Sidekick 2009 in the wild!



Well we certainly love the evolutionary steps involved that lead up to an eventual in the wild pic. First we get some specs, then the inevitable glimpse at a poster/paper image of said device and then comes along the famed, usually blurry in the wild shot. Luckily in this instance, no such blurriness is present and we get a pretty good spy shot look at the upcoming sidekick 2009. Compare to the linked picture above: 



Hope more leaked spyshots are on the way so we can get some better views of the OS, browser and other various exciting features we hope are present in this device. We’re all still waiting on pricing and drop dates but rest assured when the news comes, we’ll be among the first to bring it to you!


  • vince

    Can they redo the entire outside…its played out

  • Be

    I kind of want this phone now…but at the same time, I feel too old to have a sidekick…

  • anyone notice the beautiful 3g signal logo in the top right hand side of the the screen. boy sidekick fans are gonna go nutz.

  • Confused…

    Why such a small screen….Still.

  • alt-mobile

    man when are the Wing 2, Dash 2, and G2 coming out? I just accidentally broke my wing (womp womp) and am phoneless….

  • Tony

    Dang it, I’m becoming one of those people that gets a new phone every couple of months. I must have this.

  • Hubba Bubba

    Is this one another Motorola?

  • Dave

    1, Motorola doesn’t really make Sidekicks anymore, and not this one is not by Motorola, I think it’s by PCD. 2, I can’t wait, I already got money saved up for it.

  • FILA

    Yea I agree they need to redo the whole case, get rid of the extra face buttons, hopefully this one will be much slimmer. but im not gonna be big on this one, im liking the G1 more and more each day but scared to make the purchase cuz Im worried a G2 will come out, and not the images we saw, thats Vodaphones. Thou they could release the Magic for US but hope not, I want QWERTY, lol

  • jose

    its not a small screen!!! and no its made by danger. and the dash 2 already came out! its pretty much the same but with a new black color

  • Bill

    im a retail employee and the new dash is not the dash 2 its just a color change with a software update

    sidekicks are out dated we need more windows devices/andriod

    we sell more g1s then we do sidekicks

  • face

    danger makes the OS not the hardware. as for the dash 2. that isnt it. its the same dash just all black. it has the same software and everything. i wonder how quickly this sidekick will get played

  • Ah.

    I knew it would be ugly.

  • BC

    Nice looking upgrade to the LX, and if I hadn’t upgraded to the G1 id be seriously looking at this phone. And guys, the Sidekick is not a kids

  • BC

    Hit send to soon. As I was saying, the Sidekick is not just a kid’s phone. I know several adults who have one, including a 60 year old woman. She’s not technically inclinded either. The Sidekick should really be considered an entry level data/smart phone.

  • sam

    all i gotta say is. the best keyboard was that hard plastic glass kinda keyboard in the sidekick 3.. the lx keyboard and the 2008 keyboard was alrite.. but i got the iphone 3g unlocked so i cant go back 2 tmobile phones

  • soviet


  • Buster

    Does anyone have any idea when the Sidekick 2009 might be available? My contract with T-Mobile has expired and I want a new phone but am not totally pleased with what’s currently available?

  • joshh

    they really should change the color is horrible.
    it would be awsome if it were blue like the lx

  • ifyouaregayumustlikesidekicks

    @ Buster:
    You’re not pleased with the current selection of phones? The best phone ever made by anyone is the G1. F*ck the G2- all touchscreen is not heterosexual- look at the crappy iphone. As far as sidekicks go- I didn’t even know people still wanted em. They were the phone to have about 7 years ago but now they are just lame. The sidekick 2009 looks like sidekick 2008 except for a stripe on the back. And why are sidekicks just now getting 3G? And if sidekicks aren’t kids phones why is the sidekick catalog inundated with multitudes of kid songs,kid themes and kid crap in general. Trust me- sidekick suck. They are old. They are lame. If u like old crap then buy a sidekick. Can’t wait til tmobile pulls their heads outta their *sses and realize the sidekick is the one device holding them back from claimin #3 in nation. Marketing to kids and deaf people isn’t going to make any company more successful. Those two demographics are lost causes. Sidekicks Blow. G1 4 Life Nikkas

  • man, i work as a csr for t mobile, and i have a sk 2008. its an awesome phone. it just needs 3G and more data capacity so it can surf the web too. you have to keep in mind that the sk 2008 came out before all of these crazy smart phones. the G1 was t mobiles first touch screen phone. with that launch look at all the others that follow its steps. also, t mobile is all about family, friends, and being connected to those that matter most to you. we dont care about advertising “the best 3G network in the us” like sprint, AT&T, and verizon all have “claims” too. we built our OWN 3G network, and are continuing to launch it over the course of 2009. additionally, t mobile has won jd power several times, and just took it back from verizon. no other wireless company can compare to that. were focused on our customer’s, not the money being made from them. anyways, theres my 2 cents. laters

  • Sarah

    @kdog.. yeah, T-Mobile is focused on the customers, not the money being made from them.

    I bought the SK3 the day it was released, brought it home… broken screen. Called customer service because the store was closed, and they said that it must have been something I did to the phone, they wouldn’t exchange it. Hadn’t had the phone for 30 minutes, never even turned it on, and they refused to take it back! Thankfully, the rep at the store the next day said that for every 10 SK3s he sold, he saw one with the same broken screen – and exchanged it outright.

    3 months later, my SK goes bonkers, and I while I had insurance on it, it was still under the 1-year warranty. Called, and the rep told me I had to pay the $200 deductible to get a new one. I told him I had a warrany, and he said they don’t have warranties on SK3s. Funny, I had the original contract right in front of me.. I offered to fax it over a half dozen times, and they refused to honor it even if I did. I asked for a level 2, same thing. Asked for a level 3, and they refused to pass me up. I gave my boyfriend the phone to hash it out with the rep, called on my other phone, and got through to a level 2 who acknowledged that I had a warranty, and agreed to send me out a new phone. Except I got an empty box – I have insurance, remember, so I’m supposed to get a new phone FIRST. Called AGAIN, and they said they DID send a phone, and if I didn’t send my phone back, they would charge me full price.

    I finally went to the store, managed to get it exchanged, even though warranty replacements are supposed to be done through the customer service line (the manager pulled something for me because we have 4 lines for 2 people that we bought through that store, and one of us is always buying a new phone every other month through them) That manager is the ONLY reason I got my SECOND faulty SK3 replaced. And when T-Mobile kept pestering me to pay the $450 they wanted for the “ghost” phone they supposedly sent, I finally said I would cancel all 4 of my contracts right then and there, and have my dad – an attorney – hash out the $600 cancellation fees and the $450 phone fee in court, because I wasn’t paying it when they were trying to extort an extra $450 for nothing. When my dad sent them a letter, they suddenly discovered a clerical error, decided they hadn’t actually sent me a new phone and accidentally sent an empty box, and stopped hassling me for the money.

    That’s definitely not a company who cares about their customers. That’s a company that cares about money so much that they’ll ignore warranties, fabricate stories to get more money out of customers who already spent thousands on phones and service every year, and only stop when they’re threatened with legal action.

    …I’m still gonna buy the SK 2009 when it comes out, though :) I can’t help it, I’m a SK junky. I hope the April 1 release date is true!!

  • I think it wack

  • robotlovesong

    “Marketing to kids and deaf people isn’t going to make any company more successful. Those two demographics are lost causes. Sidekicks Blow. G1 4 Life Nikkas”

    Deaf people are a lost cause? When did this happen? Last I checked being deaf didn’t mean I was a substandard freak. Some people clearly don’t see the world as we do. So sad people like you are allowed to communicate. Ill be waiting for this with great anticipation

  • louis

    Sidekicks are so old now.What’s in are HTC phones

  • sk08

    this phones gon be b o m b, cus finally it hass a video uploader on the internet.lmao

  • sk08

    G1 is UGLY phone, n thur youtube…suksssssss. its madd slow

  • sk08

    april first is not the rreal dateee. c’mon noww april foolss you foools


    i agree with sk08, im a owner of g1, n it suksss..they alll wakk now…n juss bought them,, n thats truu april foolsss.LMFAO

  • Madeline

    this is DOPE!!!!!! ima get it im not evn go to school jus to go get it

  • YumYum

    I Think the outside of the 08′ looks better than this… If they could re-do the outside of the ’09 I’ll def get it ^_^

  • J35


  • kaykay

    i like the 09 but i think tht the outside of the 09 should be like the 08..

  • kaykay

    i agree with yumyum

  • Zuri

    I am a 34 y.o. mom and i do like the SK. But, using them where i live looks really immature. Every where you turn a teenager is using one. And it seems all “adults” hav Blackberries. I wish someone would make a phone you can choose which OS you want. (windows, BB, Palm, etc) My problem is finding a stylish phone that does what I NEED. Social apps, Microsoft OneNote, Calendar; Texting; etc. And i would love for someone to create a market/catalog that is interchangable. Let us use these apps on BB,SK, etc. And yes…i’m trying to find the right fit for me…in the last 6 months i’ve had a SK LX, G1, and BB Curve 8320. lol

  • this shit is ugly 08 is way better and g1 is way better than this ugly asz 09 yah creator at least create something thats more similar to the 08 or g1 you weird sidekick creators

  • today is my birthday yah should create another sidekick 09 but thats similar to 08 and name it sidekick Jen created for me since todays my b-day i will be so happy peace sidekick creators

  • I’ve had my 08 for a bit of time, and I love the -crap- out of it. The replacements batteries for them are -cheap as hell-, and actually ‘replaceable’ something the iPhone doesn’t have. Sure, it’s a bit late comming to the 3G market but I can definately live with that. Besides, 3G is such a huge powerhog, I’m happy to stick my EDGE. The ability to be able to be signed in to aim/msn/yim all at the same time, and switch between the applications with 2-3 button presses, is something no other phone can do outright, and there’s no better phone for texting in general.

    Sure, the iPhone and the G1 have a million apps, but the vast majority of them are novelty, I prefer -communication- over pointless apps any day of the week. They keys are spaced out fairly well, and not directly up and down like the G1 so it feels much more natural to type on vs the G1 as well. Not to mention I believe I get battery life on mine vs a G1. But don’t quote me on it.

    Whoever mentioned the Sidekick’s being a ‘niche’ phone can honestly suck it, they’ve been making sidekick’s for several years now, and they aren’t going anywhere. Afterall, they’ve basically remade the same phone since the begining, just adding stuff here and there, the only other company that’s been doing this has been the Blackberry.

    Besides, you drop an iPhone once? It’s broke. 199 to replace the screen. I probably drop my sidekick -at least- 3 times a day. If it get’s scratched? Replace the skin. Screen cracks? 7 bucks for a spare on eBay. Never crashes on me, put an 8 gig micro SD card in it, have as much as space as a small iPod. Without any need for DRM.

    At the end of the day, it’s a texting phone, and does texting better than anyone else.