Motorola Cliq Coming Loaded With Apps


While we continue to count down the days until the expected October 19th pre-order, Motorola is flexing some muscle with an impressive array of pre-loaded apps for the Cliq. QuickOffice, which allows for document editing on the go and usually commands $19.99 on the iPhone, is included with the Cliq.  Digg, one of my top three websites, has an official Android application according to the Motorola marketing page.  Other apps are the following:

  • Mint, desktop software for keeping track of your pennies
  • Yahoo Mail  (included on a Google phone – is that a slap at Yahoo?)
  • Askmen
  • Gawker
  • Gizmodo
  • Ign
  • LifeHacker
  • Rotten Tomatoes

Funny, that reads like a list of my early morning internet reading. I think I’m now completely in love with this phone. As Phandroid points out, there is a little oddness here as one might think the aforementioned websites might have announced Android apps prior to the Cliq launch. Whatever the case is, no complaints from me. Those are some of the web’s best and to have widgets for them at my fingertips makes my heart all kinds of warm.  Not to be forgotten here are LastFM, TeleNAV, Amazon’s MP3 store, MTV, USA Today, Accuweather, Fox Sports, MSNBC and, well, just read hit the link below for the entire list.

Cliq, I heart thee.

Phandroid via Motorola

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