Google demo showcases possible "Magic" G2 for T-mobile?!


Plenty has been made of the recent MWC announcement regarding the HTC Magic and its possible exclusivity to Vodafone. So far any exclusivity talk is pure rumor and if the picture above is any indication, T-mobile aficionados still have plenty of room for hope that this once fabled device is now indeed on its way to a T-mobile near you. While we still can’t file anything under “confirmed” for now, this above image certainly gives room for the possibility that a vodafone exclusive may be limited to Europe only and that US shores will see a variant of the G2. All this of course still remains in the rumor category and will remain so until some lucky individual shows up with blurrycam shots standing in front of a McDonalds. 



Picture courtesy of Brighthand


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  • rs

    holy crap!! Thats awesome.

  • enrgy52

    Check this. way better picture. Definately T-mobile

  • steven

    but t-mobile also exists in europe.

  • ray

    I came!!!

  • alt-mobile

    “As it will lack a hardware keyboard, text and numbers will be entered on-screen.”

    wtf? are you serious? so it’s essentially a wanna be iPhone now? I thought that the G phone was keeping the keyboard so that it could differentiate between themselves and the iPhone (besides the obvious difference in Android)…

    I’m confused…

  • @alt-mobile you are absolutely right about that one. i dont like the fact that its lacking the board at all, one thing i’ll say to that is goodbye android, hello wing 2 and i cant wait to welcome windows mobile and its problems back in my life. the g1 gets boring after a while.

  • alt-mobile

    @t1…yeah man seriously…I mean I just broke my wing a few days ago (womp womp) and bought a dash from Craig’s List (which btw smells like smoke because of the seller…triple womp for me)…and I was excited for the G2 and now this? I mean I have an iPod Touch and I love it…but to be honest the GD virtual keyboard is so annoying…plus I thought that the “one” thing iPhone users didn’t like was the fact that there was no physical keyboard…hence the G1…meh I’ll just stop talking…

    and I totally feel you man…bring on the Wing 2!



  • Jay

    I wouldn’t mind if T-Mobile passed on this version of the “G2.” I see this phone as a step backwards in terms of design when compared to the G1. It looks a little better thanks to it’s slimmer design, but there are a lot of other better looking touch screen only devices out there. I would only get this phone if it had more features than the G1, not less. Until then I’m hoping that when my contract ends in August the Wing 2 will already be released or the release date of the G3 will be available and come by the end of 2009.

  • steven


    care to explain how the t-mobile logo is different from US and UK?

  • Rey

    US Logo: -T—Mobile-

    European Logo: —T—Mobile-

  • James

    This phone is the HTC “Magic”..why would this phone be called the G2 when it’s not even a evolutionary step forward? I wont be getting this phone if T-Mobile comes out with it. I’d stick with my G1 until a real step comes out

  • well, this put it down solid for me to return my 8900 tomorrow! it was a great phone

  • Coco

    Everyone is flipping out about the G2 name. I don’t think its called the G2 because its supposed to replace the G1. Its just the 2nd ‘G’ phone so it is the G2. I think it supposed to compliment the G1 so that people have more than one choice when it comes to android.

  • J

    The G2 isn’t suppose to be a replacement for the G1. It is simply going to be an alternative. The entire line-up is being completely revamped to be competitive. Some pieces are just coming in sooner than others. You will see future “G” devices with keyboards and future “G” devices without.

  • Pythagoras


  • sam

    i want one :)

  • Rey

    it just needs to be released already, im ready !

  • soviet

    hmm, i agree, i dont think its a g2, just another android phone. i hope that tmo wont name it like t000, just call it htc magic.

  • soviet

    just checked the tmo label euro market and usa, it different. thats an usa version

  • daryl

    got to check it out at MWC. It looks much better than the G1, and had some cool applications.

  • brian

    i will be bummed if it doesn’t make its way to tmo

  • PHug

    Why does HTC make ‘hotness’ for winmo like the Touch pro 2, Diamond 2 and Touch HD but leaves the warmed over garbage for Android?

    This “Magic” is a G1 without a keyboard. I’M NOT IMPRESSED!

    The Magic can’t even stack up to the first gen Touch Pro or Diamond and it’s supposed to compete with the 2nd. gen versions?

    This is ridiculous.

  • achilles

    I can’t believe this garbage! The major weakness of the G1 is that it does not have a camera flash! Why make a G2 and leave off the camera flash? If this is the G2, then there is absolutely no reason to buy it. It is not an upgrade. Dear T-mobile: The sequel to the G1 needs: A camera flash, a 3.5mm jack, and FM radio. Thanks.