Open Comment Friday


Well its that time of the week again, open comment Friday! That’s right, talk amongst yourselves about anything, everything wireless or your Friday evening plans. The comment section is your oyster! Perhaps you might want to talk about the wild loyalty plan T-mobile has thrown into the mix or maybe your digging the looks of the Sidekick 2009. Even more important, perhaps you’ve been waiting, waiting and waiting a little more for your chance at 3G love, or perhaps you just want to stop carrying two devices and think the Samsung Memoir is the answer to your device convergence prayers! Regardless of your subject, this post is all about whats on your mind…so go post below! 

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Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  • mafiaashish

    i dont care about the 3G but i need atleast edge in sherman,tx. been tired of living in stonage now.

  • Matthew

    this might only apply to me, but i was checking out the touch pro2 and i was thinking of some things that i would like to change. WM6.1 and later has the threaded txt feature. there should be a seperate folder for that becasue when you search text messages like you normally would, it doesnt search the entire conversation like it would if it wasnt threaded. i know you can turn it off, but i like it, i also like to search so i can pull up stuff faster. my battery on my laptop is about to die so i will do this quickly. i cant wait for the loyalty plan to go nationwide. i will definitely get it! also when on earth is tmo going to get a new windows mobile smartphone?!?!!? i have been waiting and waiting and waitng! Does anyone have any idea?! i keep checking the upcoming phone sectino and it says the same thing about an htc device and a windows mobile device!!! i am getting tired of waiting… before you know it all the other cariers will have the touch pro2 and diamond2 and we are still stuck with the wing. thats just crazy!

  • Anthony

    Does anyone know if T-mobile has committed to LTE yet or not? and I do still realize they are still working their magic on 3G.

  • Paul

    anyone in the UK got the RC9 update for the G1 yet? does it improve battery life?

  • Brooklyn Hippie

    Question…I just want to know when a touch screen bb is coming out. I loveee bb but I decided to get the G1 and its cool for the most part but I think bb needs to step that game up. Atleast for tmo lolol

  • alt-mobile

    so I just used the 8900 that my friend got and it is one sexy piece of machinery…just wish it had 3G and wish that the data plan wasn’t so expensive (or that there was a proxy loop hole around it–which I heard from someone that there is…anyone know anything about that?)

    plus I can’t wait for the Dash 2 and the Wing 2 (and no the new color update of the Dash is NOT the Dash 2…)

  • Ricky

    Now that the G1 has paid apps, I’m really frustrated that I have to have a credit card/Google Checkout to buy apps. Has anybody heard if they will allow for the payment to go straight to our T-Mobile bill soon??

  • GlockBuster

    Paid apps will never go on the bill because if someone does not pay their bill, T-Mobile is not willing to comp the developer.

  • Ricky

    @GlockBuster: I never thought of that, good point. :( How will I ever buy apps, I don’t use credit cards, never will. I think credit cards are like the most evil thing ever.

  • Alex

    Any news on cupcake???

  • this g1 paid app thing is retarted something serious, why are we paying for apps that were free before and why the hell do we have to use a credit card. i dont know about anyone but i’m not entering my credit card info on any mobile web browswer or mobile app. i know how it works and all, but theres still a little hesitation about doing it.

  • southern belle

    Just wishing everyone a Happy Mardi Gras!

  • Does anyone know if the samsung memoir will have video editing like the pixon??

  • Jonnothan

    I’m wondering about this new loyalty plan.. will this really be offered nationwide, I am on AT&T’s GoPhone service. All I would need to do is port my number and I would be credited $135? Or am I misinterpreting this?

  • Jason

    Anyone else having data issues in Chicago? Last night it was down from 6-10…and its down again right now.

  • mingkee

    I discovered price mistake
    if you recently upgraded (and signed contract renewal), check out my t-mobile
    nokia 6263 is $30, and your expiration date will be pushed back to the date you ordered plus 2 years

    6263 is a 3G phone, and it’s good for backup purpose

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Anthony

    about TMO & LTE (so far)

    “If you look at the opportunity for us going forward, AWS gives us significant headroom for the near future. There are several paths to LTE. We can refarm the 1900 MHz spectrum at some time where our GSM customers are today. There are clearly opportunities with reutilizing that spectrum with technologies that are more efficient and economically attractive for data use.”

  • nick

    Mine keeps going out sporadically through out the day.

  • My data was down yesterday and is down now too.

  • mark

    more info on touchwiz update?

  • ok its back up now



  • silk7

    All right!! pay app’s!!!!

    So where’s quake?
    Oh that’s right – we can’t get quake until they fix the video 3d thing!!!

  • David Almonte

    can the $49.99 unlimited loyal plan work on flex pay account & can i get that plan if i could open a new flex pay account with that plan ?

  • I want UMA support for the G1. It’s wifi chipset supports it.

  • I doubt the that G1 will ever have UMA support. For a second there I thought you were Noah from phonedog.

    @silk I want quake too! What’s up with the 7201a chip?

  • mmmm I recently discovered a problem with my blackberry 8900, the led indicator light stopped working!! This is kinda of annoying! it was working fine, and now I just noticed it doesn’t work..

  • L.G

    any news on the TouchWiz update?

  • SpanDee

    @ Ricky

    Go to Wal-Mart and buy a prepaid visa, only like ten bucks and you can put all the cash in the world on it. Oh they also have MetroPCS prepaid card too!

    Problem solved!