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T-Mobile launches new program that gives marketers access to customer app usage data

T-Mobile has a new program for marketers. Through this program, third-party marketers can purchase customer data from T-Mobile, particularly in what apps are being used.  As shared by The Verge, the information obtained by marketers is anonymous. Customer data is collected together and pooled according to similar interests and behaviors. This way, companies are not buying the app history of a specific user.  T-Mobile’s advertising sector has displayed this on its website as “Apps speak louder … [read full article]

Sprint subscriber sues T-Mobile for lack of 5G support on his device

Yesterday, it was reported that T-Mobile is being sued by a group of AT&T and Verizon Wireless customers over the repercussions of its 2020 merger with Sprint. Today, another report reveals that a Sprint subscriber is suing the Un-carrier for the trouble he has experienced as a T-Mo subscriber.  PhoneArena reports that a Sprint subscriber has filed a lawsuit against T-Mobile for all the troubles he experienced. The plaintiff, Jose Luis Garcia Moreno, purchased a … [read full article]

T-Mobile: Being sued by AT&T, Verizon customers for increased prices

In a surprise turn of events, it looks like a group of AT&T and Verizon customers have decided to sue T-Mobile. The group believes that the continued increase of prices brought about by their carriers are impacted by T-Mo’s Sprint acquisition in 2020.  As reported by PhoneArena, the group is seeking “declaratory relief” as well as financial compensation brought about by the “precipitous decline in competition” that has since resulted from the merger. The group believes … [read full article]

T-Mobile will no longer force JUMP! 1.0 customers to JUMP! 2.0

Last April, T-Mobile decided that legacy JUMP! 1.0 customers will be migrated to JUMP! 2.0. But as revealed by The T-Mo Report, it looks like this move will no longer be pushing through.  T-Mobile’s JUMP! program gave customers a chance to change their devices twice per year while under a phone lease. If the decision to migrate customers to JUMP! 2.0 would have pushed through, it would force customers to pay at least 50% of … [read full article]

T-Mobile unveils next batch of 25 Hometown Grant winners


T-Mobile has unveiled its next batch of 25 Hometown Grant winners and their projects.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know about T-Mo’s Hometown Grants project that it launched last year. But just a refresher, this is a $25 million, five-year initiative of the wireless carrier to support “the people and organizations that help small towns across America thrive and grow.”  Ever since the program started, T-Mo has given over $4.4 million dollars to … [read full article]

T-Mobile signs wholesale deal with Reach Mobile

After its new agreement with Dish Network, T-Mobile has struck a new deal with Reach Mobile. With this new agreement, the multi-year MVNO agreement between T-Mobile and Reach Mobile will be extended. As reported by FierceWireless, the two companies did not go into detail what the terms of the agreement are. The two also discussed how the ReachNext platform will be used by both to bring network-based services to businesses. T-Mo’s wholesale customers can benefit … [read full article]

T-Mobile signs partnership with BBBSA for Project 10Million

T-Mobile has unveiled a new partnership today that will give students access to their Project 10Million. Earlier today, the Un-carrier signed a partnership agreement with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) to make it even easier for students to access free internet. This is in line with the $10.7 billion initiative Project 10Million.  With this collaboration, over 100,000 students that are part of the organization’s network will get to learn more about Project 10Million. This … [read full article]

Dish Network, T-Mobile sign 2020 MNSA amendment


Dish Network and T-Mobile have both signed an amendment to their 2020 Master Network Services Agreement (MNSA). The announcement was revealed today on T-Mo’s newsroom. This agreement provides Dish customers access to T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network.  Although the amendment was signed by both parties, the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) still needs to approve it before it takes effect. The amendment contains changes to finance and operations, as well as enhanced roaming and improved pricing for … [read full article]

PCMag’s 2022 Best Mobile Networks winner is T-Mobile

The results of PCMag’s 2022 Best Mobile Networks report are in! And the results aren’t a big surprise.  T-Mobile has landed on the top spot of the report, earning the title of the “Fastest Mobile Network” of the year.  This is PCMag’s 13th year of testing, which they conducted by driving over 10,000 miles throughout the country. Through their testing, they used the latest 5G devices and new software that tracked dropped calls.  Out of the … [read full article]

T-Mobile’s 3G shutdown will affect some older Google Pixel devices

T-Mobile is scheduled to start shutting off its 3G network support in July. And for customers who still use a non-VoLTE-supported device, that also means the end of their voice calling services, even in emergencies. This also means older Google Pixel devices will no longer be usable. To prepare for this change, Google already rolled out a VoLTE roaming update to some of its most popular devices, such as the following: Google Pixel 3aGoogle Pixel 3a XLGoogle … [read full article]

T-Mobile gives free year of AAA membership to customers

Another perk that T-Mobile unveiled today comes from its partnership with the American Automobile Association (AAA). This is the largest and one of the most trusted membership organizations in the country. The Un-carrier revealed that they are now the Official Wireless Partner of the organization just in time for the summer season.  With this partnership, here are some of the things that T-Mo customers can enjoy: Free year of AAA Classic or Basic membership to T-Mobile customers … [read full article]

Get savings on your next vacation with

Apart from its “Coverage Beyond” announcement, T-Mobile has another perk for its customers. This comes in partnership with online travel platform, Rocket Travel.  Earlier today, the Un-carrier revealed that they have joined forces to introduce a dedicated travel site called T-Mobile TRAVEL with Priceline. This is exclusively for T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers (as well as legacy Sprint customers), which will give them travel discounts.  If you have a T-Mobile number, you can visit to … [read full article]