T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom Complete 5G SA Testing

T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier have successfully completed testing its 5G Standalone (5G SA) roaming. This accomplishment leverages on the latter’s Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) to complete the first hosted SEPP 5G SA in the world. 

Basically, this gives customers on these networks the ability to continue using 5G when they travel internationally. The companies collaborated on this for a couple of months. 

Once this new technology gets adopted, these are the benefits that it will bring:

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Global reach and connectivity
  • Enhanced support for emerging technologies
  • IoT and enterprise services

In the announcement today, T-Mobile US’ President of Technology, Ulf Ewaldsson, said: 

“5G SA roaming changes the very meaning of staying connected while abroad. Our customers already enjoy incredible roaming benefits in more than 215 countries and destinations, and 5G SA roaming opens the door for even faster speeds and increased reliability, enables emerging technologies like network slicing and will ensure the experience our customers have at home on our network travels with them practically anywhere.

For more information on 5G SA, you can read the announcement here. 

Source: T-Mobile

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