Around the Bend, Huawei and Android

Remember that phone, debuted at MWC, that looked like….dare I say it….but was running Android? Yeah, that one.  Well now it is all grown up and doesn’t resemble the iPhone ( BOO!) quite as much. It seems like a few more months in processing has made it look more like an HTC Touch Pro 2 (YAY!).  Few specifics are known about this phone as of yet, but it will hold a 3.5 inch touch screen and a 1500mAH battery (I know, you can’t wait for the rest, right?).  Chop this one up as a rumor, but rumblings have pointed to a thrid quarter launch on T-Mobile!  Sound off in the comments or check out the forum with your 2 cents.


  • craig

    This would be the type of phone I would be gladly to pull out at all times: -)

  • JMTS80

    WOW! That is what an Android phone should look like. Pay attention HTC! No physical keyboard might be an issue for me but i think i can live without it. WOW!

  • Tmo Ben

    Hmm third quarter, eh? Interesting idea. I mean, I’ve been hearing from the higher ups that third quarter is going to be pretty big for us handset-wise, and T-Mobile does appear to be trying to solidify their partnership with Huawei (usb laptop stick, couple of new phones), but that seems a bit soon. Personally, I’m going to put this squarely in the rumor box. Fourth quarter at the absolute earliest.

  • man this thing looks sweet.

  • MadProfessor

    Wow, that looks sexy. Want.

  • TaTo22

    really really nicee

  • Dre’

    Me likey! Now I can add this to my awaiting list.

    Samsung I7500
    Huawei ???

  • artiepants

    fairly snazzy, but doesn’t it pretty much look just like a metal Magic without the ‘chin’?

    I think the i7500 is more unique…

  • Flip

    Flippin Sweet!
    “I Gotta Feelin” BEP “That this phone’s gonna be a good phone………”

  • Wow, Im Loving The Design and It will run Android..and It FAVORS THE TP2…mmmm

  • Marc

    @Artiepants, it looks nothing like the bar of soap aka magic. This phone reminds me more of the lovely HTC touch HD. This is what a phone should look like, very nice.

  • GoddeZz

    OMG i am so waiting for this one please dont let it be a rumor cause i will be highly upset! Can’t wait to see specs too.

  • amajor118

    This is a beautiful phone! I would certainly go with this, but I will not hold my breath. After reading a press release it did not sound like this was the one coming to T-Mobile.

    I hope I am wrong.

  • SEFan

    I don’t know, looks pretty IPhonish to me. Very clean lines, front dominated by screen, all touch. Not bad. And you gotta like the big battery… HuaweiFan? Hmmm….

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ JMTS8o

    EXACTLY what i said.. except its a requirement to have a physical keyboard for me now after I’ve been using the Behold (my 1st all touch phone)

  • i cant stop looking at it, its soooo sexy.

  • Melvin

    if t-mobile brings this phone out exactly the way it looks…there gonna make alot noise…this is one sexy sexy phone…i gots to have it

  • jadams

    So I wanted a magic or i7500 but with a phone this good looking and the 3.5 inch screen and most likely a 3.5mm headphone jack I guess it will be worth the wait! I can’t wait this is going to be the king of android phones who needs a physical keyboard if you got a 3.5 inch screen goodbye g1 hello huawei!

  • Jerry

    like melvin said … if tmobile brings out this phone the way it looks hopefully they dont modify it and mess it up like they did with they htc tp2

  • eYe

    This is one nice phone!!!! And now, that I’ve used OSK on G1, I don’t think I absolutely require a physical keyboard. As long as we can get root on this phone and run shell in adb – sign me up for this one.

  • amajor118
  • Alex

    mytouch no keyboard = no
    this phone no keyboard = maybe


  • jeff

    Is that a front facing camera? For video calling…please I hope it is

    I hope this have the multy touch thing the iphone have and the tilt screen

    I will be leaving for Marine bootcamp soon so I will need a good phone when I am in mos school( military job school)

  • A.Minor

    I Hope Hope Hope TMo (USA) Picks This Phone Up… I’m So Jealous Of Tmo UK… They Get The Hero And All That 3rd Quarter Talk Was For The UK… Mytouch Seems So Plastic And Childlike… I Wonder If We Can Petition… I WANT THIS PHONE

  • XProflmfao

    Nice. Love the minimalistic design, it’s not like the iPhone’s too simple design that looked like a baby could’ve done it. Also liking the back of the phone, it’s like this embedded design. Cool… :)