Waking Up To 3G In North Carolina


T-mobile continues its 3G march this morning with emails coming en masse for Raleigh, Durham and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  With today’s launch coming on the heels of Monday’s, T-mobile is certainly working furiously toward its 3G goal of 200+ million pops covered. Happy 3G North Carolina!

On a smaller 3G note, reports are coming in concerning areas north of San Diego launching 3G services but these are unconfirmed at this point! We’ll update as information comes to light!

UPDATE: All the cities that launched today: Columbia, Durham, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem, N.C.; Greenville, S.C.; and Escondido and Oceanside, CA.


  • Chuck

    I can confirm that 3G service appeared in several areas of northern San Diego County starting this morning. Hurray!

  • CaliQuakes

    Same here! I actually sent a Tweet on Twitter to T-Mobile this morning saying that North County had 3G on! Was excited…

  • gerald

    Finally,3g greenville s.c

  • Kevin

    I saw my data connection go back and forth between edge and 3G last night in RTP, NC but its been solid edge all day today. Hopefully 3G is coming soon.

  • Joey

    I can confirm that Downtown Raleigh, Midtown and Wade Avenue areas are working in Raleigh. Also, I can also confirm that 3g is working on the Durham Freeway and on Duke West Campus! :) Hooray! :)

  • anthony

    and still nothing in the inland empire…

  • Inland empire? Charlotte already has 3G.

  • anthony

    inland empire ca is san bernardino, fontana, etc

  • ultravision

    still nothing in Fresno this is ridiculous

  • msmonkey

    You think that’s ridiculous? How about the 17th largest city in the nation, Louisville, Ky (loo-eey-ville, or if you’re from here, loo-aa-ville) not having 3G yet

  • Maddy

    Woohooo! I finally have 3G since today morning at my office, which is in Poway, CA (Just outside San Diego). Even though it’s only 1 bar, the connection speed is not bad, and definitely better than 2 bars of EDGE.

    I had seen a brief flash of 3G on my phone last week and thought I was hallucinating. But now I know I was not :D.

  • Ducter

    Northern Durham here…nada :( hopefully its coming?

  • Ron

    Woke up to full signal on 3G this morning in East County San Diego. Yeah!!!!

  • SexyDesertLad

    @ Anthony: 3G will be turned on for the remainder of the Inland Empire east of the 15 FWY and Victorville/Hesperia/Apple Valley areas this Friday!

  • anthony

    whooo!!!!! thanks for the info SDL!!

  • CaliQuakes

    I hope that is true about the Inland Empire (CA) getting it this friday….it sounds right since they were supposed to launch the IE by the end of the 3rd quarter which would be next Wednesday.

  • frofro

    Inland Empire needs some 3G love!

  • Todd

    I can confirm 3G in my area of San Diego, near the Miramar/Mira Mesa area. I had never gotten it before, but I got the glorius 3G symbol this afternoon.

  • Hanger

    I had 3g here in north carolina it just suddenly disappeared and now i have 4 bars of edge on my G1 :( Anyone else experience this?

  • Michael

    I just want to report that I live in North San Diego and work in North San Diego. Where I work at, Encinitas, I do now have 3g connectivity. I just noticed it this afternoon. I don’t know yet about where I live. I’ll know later tonight.

  • ellwooda

    The Inland Empire does need 3G love. We also need BB 9700 love as well!

  • kpmnc24

    I got 3G in RTP and Cary but not Apex. I think they might still be rolling it out here so other areas may get it soon. I would expect N. Durham to get it as well as Apex.

  • Ducter

    kpmnc24, that would be nice… I was down on Guess Rd and had it briefly, then noticed as soon as I saw it was gone lol, enough time to load a page up. If you had it in RTP, Cary and others report Raleigh then Apex would seem certain. Hopefully a few days and it will be 3g time, finally :)

  • Ducter

    Just went to wiki to take a look at population stats.. stats from 2008

    Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill make up the three historically primary cities of the Research Triangle metropolitan region. The regional nickname of “The Triangle” originated after the 1959 creation of the Research Triangle Park, located between the cities of Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham. The Research Triangle region encompasses the U.S. Census Bureau’s Combined Statistical Area (CSA) of Raleigh-Durham-Cary in the central Piedmont region of North Carolina. As of July 1, 2008 the estimated population of the Raleigh-Durham-Cary CSA was 1,690,557,[2] while the Raleigh-Cary Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) was estimated at 1,088,765,[2] making it the nation’s fastest growing metropolitan area.[7][8]

    Be real hard for t-mobile to ignore any one of these markets IMO.

  • Joey

    I work in Downtown Raleigh… However, as I was driving down Timber drive on the way home to Garner, it went back to Edge immediately after Target. I live exactly 5.5 miles from downtown Raleigh and no signal in Garner :( T-mobile LITERALLY means Raleigh :-)

  • boo

    any word on 3g in palmdale, ca?

  • savant

    Happy to report that at 2:15 am, this Thursday morning that my G1 displays a 3G signal in Dayton Ohio

  • Brian

    Woke up this morning with 3G for the first time in Dayton, Ohio. Anybody else see anything in Ohio?

  • Jay

    Still wishing in Montgomery, AL.

  • 30014

    Tmo finally took care of the Salt Lake cry babies, now they just have to get the Cinncinati and “inland empire” cry babies.

  • Todd

    I also have 3G in my home area….4S Ranch, Rancho Bernardo

  • phoneking13

    Dayton, OH? are you serious?

  • phoneking13

    Where at in Dayton? I’m in Middletown….

  • Yeah dayton opened 3g lastnight at midnight. Middletown is probably too far out of the first 3g push here though..

  • phoneking13

    I might go up to Dayton tonight with my Samsung T636 and test it out then… ;)

  • dossa002

    The problem with the twitter post I read from T-Mobile is that they included “Columbia” with the list of North Carolina cities. I’ve never been to Columbia, NC but from what I know it’s hardly worth deploying 3G considering as of the last Census, the population was 819. I assumed they meant Columbia, SC with this (which almost made me wet myself) and lo and behold…still no 3G in Columbia, SC.

  • West

    Haven’t seen anything and I’m on Six Forks Road in Raleigh. Live in Knightdale and haven’t seen any change from Edge in the last two nights. Maybe just maybe tomorrow…Was Indianapolis last week and 3G was the bomb. Can’t wait.

  • Ducter

    heh…I am thinking that Durham doesnt include all of Durham….or atleast not yet hopefully, Still nothing in Northern Durham. Worked in downtown Raleigh today and once I got on the Durham freeway it was 3g all the way, on the way home I lost it on hillsboro rd exit coming off the freeway only to see it never return again lol.

  • West

    HIP HIP HOORAY 3G is in affect throughout the Raleigh Durham area. Still spotty in some areas but good strong signal most of the time. Our day has come..

  • Enzeru

    I had been waiting for so long for this ever since I moved from Orlando, FL to Raleigh. I was so happy to see 3G on my phone!

  • Yay! Finally got 3G in Greenville, SC!
    The coverage area seems pretty small, cause my G1 falls back on EDGE a lot when going around town, but at least my university campus is covered!

  • roy

    what about crabtree mall area in raleigh?

  • Stephanie

    I live in Hesperia, and I just got 3G, but it keeps turning on and off. Kinda weird.

  • Bill

    Has anyone heard when 3g will be turned on in Cincinnati?

  • Dan

    Drove to NC from NY, had some 3g in various spots in VA and NC but down in Southport where I am I get some edge, but in my parents house in certain spots in the house the signal goes dead. Really frustrating, recently switched to T-Mobile, i come down to NC a lot. My sprint worked fine down here and my fathers Verizon is working fine around here.

    Called into tmobile and I gave my address I was told I would be lucky if I got more then a few bars of edge. She said she would put in a service request…

    Anybody near southport, NC have good t-mobile, I wouldn’t mind so much if I had solid edge, I can use google voice over wifi for calls and data in the house but I hate when I get absolutely no service at all.

    • Dan

      also wanted to add, anybody no of any 3g updates to the area please post a reply, thank you.