Here Comes The Cliq Pre-Order


Oh how this is sure to please the masses, as you can see above a pre-order date for the Cliq is in full effect. Price and official release date is still TBD but is there really a price to put on social networking love? This is surely going to get the rumor mill churning on all things Cliq knowing that we are less than 45 days away from the pre-order and in typical T-mobile fashion, a pre-order should give around a 3 weeks until delivery.  All we have right now is what’s stated in that pic, the T-mobile based website has at my quick glance no information on the pre-order so this looks to be pretty concealed for now. Well it was at least, now it hit the interwebs and will almost definitely create immediate buzz. That’s all for now but rest assured we’re working hard to get all the information you crave on this Motorola QWERTY Android goodness.  T-mobile CTO said all will be revealed by month’s end so for now, hit up the rest of our Cliq roundup!

Thanks tipster!

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