their ridiculous pricing! They have international calling as a $5 add on! If T-Mobile had something like that then they would unquestionable be a mile in from of the competition. Right now Sprint can, at times, rival T-Mobile with pricing, especially when it comes to their Simply Everything and Everything Data plans, and now with their Any Mobile Anytime…
    Anyway, bottom line, T-Mobile needs to do something, and fast!
    At first we were ahead of the other 3 national carriers with the myFaves but now with Verizon’s acquisition of ALLTEL and their MY Circle with 10 and now Sprint has a pick 5, T-Mobile needs something else…
    Even though it would be a complicated transition I am all for T-Mobile buying/Merging with Sprint, just as long as we don’t get stuck with both names, it has to be only T-Mobile :). but looking ahead to 4g being more pervasive, I think it to be a viable option! And teaming up with MetroPCS, as I understand it, would mean that we could both mutually benefit from such a relationship (since they have such rock bottom pricing, but lack the nation coverage and financial ability that T-Mobile (DT) has)…

  • wtf

    4g ugh…rolls eye looking away from 3g-less tp2.

  • tinalooks808

    Funny I have a metro PCS for my business line and a T-mobile phone for personal use. If they both come together I wonder what will happen???

  • This is all about the small guys getting together to share the cost of building a network and allowing roaming across all 3 carriers. It would require that either Clearwire switch to LTE, which isn’t that hard, or TMO to go with WiMax, which is doubtful. It only takes a software upgrade for Clearwire to switch, and then replacing the WiMax modems and devices with LTE equivalents.

    If you combine Clearwire/Sprint, TMobileUSA, and MetroPCS, you have a customer base of nearly 85-100 million consumers, and a shared network could be cheaper to manage than the Verizon/at&t juggernauts. This is a cagey and wise move if it can be done.

  • Alex

    you would have two phones with the same company?

  • Alex


    you would have two phones with the same company. duh.

  • J

    My biggest concern would be the manpower and time it would take to integrate some of the described mergers. The Clearwire idea would be pretty simple. You aren’t migrating customers from one network to another or anything like that.

    The MetroPCS idea, you have quite a bit of work to do. There would be a lot of overlap, so there would be some sites taken down. I’m not sure it would help coverage much outside of maybe filling in holes in metro areas. I’d be surprised if MetroPCS had many areas covered that T-Mobile does not. You would still be looking at a lot of man hours dedicated to combining the two networks. Would this interfere with the time needed to install HSPA+ or 4G? HSPA+ is considered a “software upgrade”, but that is not entirely true. More circuits are being installed at the sites, so hardware adds have to be done as well.

    If the Sprint idea would happen, thats and engineering nightmare. The amount of time and energy to integrating that network would be great. Granted you have extra employees, but this would be a huge undertaking. I cannot see how it could not slow down HSPA+ or LTE deployments.

    I suspect T-Mobile is going to make a big push somehow, but it is difficult to guess in what way they are going to do this. From what information I gather, I think it is clear that T-Mobile plans to stay T-Mobile. DT seems to be shaking up T-Mobile, USA a bit and I see that as a very positive thing. T-Mobile has some international muscle that they haven’t flexed in the US. Perhaps they are finally going to do that.

  • Luis

    T-mobile is coming back in a huge way. u can tell that they aint playing no more with there network and trying to get out of 4th place they are pulling all the stops.

    it would be hella funny if t-mobile got clearwire to change from wimax to lte and just totally trash there wimax deal with sprint lmao.

    i can see it now in there commercials sprint the first 4g networ….. wait what no more wimax wtf happen they what??….. lte??.. tmobile???… oh fuck lmfao

    lol but for real come on everyone that would be ridiculous funny if that happened

    hold on i no iam right on this but isnt metropcs a cdma network i mean iam pretty sure they r…..

    wait so if t-mobile does say lets get with metropcs then they could be like ok clearwire change to lte for 4g and help us turn metropcs into 4g with lte ….then since sprint has no other way of getting wimax for there 4g so sprint changes to lte for there 4g and get together with tmo and metro???? wow ok

    anyone feel free to help out with that one cuz thats even more funny

  • SEFan

    Ohohohohoh… that could make things very interesting. I’ve been wondering whether T-Mobile could ever catch up, even though they’re increasing their 3G grid at a furious rate. Clearwire could put T-Mo back at the technology forefront.. Game on!

  • Matthew

    Yeah, that is kind of funny! but it would definitely be nice if T-Mobile could do something with any of the three companies!

  • pdusk

    Everyone here needs to learn how to read. It is not about mergers it is about tower agreements and how to spread 4g as fast as possible. No one is merging it is only about roaming agreements and what not. You guys really need to learn how to read.

  • Joe

    pdusk explained it absolutely correct. This is a network sharing agreement, no mergers. And for those that don’t know, MetroPCS does run a good portion of their 3g network on the 1700/2100 MHz spectrum, so sharing with T-Mobile really won’t be all that difficult.

  • FILA

    “partnership with MetroPCS”

    im almost afraid of what that could mean

  • Kershon

    Luis that is hilarious! Come on T-Mo make my day.

  • Buzz

    I just wanted to throw this out there to all of you. I completely aggree that T-mobile needs to do something. They are the best company for sure. I mean seriously they have the lowest prices and the nices caring people working there. I think partnering with metro would be best. I am not sure if any of you have reasearch but Sprint would be like partnering with a dog with flees! They are over 98 million in debt!!! So that would be a bad idea. Yeah that have some sweet plan they are trying to push to save there butts but in a few years they will be split up and gone.

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  • greyfoxzero

    If sprint and tmobile merge the slogan will be a combination of the now network and stick together. I present to you the new company slogan “The “stuck together now” network”.

  • The hardware installation for LTE has already begun at T-Mobile and the fiber optics needed for the jump will be complete in a few months. Yes, we’re going HSPA+ first but everything is coming together nicely. I work in the field so I know what I’m talking about.

  • Renfru

    My Favs not being offered any more. Keep it if you have it. But they are offering instead more minutes for the same $$. Not everyone wants 3g or 4g. Many would like more minutes or message credits for the same $$ or less. If T-M could do this and more they would become the best deals for the money. Then I believe, like Walmart, they would take away customers from the number 1 thru 3 companies and then have the most customers.