A Few More California 3G Launches


The 3G march continues this week with more launches. This time, a little loving for the good folks in California as residents of Corona, Fontana, Moreno Valley, Riverside and San Bernardino, CA are all now enjoying 3G goodness. As much as we all love hearing about 3G launches,when  reading the PCMag article about HSPA+ and promised speeds, 3G just sounds paltry by comparison. I want me some HSPA+!


  • hott

    woooooo its about time.. i was getting tired driving out to los angeles to enjoy 3g on my behold. woot woot!! 3g baby!

  • Jwest

    How weird, started school today in Riverside and noticed 3G.

    Finally. I been waiting too long at my campus to get it.

  • ellwooda

    AMEEEERRRRICAAA, F**** YEAAAHHHH. Bout time the IE got some love!

  • mrcool

    hellls yea i woke up and couldnt belive it , about time , like the others said i was tired or enjoying 3g in orange county and as soon as i drive back to the ie , i was back in time to slow endge lol , thanks t mobile i knew u wouldnt let me down

  • Matt

    Good to hear. But last night I did see 3G on my myTouch, as well as a significant boost in speed here in Pittsburgh. then 5 mins later it was gone, never to return. I checked the coverage map (which I checked 2 days prior when Dayton launched) and unlike 2 days ago, Pittsburgh was granted that dark mauve/purple color for 3G. Imminent launch, right? I just want to stream radio without hiccups.

  • YAYYY!!!

  • WiiEngineer

    Oh yea this has been long over due. They had to tease us by launching it up to the Ontario area and leaving the rest of the IE in the dark.

  • nXt

    LOL, too bad I switched to the iPhone and AT&T.
    I had a G1 and MyTouch3G too. Returned and sold them.

  • nr552

    They have upgraded the 3G in the San Diego area too. Have 3G coverage now in Santee, Lakeside, El Cajon!! 900+ KB down / 200 KB up!

  • Todd

    San Diego area is zipping with 3G!!!!

  • justin

    Just drove through Gilroy and morgan hill and noticed 3g for the first time