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While some of you are more excited about the Cliq than others, there seems to be a all sorts of numbers, dates and speculation regarding its release.  While we have information that supports a pre-order date of October 19th, Boy Genius has information to the contrary.  Their source tells them that the Cliq will be available in the early weeks of October (which lines up with the September 22nd pre-order date that Orange is offering).  The slide they received as “proof” clearly shows November though.  Not to fret, this is clearly an older slide since the Blackberry 8520 has already been released and the road map says October 5th.  For the time being, it seems like all dates associated with the Cliq are up in the air.  I want you to look at that slide again, though, and notice that TMO Huawei, which certainly looks like the Pulse that we have heard about before.  Also notice that the Blackberry 9700, which we have seen in T-Mobile branding, is nowhere to be seen on this road map (once again, old slide, so don’t worry).  If you are having trouble reading the road map, head past the break for a larger version.  I’m interested in what you think, is Motorola trying to push the Cliq out as soon as possible or do they have some time to spare?  Have any other opinions about this road map?  Then leave your thoughts in the comments!

Boy Genius


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  • Yaro

    When will the samsung gravity (i7500) will be release to t-mobile ?? becuz ive been waiting for that phone since this summer

  • danielle

    Goodbye mytouch….hello moto cliq

  • I care more about the T-Mo Hawuei
    Any details on that?

  • Tony

    I also care more about the T-Mo Hawuei ;)

  • Mr. Genius

    BBerry 9700… is wats poppin… we need details ON THAT!!!

  • I think Motorola will release the Cliq as soon as possible so that they can get their feet wet in the Android market/game as well. I can see a very promising future for Motorola (especially since the Cliq looks really nice; except for the navigation pad on the keyboard).

    I think with some more innovation and ideas, Motorola MAY be able to steal HTC’s thunder (unless HTC totally steps up their game, which they are more than capable of doing).

    Should be fun/interesting to see…

    I, on the other hand, want to see what the new (or version 2) of the G1 will look like now that Motorola is releasing an Android phone with a slide out keyboard. Things just got very exciting…

  • Ben

    Is it too late for them to get the Hero? jk. Really hate that though, and am not as psyched about the tatoo, but would satiated with a little i7500 action.

  • js-1
  • Kershon

    This looks like a great device but I can’t see me giving up my bberry for it. When it launches I am sure going to give it a hands on though. I agree with Mr. Genius: I would like to see more info on the new Bold 2. And what about the N900.

  • rtx

    @Ricky I doubt we will see the T-Mo Hawuei this year in the States. I would be surprised in they will release another Android device this year after the Moto Cliq.

    Part of my info comes from a good friend who works at T-Mo German HQ,

  • onwaitinglist

    There is an icon shown as Curve 8900, what is going on?

  • David

    I’m dumping my G1 and joining a new Cilq!

  • PaUbu

    What does it mean that the i7500 is not on this roadmap? Does the release of the Cliq mean we may not be getting a Samsung android?

  • FILA

    wheres the G1v2, should be on the table for an early 10 release, hmmm

  • jusblase

    Actually the HAWUEI just passed the FCC for tmobile US yesterday.And its call the HAWUEI LUNA.

  • andrew

    there a video of hauwel on youtube with tmobile lowgo on it

    • Andrew

      The only Huawei Android videos on youtube that I am aware of are the ones with the Uk Tmobile Logo, which have too many dots

  • ImGunnaEatU722

    Idc about any of these phone. The only phone worth waiting for is the N900.

  • I noticed the lack of an N900… Bummer. And no one has cried about it!
    TMobile, I’m SICK of Android phones! Can we get some grown up Symbian and Maemo kit, please??

  • iwillcatchthepersonthatleakedthis

    This is leaked information as being looked into. I can say that it is NOT release dates for T-Mobile.
    It is “pick up” dates for a certain retailer that carries T-Mobile.

    Other locatins will have this prior to the chart.

  • michael

    I want the N900 to come to T-Mobile

  • Florence

    I think the Cliq will come on Oct.14th but this road map doesn’t show anything for Chrismas release, wich we all know that all the carriers are batteling for best selles! How about N900, do you think it has AWS for nothing? I am a WinMo user since 2005 but I’m thinking of Nokia lately and sure enough I would buy the N900 for the right price!

  • Some Dude

    Judging from the phones on this “roadmap”, especially the old ones, I can make no other deduction than this is from a dealer such as Radio Shack, Walmart, or Best Buy. Radio Shack has my vote. Look at where the timeline starts……..

  • Some Dude

    …… OR ………. its bogus from somebody with too much time on their hands.

  • SEFan

    I’m more interested in what’s NOT on the list – Samsung Galaxy and the Nokia N900. If they’d brought the Galaxy I’d be Androiding right now. And the N900… nothing I DON’T like except the overall size, and I can learn to live with that. In my entire 5 years with T-Mobile they’ve brought maybe 2 handsets that I really liked, and my track record continues. Very disappointing…

    • Andrew

      I guess it needs to be said that this is clearly an old slide, there could be changes (and yes, I am thinking there has been). Also, as its been said, this may not be a T-Mobile corporate slide, but instead a retailer. It does look more like the Walmart offerings than Radioshack, or T-Mobile for that matter

  • Florence

    SEFan, you are soooooo right about that!

  • cnote

    I’m waiting on the HUAWEI 8230!!! It’s the best looking t mobile phone ever!!!