T-mobile to expand 3G coverage for 2009


While its certainly been a while without any 3G launches coming out of T-mobile, that doesn’t mean they aren’t forging ahead to bring coverage to your neck of the woods. The boys at engadgetmobile caught wind of a T-mobile report “shoehorned” in with the Samsung Memoir launch that outlines T-mobile’s plan to cover 200 million Americans by the end of 2009 with 3G coverage. 

Considering T-mobile had “more than 100 million American’s” covered at the end of 2008 a 100% increase in 3G coverage is most welcome. As engadget points out however, “more” than 100 million could mean higher figures like 150 million American’s covered but either way, 200 million people covered sounds damn good to us. I just hope for those that are still clamoring, still waiting for that 3G logo to appear in the upper corners of their phone that this comes as great news, that some day soon you will experience the joys of 3G voice and data coverage. 


  • xian

    I’m really not trying to nitpick, but I was honestly confused by the quote about American coverage and had to reread it a few times. The word American should just be plural, or “… figures like 150 Americans” or “more than 100 million Americans”. Either way plural possessive should be “Americans'”.

  • Dave

    YAY for T-Mobile, even thou I already have 3G in my area, lol

  • BC

    In other news, the sun will rise tomorrow. Come on guys! We knew this. Hell, the Central Ohio market is expected to go live by June. Get out there and find us some real news, like when the next Android phone hits, or if Hiptop3.com’s info on the Sidekick 2009 is accurate.

  • tmobiledork

    Good tmobile needs to expand. I’m up here in kansas city and I don’t get 3g until I’m pretty much downtown.

  • nick

    I know this is to be taken with a large dose od salt. But the guy at the retail location in the Rockford, IL area. Said that 3g would be there sometime in a month or two.

  • mingkee

    it’s better T-Mobile does it
    this can give a clear signal to phone manufacturers: they have to add WCDMA IV onto their unlocked 3G devices (excluding branding phones)
    hopefully T-Mobile has enough cash to do it, even under economical hardship

  • i hope they put some more umts towers in westchester, the place has 3g but, there’s someting always wrong over there and my phone tells me i’m not allowed to connect to the network sometimes. all of a sudden edge is not looking so bad.

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr
  • AP

    T-mobile sucks. Seriously I have had so many problems with them, I never have service, and why they got an award for best customer service I have no clue because I have had such problems with them, and the fact that they are completely rude. I probably wont even ever get 3g because I am in the Carolinas. I started out with at&t but then Suncom bought them out and I didn’t get the option to switch to Cingular, and then T-tmobile bought out Suncom. I CAN’T wait to switch to Verizon, it will be a good day.

  • Jenavive

    The only thing that bothers me so far with T-Mobile’s 3G expansion is that they seem to skimp on actual sites that get 3G capability.

    There are areas with great 2.5G service, but with very weak 3G. That’s because they don’t add 3G panels to all cell sites within their newer 3G coveage areas. I’ve been told by a T-Mobile engineer they do this to save money.

    There are literally gaps in 3G service (defaulting back to EDGE/GPRS) here in Southern California even though the maps show full 3G coverage.

    If that is true, even though 200+ million POPS is better than nothing it does not mean the service will be of high quality.

    I’m hoping they prove me wrong.

  • Eric

    …and I was just hoping for more EDGE coverage in my area instead of GPRS.

  • Jon

    I’m glad to see they’re still pushing ahead with the 3g expansion. Hopefully they’ll be as ubiquitous as ATT, and hopefully they’re keeping their eyes on LTE to make sure that they’ll be far more prepared for 4g than they were for 3g.

  • J

    There is an EDGE expansion project. Once enough customer’s migrate to 3G, we can build EDGE out much more.

    As far as the gaps in 3G, yeah there are currently some. It is not really a money saving thing as you were told. Some sites require more work than others to actually install 3G antennas. There are strict FCC restrictions on how much can be put on top of a tower. There are likely some towers that are fully loaded and may require decommissioning some 2G equipment or upgrading the tower’s stability somehow. You have to remember that these towers are usually owned by other people, so you have to convince them to do this. This is a multi-phase project and only phase 1 has been completed. There are 2 more phases to be completely this year as well as the phase 1 “infill” phase which covers sites like the above.

  • Mr. Math Meanie

    200 million is 100% more than 100 million, not 50%.

  • Jason

    Thank the gods. Now if they can just get some 3G love up here in Wichita Falls, Texas. Hell, I’d be happy if they would just upgrade all the GPRS sites to EDGE. I’m stuck in the stone age out here!

  • Ahh I love T-Mobile’s 3G, I honestly get better 3G reception where I live than when I had AT&T.
    But I’m hoping that since they took SO long for 3G, that it won’t take even longer for 4G in a few years.

  • achilles

    We Need 3G in OHIO! Please don’t wait until December 31st!

  • Jenavive

    @ J: That makes sense. I just thought they would take all that time waiting for the govt. to get off that spectrum to make preparations for the buildout so that it can be expanded rapidly.

    It almost sounds like they’re dragging their feet in order to save money. I don’t blame them, I’m just sayin…..

    I thought it would make sense to build out 3G as much as possible and migrate as many users off of the old PCS network to free it up for LTE style technologies. But the way they keep pushing 2G only devices they probably have no plans to do this for a very long time.

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Mr. Stacy R. Parr says: February 17, 2009 at 12:26 pm

    This news article has more info:
    ^^thx for the link.. nice quote below

    “If you look at the opportunity for us going forward, AWS gives us significant headroom for the near future. There are several paths to LTE. We can refarm the 1900 MHz spectrum at some time where our GSM customers are today. There are clearly opportunities with reutilizing that spectrum with technologies that are more efficient and economically attractive for data use.”

  • J-Hop2o6

    another quote from link above

    “Pearson: From 3G Americas standpoint, we support 1700 MHz spectrum and 2100 MHz spectrum throughout the region where it is available. We also support 700 MHz spectrum. With AWS-3 and the issues that we faced in the past few years, 3G Americas feels strongly about protecting the license holders in the AWS to make sure there are no interference issues.”

  • FILA

    This time there roll it out for the whole strip of 95 from like boston all the way through VA or NC, shit just make it down to Florida. Waitin for all of MD to get covered around the whole Baltimore Metro area, that be great

  • g_willi

    @BC, where’d you get the information about Central Ohio? What about Cincinnati and Cleveland? Any news there?

  • David cleveland oh

    Cleveland will be the first city in Ohio to get 3G. a reliable friend within t-mobile told me this but not for about 3 more months!

  • I wish they put it here in Albuquerque. A lot of people have tmobile where I live and it is not fair to them. But we do have very good EDGE coverage.

  • dvintin

    Tmobile is also installing 3G towers in all their call centers. So even if ur city/town doesn’t have 3G yet, u can still get 3G if u live within 5 miles or less of a tmobile call center. I know there’s about 25 call centers from mission texas to Lenexa Kansas to Maine. I live about 2 1/2 miles from one in the middle of nowhere and I always have full signal on my G1. And to the person complaining how tmobile customer service is bad lemme ask u this: how many awards has verizon won? They bought one but that’s all they will get. If you didn’t act like a no-class piece of trailer trash when u call customer service u might get better results. I know southerners aren’t classy to begin with but at least pretend. Noone is nice to whiners and trash. Not even customer service. Tmo 4 life beotches

  • Bostonian

    Tmobile needs to dish some cash out so they can really compete with other carriers! They have lots millions by not offering a Blackberry 3G, left in the dust while AT&T is raking in huge profits (I’m sure) with the iPhone and Bold! That’s sad. Very sad for those devoted customers like myself who like their prices and service. Hope they really make a push or else they’re going to lose to the point of no recovery.

    *sniff sniff*