T-mobile to offer improved unlimited plan?



We’re still trying to hash out all the details on this one but from what we can ascertain so far T-mobile is going to make some customers very very happy in the coming days. It looks as though T-mobile is going to try and introduce some economically friendly rate plans to the world and undercut just about all the major competition with an unlimited voice plan at $49.99!!!! 

While I’m still not positive of all the details, courtesy of howardforums and many many emails today comes what hopefully is an accurate representation of what we can expect out a future T-mobile offering: 

Here’s the low-down so far.

Single Line Unlimited Anytime Minutes:

Unlimited Anytime Minutes
Nationwide Service
LD/Voicemail/3-way calling/Caller ID
1 LINE of Service
$49.99 (before taxes)

FamilyTalk Unlimited Anytime Plan:

Unlimited Anytime Minutes

Nationwide Service
LD/Voicemail/3-way calling/Caller ID
$89.99 (before taxes)
–> Additional Lines (up to 3): $39.99

Where: San Francisco, CA
Who: Invited Customers in SANFRAN area only (loyalty bonus for tenure customers)
When: February 19th, 2009

Where: Nationwide (all T-Mobile markets)
Who: New/Current T-Mobile customers
When: March 1st, 2009

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You can add $25.00 data features, and/or Unlimited Family Messaging ($20) pack to plan if wanted – most current add-ons available with this rate plan.

(Unlimited Bundling Packs – Manual Configs)

Unlimited Voice/Data/Messaging Plan (single line): $84.99
Nationwide Service
LD/Voicemail/Conference Calling
Caller ID/Call Waiting/Call Forwarding
Unlimited Anytime Minutes ($49.99)
Unlimited SMS/MMS/Video/IM ($19.99)
Unlimited Data ($24.99)



Unlimited Voice/Blackberry Data Services (single line): $84.99

Nationwide Service
LD/Voicemail/Conference Calling
Caller ID/Call Waiting/Call Forwarding
Unlimited Anytime Minutes ($49.99)
Unlimited Blackberry Data ($34.99)

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Thanks Coltra!


  • thats awesome! but i rarely even talk on the phone anymore haha.

  • Matthew

    Yeah, me too. They need to include data and text messaging, or at least text messaging. MetroPCS is growing fast, and Sprint is dsperate.

  • FILA

    yea same here I dont talk much on the phone, but still need minutes, but not this many for the price, the $30 plan is to scary to go to incase I did use for then that, the MyFavs are cool, which I got the $40, but I hardly use minutes in that to

  • antoine

    That cool, I can’t wait for this.

  • i have a $99.99 family plan with 3 phones plus internet and unlimited text on all of them i wonder if this would be good for me.

  • alt-mobile

    yeah like other people said I don’t really use minutes either…T-Mobile needs to come out with a plan like Sprint did (which I believe was called the Cero plan–sp?) and the plan was 39.99 for like 700 minutes free nights/weekends, unlimited texting, and unlimited internet…

    I know this plan existed because ALL of my friends signed up for it and I think so many people were signing up that they stopped offering it…

  • sad

    im really upset with you tmonews and david… well.. why would you even post this as news? i realize this is a website dedicated to t-mobile related news but you really put a lot of the people that make t-mobile great ( employees ) in a difficult position when you post stories like this. you must realize a lot of people come to this site and take what you post as fact, and granted the test market information is correct there is nothing indicating a nationwide launch of this program at this point. i cant wait to hear all the pissed off customers tomorrow when i go to work and have to let them know what they read on tmonews is not always fact, regardless of how you position this as a rumor.. people will call, and bitch, and make CSRs life hell. so again i thank you for spurring the rumor mill and posting information that should really be kept until fully implemented.

  • spoofee

    So your friends signed up with Sprint? Did you make fun of them?

  • Bree70

    That’s because the plan was an employee referral plan. Not a plan everyone on the planet was supposed to google and get employee emails for verification. Sprint caught on this and changed the verification method.

  • SpanDee

    But then maybe that’s why Sprint is like the Titanic and sinking fast? Tomorrow they announce how many more customers jumped ship!

  • Dave

    OMG, This is perfect, I can’t wait.

  • Sad Panda

    This is a great plan for the few individuals who actually need an unlimited bucket, but does not truly address the reason why customers are leaving. T-Mobile needs sexier handsets! Individuals who are out of contract are driven to switch by devices offered by other carriers. What incentive do they have to stay with T-Mobile? This is especially true when a handset the out-of-contract customer wants is offered by T-Mobile at a much higher upgrade price (price when a 2-year contract is re-newed) than the competition (see the pearl).

    Devices drive customers to switch! Get better devices and better upgrade prices, T-Mobile, or prepare to be in the same ship as Sprint!

  • Sean

    T-Mobile Sales Reps are about to bank.

  • SK

    @Sad Panda: I agree with you completely. They are missing the boat. They are not even trying to compete anymore all they are doing is making their service and offering cheaper. Verizon has announced 2010 deployment of 4G and T-Mobile still does not have 3G deployment done and HAS NO PHONES. Where are all the data centric phones they promised. Its like watching grass grow. My contract has been up and my MDA is beginning to have problems. I will not sign a 2 year contract for any phone they currently have so what am I to do but jump ship (even though I don’t want to)? They are afraid to communicate plans because they are afraid of poor execution resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

  • You see, this offer is for exsisting T-Mobile customers only who have had good payment history, AND have been with us for 22 months or longer.

    This is also a LIMITED TIME offer

  • jdslim

    To Sad Panda.

    Handset selection is getting much better now with Tmobile. 6 months ago I would have agreed with you but they have started to really shine in that department and it is only going to get beter. T-mobile was the fist US carrier to offer a phone with a 5mg camera. The have a nice list of good quality exclusive handsets and I am not just talking about the sidekick. Just to name a few, the 8220,the 8900, the shadow 2009, the G1 and Behold.

  • John

    So, right now, I’ve got unlimited family plan, with two G1’s (each with the $25 unlimited data and (some number) messages, since the current family plan already gives me unlimited messages) … so that’s $150 + $25 + $25 …. $200/mo + taxes

    If I’m reading this right, the new unlimited family plan is $90, but doesn’t include messaging, so I’ll need to upgrade to the $35 option (unlimited data + unlimited messaging). That’s $90 + $35 + $35 = $160/mo + taxes.

    $40/mo savings… 20% discount over what I pay now. I’m all for it :-)

    And, since I’m in the SF area, I can take advantage of it later this week!

  • David cleveland oh

    I agree with a lot of this. t-mobile was the first US carrier to offer gsm service and at this point should have their 3g deployed long ago and be offering a great handset lineup. i have been with t-mobile for many many years, since the days they were voicestream wireless. i will never switch carriers because they have always been good to me. their customer service is beyond comparison! I just don’t understand why they are always 3 steps behind the competition. I am sure they have their reasons.

  • MagentaGlasses

    No data = not unlimited. It’s that simple. How in the world can they call it unlimited if I’ll get charged for every MB of data and every SMS that I send or receive? Stupid.

  • mmaestro

    For $50, that’s good enough. Everyone else is twice that, only Sprint bundle data and texts. With unlimited texts and a data plan, they come out to be pretty much the same, and with the family plan as you can spread the add ons across multiple phones (at least in the case of texting, not data) you save even more. Just look at AT&T’s unlimited: $199.99 for two unlimited lines, plus $99.99 per additional line. Compared to $89.99 plus $39.99 per additinal lines, this blows the competition out of the park. Really, the only question is why anyone would get the Hotspot service at this price? IMO, the only way to keep that viable is to make it free for all customers, and drop the $9.99 asking price for it.

  • Heres why:
    UNL Voice $50 + UNL TXT and DATA $35 = $85. Still cheaper than Sprints “Simply everything”, unless of course you tell Sprint your going to cancel and get it for $19.99 lol.

  • griffin

    I’m willing to bet if you are a “loyal” customer with 22 months service you can get it even if you don’t live in San Fran IF you call executive customer care.

  • Queen4111

    I hope it starts on time…March 1st!

  • maree

    @Griffin: Nope, already tried.

  • Kirk

    This sounds like wireless suicide. Every carrier will follow suit and then the only difference between carriers will be devices. Soon everyone will pay 20 bucks for everything unlimited

  • Jon

    @Kirk – That’s what people said last february, yet you still have Sprint offering full unlimited data+voice @$99, while ATT and VZW only offer voice. Now TMO offers everything unlimited for $85.

    The phone companies won’t be doing that, but TMO probably realizes that it won’t be the first to get LTE (or the 2nd) so they’re trying to get some more basic consumers on their network, knowing full well that corporate accounts are still staying with Sprint and ATT. To do that they have to compete on price, since they can’t compete on coverage or speed.

  • SneakerFiend

    Ok so since this costs exactly what my monthly plan costs im going to get this and upgrade my phone while im at it.

    $89.99 + $34.99 = 124.99
    After the 12% tax it comes out to $139.99 a month. that’s a pretty nice bill without the worries of overage fees. And my alternative carrier was sprint meaning when my contract ended i’d choose sprint if t-mobile didnt release the touch pro2 or something that was going to keep me with t-mobile.

  • Ahmed

    GRiffin : Already tired :( … i have been with them since 2000 n called few times n answer was NO – unless u r in San Fran u cant get it

  • Jon



    Hey Dan, who owns Verizon?

  • MagentaMan

    OK…let me see if I can address a few things:
    1) Why was T-Mobile so late in 3G rollout? Because the severly underestimated the demand scope. As you know, T-Mob is owned by DT, and in Europe, 3G wasn’t so huge…nearly no demand at the time the spectrum became available here. Trust me…T-Mob USA has learned their lesson…and will not be last to 4G.
    2) T-Mob is listening to their customers…they want the flashier phones…and they will get them (G1, G2, 8900, Sidekick 2009, Memoir, ect)
    3) T-Mobile is built on value and loyalty, As a company, T-mobile will fail if the current subscriber base leaves. Henceforth the reason for rewarding loyal customers with excellent rate plans.
    4) T-mobile will double it’s 3G footprint this year, and combined with awesome phones and extremely competitive rate plans, makes it an excellent wireless carrier.

    I welcome all comments/criticism!

  • Jon

    @ MagentaMan – you’re waay off on that first point
    1) TMO was late because they didn’t have spectrum. Without spectrum you can’t start up a new network. And 3G is MASSIVE in Europe. Take a look at 3g coverage maps for Europe. They’ve been on 3g for years (longer than any US carriers even started), and TMO’s European operations have led the way. In the US, because our spectrum is cut up differently than the rest of the world, TMO USA needed spectrum which the government was using and wasn’t vacating very quickly. And they couldn’t simply switch off their entire GSM network and give everyone UMTS handsets to stay on the 1900mhz PCS band.
    2) Tmob is churning just as much as the other carriers are. They’re cutting prices for customers who are trying to cut their budgets. Simple economics. If you want to stay in someone’s tight budget, give them a better value.
    3, 4) correct.

  • mingkee

    I told that to co-workers, and they’re very interested in it

  • Gabriel

    Well, this does look to be official. I just logged on to my.t-mobile.com to pay my bill and was greeted with an offer for the “Unlimited Loyalty Plan”. Though it looks to only be available for a limited time.

  • Angel

    Maybe they will add that plan at least here in puerto rico T-mobile got the unlimited nation plan for 39.99 and you got unlimited minutes nation wide, call id, voice mail, 3 way line. at least as far as i know, puerto rico is the only place where t-mobile got that plan jeje lucky me i pay 52$ bucks for unlimited minutes, 400sms and tzones (yes in puerto rico we still have the tzones plan not web2go yet)

  • yay

    i got this today.. it was offered to me online at tmo’s website upon signing in, and was also offered to me when i called to ask questions about it. i’m in the sf bay area and a tmo customer since 2002. my account online calls this the “Unlimited Loyalty plan”.

  • alt-mobile

    there’s so much tension on this forum man…so in the word of Chris Griffin…boobies!

  • wagonis

    On the phone with a rep as I am typing this, and sound like all eligible customers will receive a message tomorrow with the offer and instructions on how to get in on it. But this IS a limited time offer, so if you don’t get in on it when it’s made to you…you’re screwed.

  • okkk

    Has anyone else noticed the Friends and family plan Verizon is launching thats similiar to myfaves? I am really conidering switching because I really want a decent touch screen device and they have a better signal

  • nick

    To the few comments that appear here and there, complaining about this site simply reporting or reposting various news bits and rumors. This is the internet. You are damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Before this site was along, we didn’t have a main stream site dedicated to all things only, tmo. At least, I never came across one.

    They bitch and moan if it wasn’t here first and if they do post it, the owners of the site still get bitched at. God damn, so many ungrateful fucks out there today. Go live in a 3rd world country and get a grip on your god damn life.

  • Peter.

    In my opinion, T-mobile already had competitive rate plans so it seems pointless. This is just another way to distract its customers from realizing other companies are offering better phone selections, especially in the smartphone department.

  • mingkee

    should admin ban Dan Forsee
    the guy is harrassing us

  • Bonitax

    hey everyone!
    i help your help on deciding what to do! i’m a metro pcs user and don’t get me wrong, but i love my metro! but i was thinking its time for a change. i’ve been reading all the reviews for t-mobile and some are bad but also some good. i was thinking about getting a sidekick. wat are the pros and cons with that? i tend to text alot so how’s the battery life? anything bad about t-mobile? pleaseee tell me everything you know! thanks guys!

  • Me

    I agree with the fact that this information shouldn’t be posted on this page. It really does put T-Mobile employees in a hard place. It’s a great deal and shouldn’t be open to everyone just the LOYAL customers it was intended for. Now that everyone knows that it’s there they are only going to be mad that they can’t get it and resent T-Mobile. Thanks

  • T-mobile loyalty

    Tmonews you have done it again first you set an expectation of the G1 launch date on 10/18/08 days before the actual launch 10/22/08 which caused confusion and frustration for t-mobile customers calling me customer loyalty, and now you have let the cat out of the bag about our new unlimited plan, but heres what you forgot this plan is going to be available to existing customers only, whom have completed at least a 2 year contract, and you have also neglected to tell the us that the plan is going to go special vip customers and to get it your account will have to have a special code and if your account does not have this code than you will not be getting this plan no matter what we will not be able to override it and that is why t-mobile will have no advertisements if this. Thanks for putting this up before you knew the facts I appreciate the call flow that this will give me and the escalated calls that fellow cowokers and I will now have.

  • David cleveland oh

    Magentaglasses makes an ignorant statement above. do you really expect everything unlimited for 50 dollars? tightwad idiot! if you read the post, it is very clear that this is an unlimited voice plan only. data and messaging are add on options for those who want them. even then it is a great deal. if you want unlimited everything for 50 bucks then go to boost mobile because they have it. then you can chirp your home boys and say “yo! where you at dog?” lol. seriously, knock it off you big cry baby cheap idiot!

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    So I just got this offer when I signed into my.tmobile.com, however yesterday I was told I was not eligible. Can anyone confirm if this offer has been extended beyond San Fran (I am in the Boston Market) or if perhaps this is a glitch? I printed it out and may go to my local t-mobile store at lunch.

  • Glitch

    ShotWithAnSLR, I’m in the Boston market too, logged in, no offer. Contract was done 6 months ago. Probably just a glitch.

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    I will post my results in the forums after I go to my local corporate store.

  • Jon

    @glitch – it’s probably because you’re not currently under a contract.

  • Glitch

    Well, isn’t the point of this deal for people without contracts? So they won’t switch to another company?

  • Jon

    It’s not a retention plan, per se. It’s a loyalty plan for people still in contract who have been with them and in good standing.

  • TMonster

    Not even a year employment and leaking proprietary information online?
    See ya on the other side of the phone, Coltra.

    Thanks for the bold printed “for targeted SF area customers only” disclaimer at the top of the article, TMoNews. Appreciate it.

  • MagentaGlasses

    @David cleveland

    I believe the headline of this post is “T-mobile to offer improved unlimited plan?” or does it say a “T-mobile to offer a plan with unlimited minutes?” Don’t blame me for ignorant statements. You’ve got some kind of issues so deal with them first, before commenting here.

  • Glitch

    Something must be wrong here. What’s the point of offering it to currently contracted users when a lot of non contracted users can leave at anytime? Maybe it’s because I’m not in the SF area.

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    Posted my failed results in the forums, might be an interesting read for some.

  • This comment responds to Glitch’s statement:

    “Something must be wrong here. What’s the point of offering it to currently contracted users when a lot of non contracted users can leave at anytime? Maybe it’s because I’m not in the SF area.”

    T-Mobile is not like its competitors, who want to commandeer the market share and then water down the service. As a customer for 7-years, I really believe that T-Mobile is so confident of their rock solid service that their business model does not call for locking customers into a contractual commitment.

    Read the Cell Phone Reviews:



  • Mexifornian

    “T-Mobile is so confident of their rock solid service that their business model does not call for locking customers into a contractual commitment”

    You are correct. Their business model is to hope their ok customer service (not great, just better than the others!), combined with their small footprint urban coverage and family plans will keep them from bleeding customers who crave a decent smartphone with 3-G capabilities. If they can do that, they can make loads of money by not having to offer decent smartphones at a discount to keep their customers.

    Their “dumb” phones, family plans and now this unlimited talk plan are strong indicators that T-Mobile will brand themselves forever as the low-tech discount cell service provider… watch out Jitterbug, all T-mobile needs now is a big-keyed phone to take your Luddite retiree cell business away from you!

  • TMoFoSho

    Yeah #1 in bb curve sales damn thats a dumb phone oh and that bb8900 yeah thats a crap tastic phone; 3g in 140 cities; new data card with 3g launching soon, the best rate plans and some of the best corporate discounts available, The only US carrier with 2 5mp camera phones the first with an 8mp and soon to have 2nd 8mp: oh and great customer care; so says jd power; damn i only wish we were as good as sprint..

  • DomTheG1King


  • ..is this really a deal? I pay $75 for unlimited text ($20), data ($25), 300 daytime minutes ($30) with free nights & weekends on my G1. The same on this plan is $85, before taxes. I like my plan just fine. And I don’t know what happened to Snagglepuss up there, but having the first two Android phones as well as stock WinMo phones puts them above Verizon and Sprint. I guess Mexifornians thinks the Instinct is a *real* smartphone. I know he’s not talking about the iPhone – they work on T-Mo’s network and when I had one it was a love-hate relationship, every day, until tropical storm Fay killed it. Thank goodness, or I might never have gotten my G1.

  • Nick (work for T-Mobile)

    Hi folks, I am a sales rep for T-Mobile. The Unlimited Loyalty plan will be offered to customers with prime (flex annual and flex no contract are not eligable) credit and have been with T-Mobile for 22 months or more with good payment history. The plan is 59.99 for unlimited talk time for an individual, and 89.99 for a 2 line unlimited talk time family plan and every line after that 2nd line will be 39.99 each. Texting rates and data plans are exactly the same. I would go to a T-Mobile store near you and have them do it for you. If you guys have any questions regarding the loyalty plan or T-Mobile in general, feel free to ask away!

  • Hurlamania

    Is this still available Ive never heard of it.

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  • Bernard

    I enjoy an unlimited talk and text service with Just5 for only $40 for 30 days! Each minute only cost $.10. Plus, the minutes expire in 90 days and rollover when refilled so I’m not looking for anything else. For those who prefer to use a simple phone and affordable rates, the Just5 cell phone makes a very good choice!