No Charge For Paper Billing Now?

Well, today is just full of flip flopping companies.  First, with Nokia deciding that Carriers can customize Maemo on the N900 (and future handsets) and now T-Mobile has a surprise for all of us.  A while back we told you that T-Mobile was going to start charging for paper billing, all in an effort to conserve paper and save the planet (a gallant effort nonetheless).  Then Kyle (a moderator over at the T-Mobile forums) announced this:

“T-Mobile is committed to encouraging customers to make the move to paperless billing. It’s a great alternative to paper and better for the environment.

Since the announcement we’ve heard everything from kudos to concerns about the move to paperless especially from our customers who today are receiving paper bills at no charge.

So, we’ve decided to not charge our customers a paper bill fee for now. Instead, we’ll be taking more time to determine the fairest way possible to encourage people to go paperless.

Customers can still visit to sign up for paperless billing.”

In short, no charge on the paper bill, but they leave themselves open to reconsider it.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

T-Mobile Forums via Phonedog