Motorola Cliq Coming Loaded With Apps


While we continue to count down the days until the expected October 19th pre-order, Motorola is flexing some muscle with an impressive array of pre-loaded apps for the Cliq. QuickOffice, which allows for document editing on the go and usually commands $19.99 on the iPhone, is included with the Cliq.  Digg, one of my top three websites, has an official Android application according to the Motorola marketing page.  Other apps are the following:

  • Mint, desktop software for keeping track of your pennies
  • Yahoo Mail  (included on a Google phone – is that a slap at Yahoo?)
  • Askmen
  • Gawker
  • Gizmodo
  • Ign
  • LifeHacker
  • Rotten Tomatoes

Funny, that reads like a list of my early morning internet reading. I think I’m now completely in love with this phone. As Phandroid points out, there is a little oddness here as one might think the aforementioned websites might have announced Android apps prior to the Cliq launch. Whatever the case is, no complaints from me. Those are some of the web’s best and to have widgets for them at my fingertips makes my heart all kinds of warm.  Not to be forgotten here are LastFM, TeleNAV, Amazon’s MP3 store, MTV, USA Today, Accuweather, Fox Sports, MSNBC and, well, just read hit the link below for the entire list.

Cliq, I heart thee.

Phandroid via Motorola

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  • Rob

    Phone looks sweeter everytime news about it comes out. If Telenav is free and unlocked(no demo version) this phone is serious competition to the Hero.

  • I heart thee as well ! I do believe I will be getting this phone ! It has EVERYTHHING I need.

  • Polo

    Goodbye mytouch hello cliQ

  • WazzuKirk

    I really like my MT3G, but damn, this phone rocks!! And I’ll have a full upgrade by Oct 19th!! Woo hoo!!

  • MishkaGreen

    Will there be a Digg app for other Android phones? ? ? ? ? ?

  • 30014

    I’m not into social networking but this phone does seem sweet.

  • thegoodson

    @Wazzkirk that’s what I’m saying! Love my mytouch to death… but this moto cliq… its just what the dr ordered! Can’t wait!

  • Max

    screen is too small.Need more estate but it’s not bad phone att all.I m wondering if tmobile will be getting the sholes next year.Any info David?

  • Karl

    @Mishka… there are a bunch of 3rd part DIGG apps on the market. I never tried them or use it, so I can’t speak to if they are any good, but just saying there are some.

    Which brings me to my next question: all these apps mentioned, these are “official” apps developed by the respective companies; or these are Moto apps developed by Moto?; or these are all just 3rd party stuff?
    It seems a little bewildering that Yahoo mail would make an official app, then let Moto have it exclusivley and first for the Cliq while not sharing it on the Marketplace. Outside of Moto paying them up the butt for it, I can’t think of any smart reason for doing that. Thats why I’m lead to believe that some of these might just be Moto-developed apps.
    And doesn’t the idea of a Yahoo mail app defeat the purpose of Moto Blur, which is supposed to organize all your social notifications in one place? So… Moto Blur AND a seperate Gmail app AND a seperate Yahoo mail app?
    And Android has a native, non-Gmail mail app that can be setup to work with several email providers… so you can check multiple email addressed under one app, so I’m not sure why I need a yahoo mail app unless I’m looking for something w/ more detailed options.

    I’m not being down on this phone, it will be my next handset as my G1 is starting to crawl due to it’s limitations… but I just don’t see the value of including a bunch of news/blog apps that undoubetdly will eat your resources in one way or another. Include some utilities and customization apps, not what is essentially a bunch of newsreaders.

    NOt a big deal, if I don’t use it, I’ll just delete. But I’m just saying… people were getting annoyed w/ pre-installed software on PCs, so much so that PC manufacturers have cut it down some. I don’t want pre-installed junk on my phone either.

    Oh, and it’s TeleNav themselves that charge a monthly fee, right? So in order to get a free app and no monthly fees, it would have to be TeleNav to decide that. Moto and T-mo couldn’t change that. I doubt TeleNav will ever be free. Every person I know that had a phone w/ Telenav pre-installed later found out after 30 days it was only a trial. I have not heard or seen anything different w/ TeleNav, so wishful thinking there.

  • Karl

    Ah. Wait… its just now occuring to me… do they mean WIDGETS, as opposed to an app? (yes yes, I know, a widget IS an app… but it makes a huge difference…)

  • JDean86

    Why no price yet?!

  • MishkaGreen

    @Karl, good points and thanks.

    I’m on the fence on which phone to buy when my upgrade time comes around in about a month. MT3G or the Cliq?

  • onwaitinglist

    Is there any concrete answer on UMA for this phone yet?
    I wish that T-Mo realized that those 3 letters have magic power to allure millions new customers to them.

    ATT is releasing Formocell, if no andriod UMA phone from T-Mo soon, iPhone with Formocell will be answer to a lot of people on the fence.

  • eYe

    This is fine and dandy but you can’t load whole bunch of apps on mediocre phone and make it all better. It still has the same 512 mhz cpu although it does have 256 megs of ram. None of it will matter though because this thing has screen that is smaller then even G1.
    Give me snapdragon with 512 ram and 3.5 screen, let it have root out of the box and wrap it into solid case, not cheap plasticky crap we’ve seen so far.Then I will gladly pay $299 or $349 or even $399 with contract even if it only gets 8hrs standby time. World does not need yet another low-end android phone, what we need is high end phone that can take all the widgets and apps running at the same time that we can throw at it.

  • Clint

    Are you kidding me that the screen is SMALLER than the G1’s? If that is true I will not be getting this phone and that sucks because I adore what I’ve read/seen thus far but I love the bigger screen. And yes i know there is the TP2 but it’s nearly $400 with tax and that’s not worth it for me right now. Then again when this releases that price might drop too :)

    Either way this phone looks amazing and I’m praying it’s not to much smaller (screen size) than the G1!

  • RW

    Once you load it up with apps, it’s going to slow to a crawl just like the G1 and the Mytouch! When we didn’t have much of a market, my G1 was fine… it sucks. You would think that they would have listened to us and researched this before releasing another piece of crap. I might have to get Nokia’s N900.

  • This phone keeps looking better and better. But I still have a year left on my contract from buying the G1 last year. Part of me wants to just screw the contract and get a Cliq…but the logical side of my brain reminds me that in another year there will likely be even better devices out, so……I think I’ll wait. :-)

  • tyler

    i was gonna get the mytouch 3g but cliq here i come and heres the numberone reason the cliq is better then the mytouch….drumroll please…PHYSICAL KEYBOARD!!i text all the time i need a physical keybored i currently have the behold and hate it!no keyboard=shitty onscreen keyboard. behold meet craigslist. cliq meet my pocket.

  • KnightRUSH

    I played with this phone yesterday, not all that impressed. I have a friend who is an engineer with Motorola in their Illinois headquarters. But truth be told, this is the fastest android phone to date. Almost no lag :). He wouldn’t let me take pictures. But to use this phone, one must open up a MotoBlur account, weird. I have great news though. According to my friend, Verizon (No Good)will be receiving a 3.7 inch capacitive, Google experience phone maybe later this year. I will be seeing it Wednesday. Hope to have pictures for it. :)

  • tyler

    knight rush no duh its called the sholes.get with the program

  • josh


  • chronoe

    I played with this phone yesterday, not all that impressed. I have a friend who is an engineer with Motorola in their Illinois headquarters. But truth be told, this is the fastest android phone to date. Almost no lag :) . He wouldn’t let me take pictures. But to use this phone, one must open up a MotoBlur account, weird. I have great news though. According to my friend, Verizon (No Good)will be receiving a 3.7 inch capacitive, Google experience phone maybe later this year. I will be seeing it Wednesday. Hope to have pictures for it. :)


    you basically just named everything we already knew .. smh.

  • Kershon

    Knight rush alias VZ fanboy. I don’t care if the sholes comes with a solid gold case Verizon can shove it where the sun don’t shine. Great news?? This is a T-Mobile site. Duh and duh. T-Mo and CLIQ FTW!

  • FILA

    yea but its still a Moto -shakes head- i really want to like this, but this would go against everything i live by

    v2 come on screenshots

  • KnightRUSH

    Sorry to hurt everyone’s feelings. I understand this is a T-Mobile site, duh. I’m told its not the sholes, but a 3.7 inch non qwerty android beast. This site is very heavy on Android, duh. The cliq is a good phone. I liked it in hand, although its build quality was a bit off, slider would move a bit while closed. Software wise, I didnt see any of the mentioned apps. The same thing happened with the MyTouch when Facebook was shown. I figured I would let some news out, but oh well. And btw for the Cliq, T-Mobile ordered 400,000 units at first and then upped it to a total of 800,000 units. Please no flaming for letting info to the masses. Next time i will hold it to my self :)

    P.S. Verizon ordered 2,000,000 units of their first android handset. :), I’m sure people will be mad when a new android device is shown that is not T-Mobile, sorry ahead of time. But this all depends if my friend allows me to take pics, doesnt want to get in trouble of course. I’ve previously sent pics to other sites for upcoming Motorola phones.

  • equisxx23

    yes gets better!!


  • Daniel
  • Telexen

    Silly fanboys (Kershon). Unless you’re looking to switch to T-Mobile and don’t want to wait any longer…save your money and wait for a GSM version of the Sholes to come to them. It’s better in every way you can possibly compare it with the Cliq.

  • Crypto

    I just read that it has UMA !!!

    Someone handled it and saw it connected with UMA :

    Also the Motorola site now shows the apps integrated with features:

    Note under Connectivity: “MOTOROLA MEDIA LINK”, which is new software that Motorola had the German company Nero write for them:

  • Crypto


    Regarding your comment on the battery drainage from getting updates from MySpace, Twitter, Facebook:

    That’s not how the Motorola Cliq works. Remember this is not a normal phone, it has PUSH integration with MotoBlur.

    Read this review to understand it:

    The key sentence is:
    “Moto reps assure me that the MotoBlur service will ‘intelligently’ push data down to the Cliq in chunks, when it’s most appropriate, rather than frantically pinging the server for updates.”

  • abcyesn

    I saw the Cliq this morning but we just got a chance to really play around with Motorola’s Android-based, social-networking-focused smartphone, and we have to say, we’re pretty impressed, it looks sleek and some apps come with it already that i had to download for my G1. the MOTO BLUR seems convenient if you use myspace, facebook or twitter a lot. The MOTOBLUR works for e-mails as well as socialization, where i don’t have to open and close applications to get to e-mails then i see it as a plus over the G1. But what would make me run out and get this phone besides its sleek looks and 5 mp camera, is that if this phone is not buggy, and slow as the G1. share your view with me at Take care!