Google demo showcases possible "Magic" G2 for T-mobile?!


Plenty has been made of the recent MWC announcement regarding the HTC Magic and its possible exclusivity to Vodafone. So far any exclusivity talk is pure rumor and if the picture above is any indication, T-mobile aficionados still have plenty of room for hope that this once fabled device is now indeed on its way to a T-mobile near you. While we still can’t file anything under “confirmed” for now, this above image certainly gives room for the possibility that a vodafone exclusive may be limited to Europe only and that US shores will see a variant of the G2. All this of course still remains in the rumor category and will remain so until some lucky individual shows up with blurrycam shots standing in front of a McDonalds. 



Picture courtesy of Brighthand


Tmonews Forums

Engadget via Youtube