CyanogenMod Receives a Cease and Desist Letter From Google


Good Morning, TmoNews readers! Remember that nice mod that enabled  Android users who have rooted their device to use the new Android 1.6 Market? Well, the geniuses behind the mod were CyanogenMod, and it looks like they’re in some trouble now.  A cease and desist letter was received from Google directly stating to stop distribution of  closed-source Google apps like Market, Talk, Gmail, YouTube, etc. Here are some tidbits from their chat log:

[20:03] <cyanogen> google just cease and desisted me
[20:15] <cyanogen> cyanogenmod is probably going to be dead
[20:16] <cyanogen> i’m opening a dialogue with them
[20:20] <cyanogen> no they are talking specifically about the closed-source google apps
[20:20] <cyanogen> and how i am not licensed to distribute them
[20:20] <cyanogen> my argument is that i only develop for google-experience devices which are already licensed for these apps
[20:20] <cyanogen> so we’ll see what they say
[20:20] <cyanogen> maybe we can work something out
[20:24] <cyanogen> maps, market, talk, gmail, youtube

Hopefully, Google and CyanogenMod can work something out. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments.

Android And Me Via Engadget


  • Karl

    My only thought so far is why haven’t I rooted my G1 yet? Now that the Cliq is coming, I might just go and do that to see what I’d been missing out on the whole time.

  • shmengie

    “…and it looks like their in some trouble now.” should be, “and it looks like they’re in some trouble now.”

  • tylermobile

    CyanogenMod is the best google should be trying to give him a job not stoping him

  • Titty!

    this is plain bullcaca.
    i, myself have not tried the cyanogenmod
    but eventually i will want to try it, knowing that these roms are updated more
    than regular manafacturer roms.

    also, this is dumb.
    because, they have no plausable arguement
    isn’t that why they release developer sdk’s?
    isn’t cyanogen a developer?
    mytouch owners: isn’t the mytouch supposed to be 100% you.

    so, then whats the problem?.
    it totally goes against their code of development.
    i just it find it sad cuz cyanogen’s developer,
    who just happens to make roms for us!
    who else will do it!? :)
    that, &please google.
    your starting to sound like the networks you subsidize your phones with?

    pityful much?

  • Mark

    As someone who uses his roms I can tell you they make a hugh difference in performance. He has made the OS that it should have been when introduced. It makes no sense to go after someone who has only done things to improve the product at the same time he doesn’t charge a dime doing it. Also worth mentioning he provides GREAT support and always willing to help with a question. He is someone Google should be supporting not trying to stop. If Google goes thru with this action I would no longer consider using there operating system.

  • stork

    I can understand the argument against like the refreshed Market, but as for Talk, YouTube, GMail, etc, I am at a loss. Whats the point Google? Either they are in the ROM or you download them from the Market, either way they are still FREE and EVERYONE can get them regardless of ROM. For a so called “Open Source” mobile OS you are being a little closed minded. CyanogenMOD is just allowing users of the ROM(s) to get instant gratification from apps you supply.

    Loyal Android (rooted or not) user!

  • manus

    dang i just unrooted my phone to switch to cyanogen can i still do it or what.

  • cashmony

    I’ve tried most other roms out there and Cyanogen is best hands down! the mytouch is nice, lotta good functionalities but cyans rom really brings out more of the true potential of the phone. He’s not making any changes to their core apps so I dont know what the issue is…it’s like stork said u can still get the apps on the market free anyway! so what’s the issue here?!!

  • From a legal standpoint they don’t have much ground to stand on especially since he isn’t charging for what he is doing or claiming a program to be his when it isn’t (which would be some form of copyright infringement).

    Sucks that he has to go through this headache though..

  • eYe

    What if (and this is just a wild guess, I’m not a developer) Cyan cooks up his roms and leaves ALL Google closed-source apps out of it. This should get him out of trouble… Obviously, roms will not work without core apps (like gTalk, gMail or Market) but most of us have spare copies by now that we can just ADB-push into the system and return that functionality. Shouldn’t that keep everyone happy? Feel free to correct me, as I’ve said I’m not a developer so I’m not sure if that would work out…

  • tato22

    google has nothing better to do then make ppl un happy just cuz the man dose hes work and gets shit out faster then they do they get mad fuck just offer the ma a job make him work with ya not send him no bull shit letter

  • Do no evil… ha ha ha!

    I don’t think Microsoft has ever issues a cease and decist to the modders of Windows Mobile on XDA Developers. And Windows Mobile is way more copyrighted/licensed than Android (as most of Android if open source so you can do with it as you please).

    The only work around is to do like the iPhone Jailbreakers do and require you to compile the rom on your actual computer by ‘blending’ the legit rom (containing the propietary stuff) together with the hacked rom. That way they don’t distrubute anything copyrighted.

  • mnDave

    teh google is teh lamez!

  • LaNsLyDe

    i’m disappointed. cyanogen ROMs are the best! I’m interested to see how this ends.

  • Jay Garrick

    uh… I dont follow the happenings of the open-source world, so from a naive reader, is it punishment for the mod that allowed access to Market 1.6? It sounds like if that mod hadn’t existed, there would be no cease & desist?

  • joel2nd

    All I know is if this things continues going in the direction it appears to be going, then this is the last Android phone I ever buy. It’s their own damn fault for coming out with a slow sluggish operating system. Otherwise, there would be no need for Cyanogen. I see no hope that Google will do a better job on future releases on their own.

  • Matt V

    Google wants to make billions, but hates the little guy developer who just improved their OS. They are embarrassed because of it, and can’t man-up to say “yeah, he made a better product than we did”. This is anti-Americanism at its best. I’ve closed my adsense account and encourage everyone to boycott buying anything google until they back off. I love cyanogen, its so much better than the stock OS. Let’s fight this!

  • Luis GB

    I think the other problem is that the phone manufacturers limited there phones with a small amount of RAM and ROM space. I mean come on, the iPhone started with at least 8GB internal memory. Would at least getting 1 to 2 GB of memory be bad? The cost of a MicroSD card that size is fairly cheap. Only Samsung is doing things right by offering way more memory on their phone. Cyanogen has a great mod that works around the limitations of the phone and allows you to fully experience the power of Android. Google needs to leave Cyanogen alone or at least come up with a compromise so we can continue to enjoy the fruits of his labor and also google needs to push manufacturers to up the memory on their phones if they want to take full advantage of Android’s features.