Huawei + Android = U7519?

Huawei U7519 Luna

Not too long ago we saw a leaked road map of what T-Mobile has in store for us through the holiday season.  While it seemed to be an older slide, it did raise some new speculation about an old favorite (of mine at least).  Below the Cliq was the much rumored Huawei Android phone that is bound for T-Mobile USA, and what do we have here but a FCC filling for what appears to be a T-Mobile USA bound Huawei Phone.  Given the inclusion of the all important AWS band, it seems almost certain that this will hit the states.  Also, the label drawing looks identical to that of the Pulse.  Just to catch you up on the happenings of Huawei Android, I have included more information past the break.  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

FCC with AWS love via DroidDog

Huawei has already worked on and debuted an Android phone already, so you can drool over the 3.5 inch screen all you want in these videos.


While the Pulse is nice, I really hope this Huawei “Luna” (as it is being called) looks more like this one.

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  • Razius

    Awesome man, I want one Now! I like the myTouch, but bigger screen is for me.

  • clint


  • clint

    a lot of people are waiting on the G1 version 2 also!!


    is this one goin’ to be the one that breaks the UMA ice?

    c’mon TMO i’m waitin’.

  • Sorry, this just seems like more of the same to me. Another touchscreen only Android phone. Yeah, the bigger screen is nice, but there’s not really much to separate this from what’s already on the market. Where are the innovative hardware designs? And where are the hardware keyboards? Remember when Palm announced the Pre and the whole room erupted in applause when they showed that it had a physical keyboard? I’d love to see an Android phone with the Pre style vertical slider design.

    But it seems that (almost) all the hardware manufacturers are simply interested in making iPhone competitors with only touchscreens.

  • Russ

    way to miss this story by a month…really?

  • LifeOfACityBoy

    This phone is hideous. the screen is really nice though, but all that does is give us a worse battery. :/


    Russ get owned idiot.

  • -ray

    The only thing it has going for it is the size of the screen… The rest of the specs, if they have not been updated, are pretty weak….

  • rtx

    @clint why is this the phone to get?

    I’ll stick with the MyTouch till I see a Android device with more processor speed and on board memory. All we’ve seen to date are mostly cosmetic changes.

  • clint


    Well, I was thinking out loud. It has a larger screen and I thought it had a 3.5 mm headset jack. Im now reading it has a 2.5 mm jack <–(Im disappointed) and the battery life sucks. Maybe I should not have said that.

  • jusblase

    This is neither the phones that’s displayed is the U8220 and U8230 the phone that pass the FCC is the U7519

    • mt

      At least jusblase is paying attention! And in case you hadn’t noticed yet, the U7519 isn’t an Andriod phone…..