Huawei + Android = U7519?

Huawei U7519 Luna

Not too long ago we saw a leaked road map of what T-Mobile has in store for us through the holiday season.  While it seemed to be an older slide, it did raise some new speculation about an old favorite (of mine at least).  Below the Cliq was the much rumored Huawei Android phone that is bound for T-Mobile USA, and what do we have here but a FCC filling for what appears to be a T-Mobile USA bound Huawei Phone.  Given the inclusion of the all important AWS band, it seems almost certain that this will hit the states.  Also, the label drawing looks identical to that of the Pulse.  Just to catch you up on the happenings of Huawei Android, I have included more information past the break.  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

FCC with AWS love via DroidDog

Huawei has already worked on and debuted an Android phone already, so you can drool over the 3.5 inch screen all you want in these videos.


While the Pulse is nice, I really hope this Huawei “Luna” (as it is being called) looks more like this one.

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