T-mobile to expand 3G coverage for 2009


While its certainly been a while without any 3G launches coming out of T-mobile, that doesn’t mean they aren’t forging ahead to bring coverage to your neck of the woods. The boys at engadgetmobile caught wind of a T-mobile report “shoehorned” in with the Samsung Memoir launch that outlines T-mobile’s plan to cover 200 million Americans by the end of 2009 with 3G coverage. 

Considering T-mobile had “more than 100 million American’s” covered at the end of 2008 a 100% increase in 3G coverage is most welcome. As engadget points out however, “more” than 100 million could mean higher figures like 150 million American’s covered but either way, 200 million people covered sounds damn good to us. I just hope for those that are still clamoring, still waiting for that 3G logo to appear in the upper corners of their phone that this comes as great news, that some day soon you will experience the joys of 3G voice and data coverage.