HTC Magic Passes FCC for T-mobile USA!


Certainly a great deal of you have been waiting for further word regarding the device codename “Sapphire.” Looks like this mornings news is going to bring some joy to those of who have been waiting for a little more official word on whether or not this device would make it stateside. Having already been teased with T-mobile markings, compliments of the FCC we have better word, or should I say better pictures that indicate T-mobile USA, our beloved magenta will indeed receive this Android device sometime later this year. We’ve been calling this one for a while, and now it looks just that much safer to say its really true, its really real and its coming. Soon. 

More pics after the jump!

Want more info? Try and decipher all this FCC stuff

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  • Pedro

    HECK YES!!!!!!!!! I’ve been saving up for this. The sidekick 08 has nothing on Android. I’m ready for my upgrade.

  • Sad Panda

    Nice! I wonder what colors it will be available in. Regardless, the white is sexy. Oh and a 5MP camera FTW.

  • Todd

    Does the battery cover say 5.0 megapixels? I thought the camera was supposed to be 3.2 megapixels (same as the G1).

    Also, I assume the buttons on the final version will be more like those on the Vodafone HTC Magic…? In my opinion, that would be much better.

  • Oh that’s really cool.
    But it was pretty obvious it was coming.
    I don’t like it personally, but good for all the people that do. ^^

  • wicked!!!!!!

  • andrewkfromaz

    In my mind, the big thing about this is that it means we’ll finally get the cupcake update with onscreen keyboard!!!!

  • J-Hop2o6

    so will the TP2 be 5MP?

  • drivethruboy168

    Where’s the myfaves logo? Also… 5 meg cam?? I might just skip the touch pro 2. I want WM 6.5! G2 will do till august when I get 2 more upgrades!

  • It looks nice enough, and a better camera would be nice. But unless huge strides have been made in battery life, I’ll stick with my G1.

  • Sam

    Oh, cause I’m sure you found this yourself….way to credit sources

  • Eric

    In the FCC tech documents is says “WLAN will NOT be used for Voip”

    So I’m assuming this means no UMA again?

  • mingkee

    it’s Sapphire after all, not Magic

  • Latinpride613

    Looks really great. The only thing about the Magic is that it doesn’t have a tactile keyboard. Thats going to be a major deciding factor for me. I currently have the G1 and LOVE it. I have tried MANY phones that have an on screen keyboard but never once has it been good to use.

  • soviet

    5 mp? what is going on here, what a surprise, i did not see this coming, it changes the the story completely, i guaranty new i phone will be 3.2, so thats why htc upgrade it to 5 mp. but still, wow!

  • J

    I believe there is some issue with getting UMA on a 3G phone and being able to maintain T-Mobile’s required 8 hour standby battery time. We’ve heard how much just 3G drains the G1. UMA is a battery hog too. It sounds like we are getting back to the point where battery technology needs to improve to keep phone technologies improving. Either that, or the 3G vendors need to find a way to conserve battery life on phones. Its tough to have a 3G/2G phone with UMA, a 5mp camera, a bright full color touchscreen, and still maintain plenty of battery life. Well you could do it easily, but we would be back to having a phone that looks like a bag phone.

  • soviet

    mingkee@ u r right, i am still in shock, thats why magic was exclusive to vodafone, coz tmo was getting saphire, hmm game of words, now we need man colors here, like piano black. yummy. my wife gets my g1, her viewty is getting old, i get this bad boy

  • looks pretty cool. i’m caught between this and the new sidekick. i don’t like how this doesnt have a keyboard though. reminds me too much of the iphone. this phone will be a very good seller i’m sure though. the battery cover does say 5 megapixel camera. very nice

  • mmeyer4663

    Here is the correct link to the FCC information:

    Shows confidentiality until June 15th.

  • Arthur V

    how about a FLASH for the camera? If so, this phones PWNS!

  • Jon

    @J I think you’re absolutely right.

    Batteries need to substantially improve if we’re going to be moving to LTE also… Otherwise we’ll have 30min talk times and 3hrs standby…

  • G1 User

    Same slow processor that’s int he G1, no large capacity flash memory, no thanks.

  • soviet
  • can someone help me out here… why would an onscreen keyboard (what everyone has apparently been waiting for with android) be considered an upgrade over a physical keyboard? onscreen keyboards are absolutely terrible. like terrible terrible. i don’t even think it could be called a matter of preference. theres good (a keyboard) and bad (an onscreen keyboard). i’ll be waiting for either the touchpro2 or the next android based phone with a keyboard or maybe even the sidekick… but i doubt that haha.

  • Greg

    The Magic had better be great or the legions of soon to be released touch screen smartphones will overwhelm it. As a T-Mobile sub I am crossing my fingers.

  • timmyjoe42

    Is this a touch screen keyboard or a sliding one like the G1?

  • G1 User

    timmyjoe42, it has a touchscreen-only keyboard like the iphone.

  • InfidelCastro

    Please tell me that’s perspective. It looks twice as wide as the damn Blackberry Storm. You can serve drinks on that thing, andmaybe make a phonecall or two.

  • Robert x24x

    I’m pretty stoked about this. I’ve been reading and getting info off this site for quite some time now and I’ve been really excited about the news as of late. G2? Touch Pro 2 with WinMo 6.5? Amazing to my eyes and ears. I am impartial to on-screen keyboards, but I’m a phone freak so I’ll be getting both forementioned phones for sure.

  • flyyphone

    Very unattractive phone

  • this phone is going to be the real deal, the on screen keyboard is a huge upgrade so you dont have to slide th keyboard open every time you get a text… you will adapt and love the keyboard and it’ll be fine. The battery is 3 hours talk time stronger than the old one. and their using a 3.5 g network which is even quicker than 3 g for t-mobile.

    T-mobile whole saler
    -Ronnie owens

  • freeQwnC

    Wow. finally. I have been waiting ever since the Vodaphone Announcement. But, When?? and btw i was just about ready to get the G1 but nope. Now i change my mind.

  • from what i hear this wont be out until august.

  • FILA

    welp, i like it, its alright, we knew it was coming but according to engadget and there post about it, there is no proof that this will be the G2. I dont like the buttons on the phone, to small and looks like a damn 80’s car radio being all skinny and stuff. I still do like the G1 even thou i dont have one, my contract with T is up in July, even if this was the G2 I still might want to go with the G1 just because I love the QWERTY, i played with it and its hott, also as soon as the G2 gets released cupcake will come for the G1 you can guarantee it, they will always continue to update the G devices with there predecessors, they wont have the G1 owners left out of that on screen keyboard, so thats not a worry. Im really excited for CTIA next week and we will find out soon what there plans are for a G2, I cannot wait

  • freeQwnC

    @ FILA
    This is a prototype model of the G2 meaning this is how the phone was when they introduced the HTC Magic a month ago. But they did change the buttons on the final version of the Magic,
    getting rid of the “blockyness”, these buttons look more “present” like…
    and Yeah. I cant wait till CTIA, next week. But IM SOOO HAPPY THIS IS COMING. Because to me this device looks better than the G1. and I do not mind the touch screen keyboard cause I think they are AWEsoome. cheers :)

  • CoCo

    Anyone can tell me how this compares to the Nokia 5800? I’ve been looking at that phone recently, and was led to the HTC Magic ^^.

  • soviet

    i played with nokia 5800 and i was really upset about touch factor on nokia phone, its ok. android its some much smoother. plus s60 v5 dont have a lot programs yet, so i would get android.

  • dub

    same phone minus a keyboard won’t keep me from getting a pre at this point.

  • Nick

    Everyone jumps ship for the Pre, then Palm goes out of business and Sprint fails to backup the app store. Did they screw up the instinct too?

  • timmyjoe42

    Palm is out of business?

  • louis

    Will they change the keys back to the way they were before?


    wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the ugly G1

  • JonB

    Just pre-ordered mine today for a tenner. UK release date is 9th of May, but likely to change – god knows what this last minute hardware change actually is. Hopefully it’s the addition of a standard audio jack. Can’t wait!

  • JadieKinnZ254

    I really want this phone…its definately better that the G1 and tmobile wing. i love the apps…a gigantic selection but itll do for now. MWAH I LOVE YOU HTC MAGIC!!!! if yoy agree this phone is awesome say HeLLZ YeAH! lolZ

  • Susiedoll

    woop woop cant wait till this bad boy come out in the market =]

  • nizz234

    This is not the G2 if it was that would be the name of it its just another andriod based phone and there will be plenty more like it when the get ready to drop the actual G2 u will know just like when the iphone 3g came out to was big

  • Touchmymytouch

    It looks 6 trillion times better than the G1 but I’m still not sure how I feel bout android. Blackberry is more established,reliable and I can save contacts to my sim. Backing up contacts onto gmail from g1 didn’t work for me.

  • The “T” Man

    I was just in Holland last week and tried the phone out it was really cool, Vodaphone in Europe is the carrier but I think we will enjoy the phone in America it’s fast, light weight, and easy to use. BTW in Europe they have mini G!’s and Behold their like have the size of the American versions.

  • Jeff

    So I called yesterday because I’m planning on hopping over to AT&T for the reduced price iPhone 3g ($99!) and the rep told me that the G2 will be ready for launch in 2 weeks.
    I don’t believe her, mostly because she made false statements while trying to keep me from jumping (like saying all 3G networks are the same – they aren’t: t-mobile launched on a different band and with different tech – and much, much, much later than AT&T).
    Someone explain to me why every other company hypes their phones and has solid launch dates available, while T-MO leaves it up to you guys. If is a seperate entity from T-Mobile, why do they tell me to come here for info on new phones?
    When I asked the rep why t-mo seems more interested in casual users and seems focused on messaging phones, she told me that I was wrong. Um, why can I get a 3G blackberry on everyone BUT t-mobile? Why do I have to settle for the uglier, buggy, no 3g shuts down connectivity G1 if I want a 3G phone capable of email?
    I’m out of here.
    After discussing it with the rep, I was told that if I cancel even a day before my contract is up, they’ll sock me with a $200 fee. Then, she had the audacity to thank me for being ‘part of the t-mobile family’. My family has never tried to get me to pay $200 to make me happy before!

  • dqnny

    Whats up with the link? It sends you to a FCC page but with no MyTouch info.