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Deutsche Telekom Plans to Develop New Phone Without Apps

Deutsche Telekom is working with Brain.ai to create a new phone that comes with zero apps. The two plan to unveil the app at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, which will be held in Barcelona later in the month. Through this partnership, the two hope to make computers an extension of the human mind.  The AI phone, as it is called, will break the norm. It is an app-free interface that can predict and generate contextual … [read full article]

T-Mobile Exposed Customer Data to Hackers, Per Lawsuit

A 2022 lawsuit against T-Mobile revealed how T-Mobile exposed the data of its customers to hackers. The lawsuit was filed by an investor in the company that goes by the name Jenna Harper.  As reported by PhoneArena, the lawsuit claimed that T-Mobile has one unified database where its customer data and credentials are organized into. This database then trains AI and machine learning models, which has the tendency … [read full article]

T Challenge 2024 Now Accepting Submissions

For the fourth year in a row, T-Mobile US, Inc. has partnered with Deutsche Telekom AG for the T Challenge competition.  This year, the two companies have invited innovators and disruptors from around the world to compete for a chance to be awarded the best use of AI. The goal of the competition is to use AI to enhance telecommunications, making use of 5G networks to bring about these changes.  In its announcement, T-Mobile revealed the three … [read full article]

T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom Complete 5G SA Testing

T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier have successfully completed testing its 5G Standalone (5G SA) roaming. This accomplishment leverages on the latter’s Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) to complete the first hosted SEPP 5G SA in the world.  Basically, this gives customers on these networks the ability to continue using 5G when they travel internationally. The companies collaborated on this for a couple of months.  Once this new technology gets adopted, these are the benefits that it … [read full article]

2022/2023 T Challenge Winners Announced: Check Out This Year’s Winners Here

T-Mobile US and Deutsche Telekom have announced the winners of its T Challenge 2023. After six months of competition, the 20 finalists have finally completed the challenge. The finalists were previously announced here. The finalists all presented their solutions to T-Mobile US and Deutsche Telekom executives in Bonn, Germany. Out of the finalists, six winners were picked for their innovative solutions.  The following are the … [read full article]

Deutsche Telekom now majority stock owner of T-Mobile US

Deutsche Telekom is now the majority owner of T-Mobile US in stock.  The company officially made the announcement in a press release yesterday by its CEO, Timotheus Höttges. The announcement was made at the company’s 2023 annual shareholder meeting, which was held in Bonn, Germany.  Deutsche Telekom increased its ownership in T-Mobile US by investing in a $1 billion deal. This gives DT a 50.2% stake in … [read full article]

Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile US unveil new T-DevEdge platform

Earlier today, T-Mobile US unveiled that its partnership with Deutsche Telekom has produced a platform with joint Application Programming Interfaces. The platform, called T-DevEdge, gives global developers an easier and simpler way to create new, connected solutions.  Through these APIs, developers get a direct and simple entry to connectivity on either side of the globe. The announcement also revealed the first companies to adapt to using the new APIs: Siemens Energy and Microsoft.  “We can now share … [read full article]

T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom unveil new 2023 T Challenge competition

T-Mobile US has partnered with Deutsche Telekom for a new challenge for developers, startups, and everyone with an innovative idea.  The two unveiled the new 2023 T Challenge competition, which gives participants a chance to win up to $600,000. The winner will also get to work with Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile US and bring those ideas to the market.  This year, the competition’s theme is centered around Web3, the internet’s next iteration. There will be 5 main … [read full article]

ICE Cobotics partners with T IoT

Earlier today, T-Mobile revealed that they were chosen by ICE Cobotics as their exclusive partner for IoT connectivity and management solutions. T IoT from T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom is now ICE Cobotics’ global partner to help customers manage their fleet of floor cleaning robots.  Through T IoT, over 7,500 new and existing ICE Cobotics units get cellular connectivity around the world. This includes the Cobi 18, the newest autonomous floor scrubber that has been designed to clean … [read full article]

Mobility platform chooses T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom as its LTE/5G partner

T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom made an important announcement today.  The two revealed that mobility platform, Spoke, chose T IoT to bring power to its new hardware and software system. As a result, bicyclists and motorists get near real-time information when they are on the road.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 78 percent of bicycle accidents occur in urban areas where there is traffic. Spoke is on a mission to reduce those numbers. One way … [read full article]