T-Mobile Tops Ookla’s Speedtest Q3 2023 Report

Halloween is coming up and everyone is already gearing up for a fright night. T-Mobile, however, has its rivals getting all spooked up from the results of the latest Ookla speed test. 

The Un-carrier recently shared the results of Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index Market Analysis United States Q3 2023 report wherein it landed as the undefeated leader in overall network performance and 5G Performance.  

These are the titles that T-Mobile won from Ookla’s latest test:

Overall Network Performance

  • Fastest provider
  • Lowest multi-server latency
  • Most consistent
  • Best mobile video experience

5G Network Performance

  • Fastest 5G performance
  • Lowest 5G latency
  • Undefeated 5G network consistency
  • Best 5G video score

T-Mobile US’ President of Technology, Ulf Ewaldsson, said:

“Quarter after quarter T-Mobile’s network and its capabilities continue to lead the industry. Others have been playing follow the leader and Ookla’s reports continue to confirm that T-Mobile is the leader.”  

If you wish to read more details about the awards, you can visit this page

Source: T-Mobile

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