PCMAG Goes Hands On With HSPA+


Sascha Segan, PCMag columnist extraordinaire, was fortunate enough this week to be given a behind the scenes look at the recently announced HSPA+ T-Mobile service in Philadelphia. Even a cursory glance at the article will show his favorable impressions of the T-mobile HSPA+ network, stating, “T-Mobile’s new HSPA+ network sends other 3G networks running away in tears.” While the obvious counter-argument is that the other carriers are still fielding the basic run of the mill 3G network, Segan all but puts it on the very same playing field as the next gen 4G networks. Unfortunately, a more complete test of the network was hampered by the lack of proper equipment designed specifically to run with these speeds. However, Segan came away more than impressed with the speed on his Webconnect USB modem. Hitting speeds of 3.6 megabits/sec, while that is still close to 5 times slower than what the network is capable of, the Webconnect card is not designed for HSPA+ service.

The important thing is that even without the right equipment, all T-Mobile 3G phones are going to see a significant level of improvement with the new network. A quick test of the MyTouch yielded a threefold increase in speed “from around 500 kbps/sec to 1500 kbps/sec.” That’s nothing short of awesome. Want more details on the experience? Read the full article below!


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  • cbetso

    I think I know where I will be moving to soon lol

  • byounngg

    wow and i live near philly

  • Bobomo

    Can someone explain to me the compatibility between HSDPA and HSPA+? Will HSDPA devices benefit from HSPA+ infrastructure?

    • David

      Didn’t I write that in the article?!

  • Barry Allen

    Props for the Flash. LMFAO.

  • David

    Although it is fantastic that he is getting those speeds, thats with barely anyone using it. Imagine the same system with a plethora of 3g devices etc. the speed will be a lot slower.

  • watbetch

    His and none of the devices T-Mobile has can take advantage of the networks capabilities so I doubt there would be any slowdown from what hes getting now if more people we’re on it with T-Mobiles current 3G devices.

  • jrperiod

    watbetch, i think in the article it says 3G phones currently can use it.

  • luis

    wow let’s go tmobile. U can start saying …….. Tmobile the real NOW network LOL. Man with those speeds and they not even in 4g yet dam now u can really start thinking … How fast will tmobile be with 4g LTE. And all 3g phones that tmobile has can’t use 14.4 3g but I think the highest they can support is 7.2. Can’t wait to see what cell comes out for tmobile able to use the new hspa+ network. Hmmm what does everyone think that phone will be????????? I say its the nokia N900 LOL me dreaming here. Funny if it were true tho

  • Brent Adams

    Typical 3g is hsdpa. HSPA+ is really fast 3g and what some are calling 4g. At&t networks run hsdpa at 3.6 mbps, where t-mobile will be3 at 7.2 mbps by the end of this year. At&t pledges to have 7.2 mbps on all 3g networks by the end of 2010, t-mobile predicts by the end of 2011 all 3g networks will become hspa+ and be 21 mbps. T-mobile will achieve this because they made a smart decision and put up towers that had the hardware to be hspa+ and they are only require a small hardware upgrade and mostly a software adjustment. When this is achieved t-mobile will have the fastest network in the united states.

  • 30014

    My area just received 3g in august and already I can look forward to another network upgrade. Way to go Tmo. Now we just need the phones capable of properly using the upgraded network.

  • Kershon

    T-Mobile might be playing catch-up for now, but when they do something they do it right the first time. I am really proud to be a T-Mo customer. We won’t be #4 for long. Cutting the other 3 down to size will make my day! LMAO

  • Luis

    Kershon u right when tmo wants something done they do it perfectly.

    and for some that dont no 3g is hspa but it starts from 7.2 then 14.4 then to the finally stage which is very close to going 4g is 21.2 hspa+ or 21. something. thats close to 4g but 4g is way faster…. put it this way 4g can go more then 35mbps more then that…..

    anyone here know the exact numbers feel free to correct me but it is that fast and more

    • john

      The theoretical cap for hspa+ fibered towers is 84mbps

      • Extremely theoretical, however there will be a huge boost in speed and overall throughput as HSPA+ is an awesome technology, imagine tether speeds.

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