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We’ve been hearing some rumblings about Huawei bringing Android phones to T-mobile in Q3 of this year since MWC earlier this year. A trusted source has confirmed that these phones or at least a specific model is in testing right now and is still on track for a 3rd quarter release. Details were sparse, as were specs, but we did get 5mp camera, 3.5mm headset jack, cupcake (hopefully, course!) and wifi, but no mention of UMA from what the source could find. I wouldn’t count UMA out though as the most recent round of news regarding the Sapphire, shows UMA may be available for Android phones. Not to mention, the test model was blue. We’re hoping to get a blurrycam shot in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more details!

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  • TP

    Phone looks good, let’s hope the design doesn’t change too much from this pic

  • mfabela

    i hope it’s the one in the pic! it looks sweet!

  • jmts80

    I for one want the design to change looks too much like the Crapple iphone for my taste I would prefer an original design hopefully its not fugly like the G1!

  • alt-mobile

    looks like the iPhone’s love child…

  • enrgy52

    “jmts80 says:
    March 30, 2009 at 12:18 pm
    I for one want the design to change looks too much like the Crapple iphone for my taste I would prefer an original design hopefully its not fugly like the G1!”

    I agree completely! G1 is horrible…

  • Alex

    There really isnt much else taht you can do design wise to make it look different than the iPhone, yet keep a lot of the same functionality and “ease of use”. I always like giong back to the comparison — when they came out with flip phones, and someone else came out with a flip phone… did everybdoy always say, aww man that Motorola looks exactly like my Samsung. That thing sucks. Not taht I can remember….

  • Burt

    What is uma?

  • flyyphone

    Looks like an iphone to me. No physical keyboard, that sucks for multi-taskers because that thing takes way too much concentration. On to some real news, the Blackberry App World is supposed to surface tomorrow. :D

  • flyyphone

    Correction, Wednesday April 1. Hope it’s not a April Fools joke

  • Sanjay

    3Q? Can T-mobile really move that fast? I am being sarcastic of course. That is 6 to 9 months away, by then who knows what the competition will already have out. Cobwebs are already growing on me waiting on a phone from magenta. In the time that T-mobile comes out with a windows mobile 3g smartphone I should be on my second iteration but they don’t even have one out.


    Wow!!! All these great phone announcement pouring from the bowels of T-Mobile about a phone that is ‘supposedly’ being released…..months away. While we wait for more Android phones AT&T announces a slew of new phones…almost weekly it seems. BTW – Is T-Mobile putting banking completely in Android? Is that what they think we as customers want? Oh…the frustration. I can only hope CTIA produces some much needed announcements. Make us proud T-Mo.

  • Rommel

    When is there going to be tmo 3g symbian phone?!-come on tmo!

  • Tim

    Iphone Rocks …. T-mobile sucks

  • Tim

    In the end there is no better phone then the iPhone

  • Sad Panda

    and of course the apple fanboys show up to the party to give their usual shot of “oh i loves me my iPhones, I’m so closed-minded and brain-washed by apple that nothing else even comes close”

  • pheer6224

    Well, they did just release a Huawei usb modem, so there is some element of thought put in if this turns out to be a rumor, but I think they just might be releasing a slightly different model and this was the best preview.

  • Lee

    If the iPhone is so bad, why is it that the competition is still trying to make their ‘new’ phones look exactly like an iPhone design that surfaced nearly 2 years ago.

    Looks like all of the manufacturers have been brainwashed too!

  • spum

    Lee – there is more to a phone than just the design. The iPhone looks cool, but that’s it’s only advantage. Manufacturers are making flat, touch-screen phones because the market has shown an interest in that design. As for functionality, my Blackberry blows the iPhone away.

  • Marc

    That would be the best looking phone on T-Mobile USA hands down.

  • knytphal

    This isn’t a bad looking device. I wonder about the quality of that 5MP cam….


    UMA is basically wifi calling.

  • Ron

    Why does everyone get so offended when the iphone is brought up and everyone talks about how much they hate it? But it was all of you same people that were screaming at tmo to come out with something that is like it… Just go get an iphone people and stop wasting money on all of these imitators.


    I’m a Apple fanboy of sorts – i owned an iPhone, I own a Macbook Pro, and I own a iPod. That doesn’t make anyone a fan of their products bad or brainwashed…its all about preference.

    The iPhone is not the end all, be all to the cell phone market. It is in fact one of the most innnovative and well designed phones of this century and years down the road we’ll all look back and appreciate what it has done for this industry….we can see its effects now. Up until the iPhone we had all of the prominent vendors of handsets pushing out the same ol’ thing time and time again. Case in point – Motorola. The Razr, Krazr, Rokr, Fokr…OK…maybe the last one wasn’t an actual phone but you get the point. Out of the blue comes a phone from a company whose forte is computers and it blows the socks off the competition – HANDS DOWN! My only gripe with Apple is the exclusivity deal they pulled with the carriers – in particular, AT&T. No carrier should have the right to lock up deals on phones so that other carriers or their customers are forbidden to purchase them. But that’s a whole other issue I don’t want to get into.

    The iPhone is a great phone but it still lacks some things that should have been standard at the phone’s orginal release – cut & paste, MMS, MS Exchange support.
    In regards to the other handset makers…yes, they’ve been trying to play catch up and in the process of wanting to become the iPhone killer have fallen on their faces badly. In my honest opinion I really thought the Blackberry Storm would have been a better contender to the iPhone than it has. Instead it’s been plagued with a often sluggish and buggy OS. This is coming from a guy that owns one. And in case that Dave guy is around….I still have it fully functioning on T-Mobile’s network. IM,SMS,MMS,browser and even the VZ Navigator GPS program. Take that! Just wish I was able to use the 3G functionality…oh well.

    I’ve been trying to give T-Mobile the benefit of the doubt in their efforts but I’m really starting to believe they have no efforts in play to be more competitive in the US market. Their UK outfit has much better phones than we have and 3G has been around the UK for years. That’s the only time I get to enjoy any 3G capable phone is when I’m out of the country.

    Say what you will but the G1 is not all that people claim it is. The OS stills needs some tuning, the very low memory specs make putting lots of apps on the phone impossible – what good is a 8GB or 16GB microSD card if you can’t install apps without hacking the phone?

    Rumors, Rumors, Rumors…..most of the time that’s all we hear about T-Mobile. We need to see products. Lets start from the beginning of the year up til today to see just how many ‘confirmed’ product announcements we have from T-Mobile and compare it with some of the other carriers. The numbers are probably startling. In one day AT&T announced 6….count them…6 new phones. We’re lucky if we hear one announcement from T-Mo in 6 weeks. Not to mention if it’s a good announcement or not.

    I want to cause an uproar because as a long standing customer I feel they owe us that. I called customer service about a month ago when I was switching over to the Blackberry data services. When the rep asked me if there was anything she could do I told her to send a message to the guys on top that we’re tired of the crap handset options we have to chose from. She laughed and told me that’s a major complaint with a lot of customers she’s encountered. What’s wrong with them?

    Guess they like being #4…behind Sprint……

  • FILA

    yea me to, like this phone, hope it doesnt change much and hope when they say Q3, they bring it out in July, my contract is up, fuck…

  • Ryan

    I have a very unique opportunity where I get to meet with a Senior Director each month to talk about anything. This month we talked about data phones. One thing this director said to me that stood out was, “We (T-Mo) don’t have a phone that competes with the Iphone yet, but I can tell you that in Q4 we will have a phone that competes directly with the Iphone.” The only phone I could think of is this one.

  • some dude

    hey Ron its not so much the design of the phone, anyone can extrude plastic. Its the OS. Thats where the iphone will fail. but it is inevitable it will fail, you know the whole apples tight grip on the os as opposed to the openess of android.