Opt Out of T-Mobile’s Upcoming Plan Migration Using These Steps


Previously, it was reported that T-Mobile was forcing customers on its older plans to upgrade to a newer and more expensive plan. Although T-Mobile has iterated that they “are not raising the price of any of the plans,” it still means that customers will have to be moved to a more expensive plan. 

As it turns out, there is a way to opt out of this move. This was recently reported by The Mobile Report. While T-Mobile will be notifying affected customers starting October 17th, it’s best to wait until you get one before you get in touch with support. But there’s also an option to opt out of the migration plan early. 

The publication reveals that you have three options to opt out. These include:

  • T-Force
  • Official T-Mobile app chat
  • T-Mobile phone support

With either option, you simply need to tell the representative you’re speaking to that you would like to opt out of the scheduled account migration. Make sure that the opt out code is added to your account. 

The report revealed that there are already several customers who have requested to opt out without encountering any issues. You can also check if your request has been made successfully. All you have to do is open this site and sign in. This will lead you to your account where you can see the add-ons. Go to “Services” and look for the “SC Migration Optout.” If this is checked, this means that you were successfully able to opt out of the migration. 

For more information, The Mobile Report has added an FAQ section that can help you out. 

Source: The Mobile Report