Open Comment Friday


Well its that time of the week again, open comment Friday! That’s right, talk amongst yourselves about anything, everything wireless or your Friday evening plans. The comment section is your oyster! Perhaps you might want to talk about the wild loyalty plan T-mobile has thrown into the mix or maybe your digging the looks of the Sidekick 2009. Even more important, perhaps you’ve been waiting, waiting and waiting a little more for your chance at 3G love, or perhaps you just want to stop carrying two devices and think the Samsung Memoir is the answer to your device convergence prayers! Regardless of your subject, this post is all about whats on your mind…so go post below! 

Whats on my mind, is why ARE YOU NOT following us on twitter yet? Follow us! I also want to thank all of our magnificent and awesome forum posters for hitting 4000!!! posters this morning. Congratulations and thank you! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!