Dayton, Ohio Waking Up To 3G


T-mobile is rolling out 3G this week like it’s going out of style with Dayton, Ohio becoming the latest recipient of all things 3G. While an unconfirmed launch as of this writing, the volume of emails shows that there is little reason to doubt it’s a city-spread activity. I guess the only real question is… Cincinnati, where are you??

Update: According to T-mobile USA twitter, Rochester, MN also launches today!


  • phoneking13

    Yeah Cincinnati where ya at? I can’t hear you….. :P

    Hopefully it will spread into Middletown as well.

  • SexyDesertLad

    That’s becuase it is going out of style. JK!

  • Pamma

    Anyone know about when 3G will be available in the Sacramento CA area?

  • phoneking13


    You’re not lying…. :P ;)

    Can anyone confirm if this extends to the Kettering/Centerville/Miamisburg area?

  • Mo Azzan

    Conformed in Dayton, Kettering, Beavercreek, Fairborn. All I’ve been to. Clear and strong

  • Computergeek377

    Wow. They take care of Dayton before Cincinnati? T-Mobile really has no rhyme or reason how they are doing this!!!

  • Jeremy

    T-Mo also just tweeted that Rochester, MN is live on 3G as well. “TMobile_USAHey Dayton, OH and Rochester, MN! Welcome to 3G! ^_^”

    @Pamma – Sacramento has had 3G for quite a long time.

  • sleebus.jones

    Dayton before Cincy? Wow, that really is weird. Well, hopefully Cincy is close behind. They certainly have been pumping them out like crazy lately. Hats off to them for all the hard work.

  • Mo Azzam

    They were having trouble with frequencies around the Cinci Airport, and at last check they wanted to launch Dayton and Cinci simulatniously..maybe they just decided to launch what they had ready, which happened to be Dayton

  • Mike Mader

    I can confirm kettering, and probably Centerville. i was driving past the stroop farhills intersection when I noticed 3G this morning.

  • phoneking13

    wow the airport. I can kinda believe that. In that case when Cincinnati FINALLY launches, I guess Covington, KY will be covered as well…

  • phoneking13

    @Mo Azzan

    Sweet…. looks like I’m field testing with a T636 tonight…. :D

  • timmyjoe42

    Where Cincinnati at? I’m right here…putzing along in edge speed.

  • Computergeek 377

    Here in my little area of Cincinnati, the Edge speeds are normally good. Today it’s been very flaky!! Working sometimes or very slow.

  • phoneking13

    @computergeek: Mine has been flaky at home… shuffles from EDGE to GPRS from time to time….

  • beaver6d9

    Bout ‘effin time! If only I got decent reception in my house in Fairborn! (hehe)

    In all seriousness though, why did they hook us up here before Cincinnati?

  • Kirbdaddy

    Dayton to the north of me and Knoxville to the south. Need to get some 3G love in Lexington, KY SOON!!!


    All of SoCal should officially have 3G now!

  • Archangyl

    As soon as Rochester, MN gets turned on I’ll fire a msg off

  • archangyl

    Rochester, MN 3g is UP!

  • g_willi

    Whatev… STILL NO 3G IN CINCINNATI! Lame.

  • dely

    still waiting in cincinnati as well. however, at least they fixed the edge service at the tower closest to where i live. yeah!!!! i got 2.5 g now :) i wonder if they fixed the edge at that tower the same time they upgraded it? maybe they just need to turn the switch on?

  • Sam

    I Woke up Today and I’m on 3g I live in Loma Linda Ca… so exciting…so glad its finally come my way!!!

  • phoneking13

    @Dely: What part of Cinti are you at?

  • dely

    I live in Delhi, but I work downtown. It is still Edge this morning in Delhi and yesterday it was Edge from the westside all the way to downtown.

  • krusch

    Cincinnati, being the entire 275 loop plus, is all set to go; however, as someone kinda already said, there are still some frequency issues waiting to be ironed out. When T-Mobile bought the frequency rights from the government, they were given a time that it would be available, which isn’t actually until the end of the year. T-Mobile has been trying, and paying, for agencies to get off of the frequency early, so that 3G could be launched earlier. I cannot confirm that the CVG airport is for sure the location in question, but that sure makes a lot of sense.

  • The new speed is a very welcome addition! Now we can hit our 5 gig limits even faster!

    Seriously I used to stream movies and net radio through my phone. I’m hoping to at least listen to net radio again. Is the limit 5 gig or was it raised to 10gig for all phones with the launch of the G1? Do you pay a higher bill when you go over or do they just slow you down? I’m just wondering as higher speeds means it would be easier to go over your limit?

  • ddb

    Got it here in Centerville!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    We need the Dub-C (West Chester, OH) lit up with 3G.. like yesterday…. come on… T-Mo…. MAGENTA

  • Thanks, krusch! Finally some news that makes sense! Until now, it seemed T-Mobile had a grudge against us here in the Queen City.

  • Josh

    T-mobile and Cincinnati Bell Wireless use the same 3G Freq. I spoke to a rep at Kenwood Mall on Saturday who said 2011 or NEVER. Cincinnati Bell will never leave there freq and won’t share it either. It might have to go to court. T-mobile might also just blow off Cincinnati and leave it edge FOREVER. Sad Sad Sad!!!